The Path of the Frost Witch

Eduardo Delioncourt

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The town of Casamere was an ancient trading town which once boasted a high population. Thousands of years ago it was once a favored hunting ground for the vampire clan Delioncourt. Over the years the vampires either were hunted into extinction or went to deep, dark places to sleep. Eduardo was not a vampire; he had been accepted into the vampire clan, nonetheless. He had guarded these lands with his clones for centuries now. Now a threat loomed over the land that was unknown to him. From his retreat deep in the Krovozhadny mountains Eduardo worried. Here he lived within the halls of the old Thirst clan's city. Their ashes still drifted among the rooms and halls. Here his clones slumbered, their minds connected to a hive. His drone had reported changes in the environment of Casamere, a strange winter had blown in. It had been 8 months since it arrived and already the citizens of Casamere were suffering from its effects. One of Eduardo's clones stirred from his connection to the land itself, awaking in the darkness.

The clone attempted to reach out to his brothers, but found his connection severed. He turned to the clone next to him and tried to physically wake him but was unable to. He tried to use his magic to awaken the clone, but found his powers weakened as well. Whatever was affecting the land was affecting Eduardo as well. Eduardo appearance was a pale skinned elf with crystalline horns coming from his forehead. Eduardo wore tattered clothes that were worn from centuries of disuse. Eduardo made his way up the many steps to the exit of the ancient halls. The cold wind howled, and white flakes of snow pelted his face. Ice and snow covered the landscape where once lush forests and thick green fields dotted valley below. The town of Casamere was nestled on a perch over the Vdova river. Only a few chimneys bellowed plumes of smoke though. Eduardo made is way down the rocky slope, here and there the bones of mountain rams littered frozen snow. These dead animals were once abundant in these mountains.

Eduardo even caught with his keen eyes the bones of humans along with horses hitched to wagons. It seemed people tried to flee Casamere, but the cold mountains claimed their lives. As Eduardo came to the outskirts of Casamere he could see the streets that were once busy now empty. He made his way through the cobbled streets to the city circle where a tavern sign creaked and slammed against the pole holding it up. Eduardo opened the door and a wave of warmth met him filled with smells of alcohol and smoked meats. The people huddled at the tables were a mix of traders, foreigners, and starved, worn townsfolk. The tavern keeper was missing an eye, his remaining hair crowning his head like a set of laurels.

Eduardo bumped into a hooded figure that was heading towards the door.

Stranger: " Excuse me sir..."

Eduardo: " Hold stranger. It has been a while since I have visited this land what has befallen it?"

Stranger: " Take a look around sir. A wintery curse has befallen not just this town, but all these lands. Monsters the mountains and the roads. People can't grow crops or livestock. The only place to get food is the tavern that still draws strangers and merchants and even then, the pickings are thin. The town is dying and the people with it. Soon there will only be ghosts." The stranger pointed at the high peak of the mountains that loomed over the town. "The weather came down from there. Many years ago, a strange purple light was seen the next day the weather grew colder. Weeks later the monsters appeared and ever since then their numbers have grown with the cold." The stranger turned to leave. Eduardo turned back to the tavern then turned, but the stranger was gone.

As if provoked the weather picked up as if a blizzard were upon the town. Eduardo looked up at the peak knowing that he would have to wait the weather out before adventuring up there.
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