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Glasawyr is a PC played by Blizzard within the Arcadia Complex.

  Gender Male  
  Race:   Dragon 
  Age:   Unknown (Appears 23-ish biologically)
  Faction:  Independent
  Occupation:   Monk, mage, monster, chef
  Rank:   N/A

Physical Appearance

In human form, Glasawyr appears to be a young adult human male with boyish features, dark hair swept back from his face, and tanned skin. He has a toned, athletic build, and stands at an average height of 5'9“. The only indication that he isn't human are his pointed ears, extended canines, and slit pupils that expand and contract depending on lighting.

For clothing, Glasawyr usually wears a comfortable Hawaiian shirt, jeans, and white sneakers.

When Glasawyr shifts, he becomes a massive, black dragon-esque creature. He stands 10 feet tall on digitigrade legs, and his skin becomes armored scales. His musculature grows as well, putting professional bodybuilders to shame. His fingers and toes become sharpened claws, and he gains a serpentine tail of about five feet, for balance. Two bat-like wings sprout from his back, with a full wingspan of twenty feet. His reptilian head, resembling a Komodo dragon's, has two pointed ears on either side, and a mouth lined with razor sharp teeth. He retains his blue eyes.


Long ago, there lived a race of reptilians dedicated to the protection and sanctity of nature. They lived in secluded monasteries, training their minds and bodies relentlessly to prepare for their eternal battle against the encroachment of civilization. To all who saw them, they were known as dragons. The greatest among these “monks” were considered to be the guardians of nature itself, the first line of defense in their dogmatic fight against modernity.

One of these guardians was Glasawyr. At least, he would have been, had he not slipped out of the monastery in the dead of night and wandered off before his training was complete. Glasawyr was the black sheep of his sect, a dragon who took an interest in civilization and its artificial wonders, having been exposed to the outside world on accident as a child. To put it plainly, he thought space ships were pretty neat. Over a period of time, Glas began envisioning what it would be like to travel the stars like the “evil” civilizations that his monastic order despised. He began to feel, for lack of better term, left out. Like there was a big party going on out in the universe and he was missing out. Once the opportunity was right, he bailed. For a long time he's wandered the cosmos, moving with the wind, and having no real goal in mind. Either by chance or by fate, he has found himself in the company of the Downrider crew. Whether that's a good or bad thing is yet to be determined.


Glasawyr is a being eternally at peace. Since birth, he has had three principles relentlessly drilled into his head: Soundness of Mind, Soundness of Body, and Soundness of Nature. He tends to go with the flow in all things, and treats each day as a new adventure. In keeping with his old teachings, his pleasures are simple. Good food, good company, and a warm bed are all he really needs to be content. Some of his mannerisms may appear animalistic, and his original takes on philosophy are sure to raise some eyebrows. But hey, he's a pretty chill guy overall. Lately he's discovered his two favorite genres of music: old school rap, and metal.

If there was ever anything that truly angers Glasawyr, it would be the needless destruction of nature (killing animals for sport, lighting fires for “fun”). He also has an instinctual mistrust of any unnatural life, whether that be eldritch abominations or robots, for he feels that they go against the natural order. He also was taught from a young age to mistrust mages who use any other magic besides nature magic, in which mere mortals attempt to play with the fabric of creation.

When not assisting the crew ground-side, he can be found either meditating, listening to music, practicing his martial skills, or simply vibing. Oddly enough, Glasawyr has great culinary ability. Having grown up eating nothing but unseasoned, flame-charred meat and the occasional berry, Glasawyr vowed to never again eat a tasteless meal after having a cheeseburger for the first time.


Enhanced Physical Characteristics

  • Hearing and sense of smell comparable to a dog.
  • Excellent long-distance vision capabilities. Can see in low-light situations.
  • Capable of lifting a maximum of 1000 lbs.
  • Can run at speeds of up to 60 mph.
  • Can withstand minor small-arms fire, up to a .30 caliber round.

Martial Arts

  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant. Skilled in both striking and grappling styles.
  • Capable of defending himself against both armed and unarmed opponents.

Nature Magic

  • Can commune with all animal-type species using empathetic link. (IE: He doesn't speak, but you always sort of “know” what he's thinking, represented by italics in RP). He does understand spoken language, however.
  • Can discern a plant's properties by sight. (IE: is it edible? Poisonous? How does it spread its seeds? Current health?)
  • Capable of commanding the four natural elements: fire, water, earth, and air.
  • Able to give commands to mundane (non-sapient) animal-type creatures.

Dragon Form

  • Capable of flying at speeds of 150 mph.
  • Can lift up to 10,000 lbs.
  • Can breath a 4 ft wide cylinder of flame up to 25 yards.
  • Armored hide can withstand projectiles up to .50 caliber.

Culinary Skills

  • Skilled chef. Knows many dishes off the top of his head from across the cosmos.
  • Especially fond of grilled meats.


  • Ran away in the middle of training. Only knows how to control fire. Martial arts have room for improvement.
  • Dragon form is massive, and cumbersome. Cannot be used in many situations in fear of crushing himself/others in tight spaces. Take off is rather slow (10 seconds), and movement speed on the ground is relatively slow for an animal of his size (10 mph)
  • Overuse of flame-creating organ in chest will burn him and cause injury. Flame can be used for max of 5 seconds before requiring a 10 second cool down. Piercing the organ directly with weapons will send the dragon up in flames, causing instant death.
  • Resilient skin, but rather slow healing. Takes 2x as long to heal a wound than a human with comparable injuries.
  • Not stupid, but rather simple in his thinking. Doesn't quite understand people with complex goals and ambitions beyond finding good food, mating, or fulfilling one's immediate desire in a particular moment.
  • Enhanced senses mean that he can be disabled by over-stimulation. Want to effectively shut Glas down? Blare multiple loud noises from multiple directions while waving around a bouquet of multiple scented perfume samples.
  • Animal empathy communication means that he cannot speak to non-organic species unless through written messages or hand signals.


  • Some jeans
  • Some Hawaiian shirts
  • 1 Pair of white sneakers. Athletic style. Good for running. Decent grip.
  • An old school MP3 player with earbuds
  • A particularly pretty orange and blue stone which has absolutely zero monetary value. It has no enchantments, is not part of an ancient prophecy, nothing. It's just… a rock.
  • A small, canvas backpack in which to carry all of this.

OOC Notes

This page was originally created by Blizzard on Sun 07-06-20.

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