Phase Maelstrom


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Phase Maelstrom

Race: Djinni

Age: Indeterminate

Gender: Fluid(presently male)

Phase Maelstrom is one of many names the djinni of Dunefall has gone by. Over time he has served many masters, mistresses, and entities to both detriment and prosperity.

With skin the color of milky jade and eyes of deep Onyx at first glance he may seem a bit alien to those around him. The visage belies that of a friendly natured creature, though that nature can change at the drop of a hat if properly motivated.


Height: 6’4”
Weight: Varies
Build: Athletic
Hair: Black, worn long at back length.
Skin: Jade Green
Voice: Deep and melodious
Unless he’s in a formal situation Phase normally wears simple black slacks with matching oxfords. It’s rare for him to wear shirts, and he proudly displays the scars of battle that have been given to him by opponents he found worthy in the past.

There is a noticeable scar across the ridge of his nose, as well as a rather large one in the center of his chest.

He also keeps a simple emerald colored pendant hung around his neck. It, like the scars help him retain what is left of his memories; especially the painful ones.
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