A Visitor's Guide to The Town

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Welcome to The Town!

Not a town, or that town, but The Town.

The Town is a typical town, located in the land of Ayenee. The Town is ideal for visiting short term, or for settling in and putting down roots. We have a wide variety of tourist attractions and a healthy and growing economy.

Visitors to The Town are encouraged to visit our local establishments, including The Tavern, and The Park. If you stay long enough, you may even want to participate in one of our town meetings, which happen on the first Wednesday of the month in The Town Hall.

Entrepreneurs are welcome to become permanent residents in The Town and set up their own shops and build their own homes. Please visit The Town Hall for building permits and zoning laws if you are interested in building a permanent establishment. The primary imported goods in The Town are Booze and Garlic. Many of The Citizens work in the local Garlic plant, and consume booze in The Tavern after work. Many of The Citizens are referred to as NPCs. This is a culture unique to The Town, and many visitors find it a quaint local custom.

The Town is different from other Ayenee towns in a few small ways, such as some OOC Awareness. For example, The Town recognizes Real World times and dates. If the Mayor of The Town announces that he will give a public speech at 2 PM Eastern, that is a typical example of OOC Awareness.
Some people refer to this as Breaking the Fourth Wall, and while not forbidden within The Town, it should be kept to a minimum.

Please be aware that The Town has strict laws, which are enforced by The Town Guards. These laws can be reviewed at The Town Hall. If you break the Laws of The Town, you may be arrested and brought to Trial. If found guilty, you may even have to spend time in The Town Jail. You won't be able to post to any other threads while stuck inside The Town Jail, but you will get the chance to meet interesting criminals like yourself!

Navigating in The Town may be confusing at first, and its easy to get lost. Don't worry though. With a little bit of practice, it becomes very simple. The Town is divided into sections called Posts. Each Post represents a specific location within The Town. Any activity within a location likewise takes place within the Post dedicated to that location. When you leave that location, you leave that Post, and join the Post at whatever new location you arrive that. There are never multiple Posts for a single location. A map for The Town will be supplied with your Visitor's Guide.

Overall, we hope you enjoy your stay in The Town.

Best of Luck,

Gryphon Stewart,
The Mayor of The Town


A map of the Town:

Click To Enlarge

1 - Town Hall
2 - Census Bureau
3 - Farmer Huts
4 - The Forgotten Eclipse Tavern & Inn
5 - The Town Market
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