Post-Mission Eleven: Checkups


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YSS Kaiyo II

William was lying down in his bed. The VIP room they gave him was spacious, much more than the normal crew bunks. He liked it, but he missed sleeping with the others. He sighed and read several reports that came in over his mindware before he recieved a knock at the door.

Sacre for her part was standing outside the Door. She had connected with William a while back, when they had been attacking the L'Kor station. He had been injured and she had to bring him back. However, his injuries had been severe, so he had gone off and gotten himself augmented. Sacre coun't put a finger on why, but that had frustrated her. They hadn't talked much since then. Now, William was late for the checkup, he should of had it a week ago. They needed to make sure that his body was adapting to the implants correctly. So she knocked again, harder.

William closed out the multiple reports he had opened and wiped his eyes. He was tired. The Nepleslian had not been sleeping well recently. He slid off the bed and padded over to the door. He opened the door to find Sacre, and he smiled warmly. "Hey Sacre!" He said rubbing his eye again. When he noticed her expression though, he paused. "Wait... what did I do...?" He said, already expecting the medic's wraith.

"You were supposed to have a checkup last week. You are still adjusting to your implants and we need to monitor it." Sacre said seriously.

He rubbed the back of his head, his fingers sliding along the four ports on the base of his neck. William cursed mentally, realizing his error. He looked down at the floor. "I'm sorry Sacre..." The boy said, genuinely looking remorseful. "I forgot."

Sacre perked up, perhaps she wasn't going to have to drag Will all the way to medical herself. "Good, let's go." She said, moving to the side so they could head towards medical.

William nodded softly. "Yes Ma'am..." He replied, following along dutifully behind the medic. As they walked towards the med bay, the Neplesian was silent. After a few minutes, he spoke up. "I really am sorry..." He said looking at the floor as they walked. "I should have came to see you as soon as I got back. I've been busy is all." He said looking back up at her.

Sacre nodded, "because clearly we are such close friends that that I was beating down your door every day because we weren't together." Sacre said wryly. "When you came back, I wasn't sure how to feel. I'm not a fan of cybernetic augmentations. but that's probably hypocrytical of me." She said, showing the small slits in her arms and a knife slid out.

At Sacre's first little jab, William grimaced but didn't make a retort. He was suprised to hear that Sacre hadn't liked the idea of his augmentations. He looked down at his hand and flexed it slowly. However when she showed off her own augmentation, William's jaw dropped. "That is amazing. When did you get augmented?"

"On Kyope, while you were gone. I went into this store and well, they had them and I couldn't get my mind off them. So I went and had the sugury." Sacre explained.

William nodded, then smiled. "Well I like them." He said as they entered the medbay. As he moved to one of the unoccupied beds, he removed his shirt and laid it on a chair. Down the center of his back, where his spine used to be were several interlaid metal pieces. At his shoulder, she could see where his skin ended and the metal prostetics began. She could also make out the four ports on the back of his neck. He sat down on the bed and looked over to Sacre. It was the first time anyone on the crew were able to see the extent of his new cyberntics. "Well... now that you have your own. What do you think of mine?" he asked.

Sacre joined William, and gently touched the cybernetics. "They did quite a bit more then just fix you." She said, taking it in. She knew the extent from the file, but she hadn't really internalized it. She connected the diagnostics module to the Cybernetics and started it on it's run. "I don't know what to think honestly. If it had been up to me, I probably would have dunked you in a tank and regrown it. I can't seem to get over my base reaction that it's unnatural somehow."

William felt as the cords were plugged into his multiple implants. As his eye began to give it's own diagnostic report, he closed his eye. He nodded at her assesment, and looked thoughtful for a few long moments. Then he spoke softly. "You're right. Dunking me in a tank might have fixed me... but I was weak." He said looking away. "I couldn't keep up with you all. So when the oppurtunity presented itself after my injury, I took it." He said.

"We're grunts, your the body guard of a princess. If one were to lay odds about who was going to fall behind, I wouldn't bet on the everyday grunt." Sacre commented.

He closed his other eye as well and sighed. "Well, now I am just as strong as any Neko. I might not be able to float or control gravity, but I make up for it in brute strength and speed." He said. On cue, his arms and legs seemed to swell. William cycled on his power augmentations and the metal underneath became larger in response. "And my mind has been enhanced, beyond a normal Nepleslian's." He said, opening the cybernetic eye then the real one.

Sacre nodded as she took readings. "What diffrences have you noticed?" She asked, both curious on her part and medically as well.

William looked thoughtful for a minute before replying. "I've found that my my strength has been applified 10 fold as well as my speed. My thoughts are much quicker too." He replied.

"I'm not sure that thinking like a dumb ape quickly is much of an improvment over thinking like a dumb ape." Sacre teased.

William smiled and stuck his tongue out at the medic. "Well thinking like a dumb ape is better than thinking like a dumb snake." He retorted playfully.

"Too bad their aren't any dumb snakes around so we could test that. Although there are a few kittens we could round up and see if you can fight a whole litter of them. Make sure your big strong male ego has been fully reinforced along with your strength and dubious mental prowess." Sacre said, noting an intresting reading on her padd.

The Nepleslian rolled his eyes. "Yeah yeah yeah." He said dismisevly, before noting that she had taken intrest in something on her datapad. "Find something intresting?" He asked, turning head to look at her.

"I don't know, it's slightly odd. Typically when augments like theese are installed, blood volume goes down as there is less for them to feed. Yours hasen't even though it should have by now, resulting in higher blood pressure. It's not out of bounds, but it is curious." Sacre explained.

William's grimaced and looked down at his chest. "That is odd... Could it be due to sustained stress? Mental and physical?" He asked.

"Probably? Other then shoving bits of metal into your fleshy bits, what has been stressing you?" She asked.

"Well, I have been training all the time, now that I have my augmentation. Learning how to use them to the best of my ability. Plus I have been exercising my actual muscles I have left." He replied. Then was quite for a moment before adding. "And mentally, I've just had a lot on my mind is all."

Sacre nodded, "It's not dangerous, yet. but it's something I'm going to want to keep an eye on. I'd probably also suggest trying to talk to someone about what you have on your mind to reduce the stress." Sacre suggested.

"Okay." He said simply. William looked away for a few moments, before looking back over to Sacre. "I was wondering... Would you like to play a game with me? Like we did when I was hurt?" He asked. "I haven't been able to hangout with anyone recently." He added.

"What game?" Sacre asked, slightly warily.

William shruged. "I don't know." He said, thinking for a minute. "Want to go to the VR room? I'm sure there is cool stuff we can do in there." He suggested.

Sacre finished up her notations. "Sure." She said, putting the file away as they passed the desk.
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