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    The F-Tiles:

    The F-Tiles:
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    Discord link/invite on the wiki invalid/expired

    If the link continues corrupting/expiring, then it might be time to finally make a "permanent" link.
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    Whoa man, I'm a status rn

    Whoa man, I'm a status rn
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    The Ayenee Wiki is Live

    You need to access the Media Manager on the wiki. Once there, you simply need to find the file via the search function/manually exploring and click it. You can then actually tap "Upload New Version" when it brings up the info, which will allow you to replace the file with the new ones. That will...
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    [Kaiyō] OOC Thread

    TBH Shibui Mame isn't pleased with this BASE LEVEL JOKE
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    I think you need to say what you need help with when you make a thread here, buddy :O Otherwise no one can really help or anything.
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    A New Setup for Ayenee

    I agree with the male in a catgirl's body. I do like the idea of a central story (the Campaign idea), but I think basically how it works/how the open RP board worked basically solved a lot of problems for SARP and Ayenee. Until we get more GMs and players around, I don't think we really need to...
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    A New Setup for Ayenee

    I understand both of these points. It's also why I said it was way too early to figure out what would constitute canon and why I pointed to the SARP manner of handling it. Just because something is non-canon or in Open RP doesn't mean it can't become it. This is really a discussion that can't be...
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    Return of the Magic Question

    Shine breath, dood. Jade might have gas, though, based on earthen dragons normally. Midnight would probably be either light magic or dark magic, IDK. Twiwight dwagon
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    Return of the Magic Question

    Personally, I think it'd be good that Dragons likely get assigned one type of breath based on their species (Fire Dragons get fire), but can use magic to change/gain additional breaths (fire dragons might have fire breath that's more chemical/sciency, but they could use magic to supplement their...
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    A New Setup for Ayenee

    This is part of why I highlighted in our discussion with @Mithrandirxx that it's ideal to get things that are from other settings (like Saiyans) and work them into things that fit within the setting. How we do it is in the air (Saiyans could be based on some sort of inner spirit school of magic...
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    A New Setup for Ayenee

    One thing I want to really highlight is that we should avoid getting people hyped on the idea of a "campaign". Precisely because, at the moment, Ayenee lacks players beyond Kaiyo and has little resources to form a cohesive "canon" setting. I like the idea, personally, of something more...
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    Wiki Template

    W H O A
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    [Kaiyō] OOC Thread

    Oh hay dere. That's a p blue set of HAIR YOU GOT
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    Hello and Also Welcome!

    I'm Legix. I'm just a guy who's looking around currently, don't mind me.
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