A Modest Interview

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"C-can I get a cup of coffee or somethin'?"

"Certainly, Benson, you may naturally," said Dragoth. Only he made no move towards the kettle. And Benny wasn't quite comfortable reaching across the table.

"Uhm. Yeah. So you like, asked about the Festival..?" asked Benny, still feeling parched.

"Hmmm," Dragoth said quietly, not quite an affirmative.

"So uhh... The first night. Fuck, man. It was fuckin' amazing. Me an' Svodek come down from the Hill Portal, right inna the city, right? An' the place was already wild. Women were goin' fuckin' nuts, man. Tits all around. An'that Devilweed shit they bring in from that one planet? Svodek dropped like a hunnerd gold on that, and we started smokin' it. Fuck, man. It was wild." Benny was smiling at the memory, all bloodshot eyes and greasy hair and a grin.

"We seen this one dude jump offa this like, balcony? Fucker was like 'Watch me fly, bitches!' an' off he goes. I figgered he was done, right? But tha' fuckin' crowd fuckin' CATCHES the dumbass, an' starts carryin' him downna' STREET! Tearin' his clothes off an' shit. Then this chic ends up on toppa tha' crowd with'im an' then... Well, Fucker din'nt even know what she was doin', but it was fuckin' wild, innywayz."

"Yes. Do go on," Dragoth was cleaning out from beneath his thumbnail with a long dagger.

"So yeah. Me an' Svodek had a real night. Music was intense everywhere we went. Crowd started rilly fillin' in.. Like, gettin' wild y'know? Stannin' Room Only kinda' shit. So we went from one place to another. There was people all over. Like inna streets there was so many folks, like... SHIT. Innywayz Things got all crazy when these broads started showin' up... Some vampire bitch an' her Nymph girlfiend. Got NUTS, man.

"Next mornin', we all start wakin' up around what? 9? Somethin' like that. We'da' slept more, only was fell asleep, like, inna street. No shit! Inna fuckin' STREET! So we start gettin' up an' sure enuff, man, the booze an' the drugs an' shit start up again. Only it was like, Day Two or some shit, an' some dude starts gettin' all violent downa' street. Like he's goin' nuts or some shit..."

"Explain, Benson," said Dragoth, lowering the dagger to the table.

"Like, he starts screamin' about how nothin's right, like how he was all seein' us in this dream or some shit, an' now his magic's all off-kilter, like? I dunno. He was all goin' nuts one minute, fireballs an' force shovin' an' shit. Then he just starts cryin', like a pussy. Wailin' about how the future is this void, an' he should see more worlds innit or somethin'."

"Hmmm," said Dragoth.

"Thassal I seen. Somebody clocked'im inna head, an' 'at wuzzit. We partied... Like whadayouwant, man? It was crazy. We din' know 'til later that it already started, right?"

"The Initiative," said Dragoth. It was not a question.

"Fuckin' Initiative," mumbled benny, trailing off. "We was fucked already. But we only heard about random shit, right? Spells goin' off all wrong, people couldn't clear the plane, right? Like no teleports? But who was surprised, right? I mean, it's the Festival of fuckin' Anreill, man! Fuckin' CHAOS! An' we was badass into it by then.

"Shit, by that point we was back inna the smoke anna juice. Sex all over. Nobody fuckin' cared, man. Things got real blurry for me by then, right? Lost a coupla' days. But I cleaned up for the Final Day, right? You wanna see the Finale, right? So I wake up like 2 after noon? Svodek's gone. I couldn't find that bitch, anyway. So like the Festival. The Mad Parade. Everybody almost naked, or costumed, or whatever. Somebody starts walkin' downa' street, right? An' more people follow. That's just the way it works at tha Festival, man.

"So we're walkin', an' I start singin' with tha whole bunch, cuz I can't sing for shit, but why not? So the crowd is huge. Hunnerd! Man, thousands!! There's more people an' creatures, demons an' freaks. An' then we stop. We're a, like, this center of town altar? Like a fountain with these bleeding statues of these angels, like, fuckin? Sick shit, man. But fuckin' COOL!"

"And then what?" said Dragoth.

"Then..." Benny looked afraid then. "Then you guys. One of your guys comes up an' things get quiet. There's these black suits all around. Like outta nowhere kinda' shit. An' ever'body just shuts up. Fuck, man. Kill the party, right? Fuck, man. You know the rest. I don't gotta say it, man... What about my fuckin' coffee, man? What about that? FUCK!"

"Yes, Benson. We announced that we had received a missive from the Exile Initiative, which detailed our entrapment here on Bakarne, which is intended to be permanent," Dragoth was standing then, his long dagger poised gingerly between his palms. "At which point you..?"

"I kinda'... uhm," he stopped.

Dragoth waited, simply raising an eyebrow and waiting until Benny's nervous glance had noplace else to settle but on Dragoth's waiting glare.

"I freaked out, okay? I fuckin' freaked. I wasn't the only one, fuck. Everybody was goin' apeshit..."

"You killed one of our number, Benson. This is intolerable. You must understand that in this place, there is little to no law. As such the laws that remain to us are few, but ironclad. They cannot be broken, lest Anreill be unleashed, figuratively speaking of course. Lawlessness is unacceptable, at this time above all. Do you understand this, Benson?"

"Uhm. Fuck."


"I mean, yes, I. I mean, not that... Fuck."

"Yes, Benny. Fuck indeed." Dragoth was suddenly holding his right wrist in his left hand, behind his back. His dagger flung a thin spot of blood on the wall behind him. "Send in the next, please T'eadorus," he said, watching the thin red line trace a wide, wide smile across Benny's neck.

He sat on the ground, wearing the same garb he always did, but draped in a pitch colored cloak, as well. He was outside the same establishment where the interviews were being held by Dragoth and his "men" if that was, indeed, what they could be called. A line of "criminals" extended halfway down the block, guarded by those of the order. Some looked nervous. Others were obviously too cocky for their own good. Still others were clearly still under the effects of whatever intoxicants they had ingested.

The nameless guardian known simply as Fang, was investigating, as he had been since he first arrived here. He had felt the magic wielded by the Exile Initiative. He tried to combat the effects of the banishment spell by tapping into some of his reserve power, and even using SevenStars to aid in the counteraction. There were a few others, casters who had opted not to partake in the mass intoxications, that had done similar. They did manage to delay the Initiative long enough to redirect the spells to place Bakarne in an area that would not automatically mean doom for the entire city. But, there were simply too many behind the origional spell to stop it completely. Luckily, since he had tapped in to the core portion of the spells before they fully took hold, he now knew how to adjust his own supernatural abilities to compensate for the disruption. Hence why he was able to remain in human form.

So, as had been his intention in the first place, the elder was observing. As he had expected, there was a group who attempted to act as the lawmakers. Ironic that, in a place of nothing but outlaws, fugitives, and any other kind of criminal, that some of them chose to be the police. Granted, this was more of a top-dog gang mindset then actual governing tactics, but it was effective in keeping the mass populace under control, which seemed to be what they were after.

They had already started to learn to leave him alone. A few of the lackeys guarding the line of those to be questioned had approached him and tried to make him leave. When they started clucking like chickens, a couple more tried to get him to join in the line. After they suffered the same effects as the ones before them, the other guards had decided it best to ignore the stranger. The effects were temporary, and a partial mental reconstruction prevented any of the order or those in line from remembering anything worth reporting. Their only recollection of anything dealing with him would be that they felt it to be in their best interests to simply pretend they were unaware of his presence.

He stood, and walked away from the gathering outside Dragoth's building. He would search for someone more interesting than those that were being questioned. He was sure there would be someone worth keeping an eye on, or perhaps someone worth lending a bit of aid to. As a neutral being, he would not become directly involved. Thus, those lined up for the questioning and subsequent execution, were already dead. As his mental probes showed none there were innocent enough to save, he moved onward. There simply had to be someone.
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