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Fuck her...Tell's me I'm not longer her mother...she thinks she can take the baby and the court will give her full custody with out visitation rights for grandparents or the father...we'll see about that...cause all of us can pass a drug test and I know she can't!! My daughter is a stupid fucking lazy pothead welfare fraud committing bitch! And those are the nice things...*So mad, going to go hit the weight bag with a baseball bat!*


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Well hello Ayenee, it has been a very long time and a lot has happened in the past year that has made life very rough for a time.

When I got my promotion for my job, they started working me to the bone which pulled me away from my family longer. I understood that this was what was required of being a Store Manager for the place that I worked and running my own store, but having me work 10-15 hours a day for almost 7 days a week for a measly salary was not quite worth it. After all the hours that I pulled, was getting an average of below minimum wage. I even worked when I was sick cause there was no-one else that would come in and help me out and my bosses really did not give a damn, the business was being ran as they expected. Their response, "Well that's your job." Well last I checked, working myself to death for a small set pay amount and basically living in my store was not part of the job description.

Well I did my job anyways cause being the sole-income for my house needed me to work even if the pay was crap cause I needed to support my family. Finding a job is hard this day and age and I was grateful to have a job in the first place even if it was not the best and the pay was crappy, but I did it anyways cause my family comes first.

Well right before Christmas, I was doing my routine Week-Ending counts which is required by the company, going through the entire store and counting everything at the start of business, and being the only one on the clock working while waiting for the next person to come in and start work. I noticed a couple items on my food line that needed replacing cause they expired the night before. I was in the process of doing all my prep and to get those items replaced when my Area Manager came in. She was going through the line and did see me working on prepping fresh product when she saw the expired. She did not care that I was working on replacing it. Result, fired.

What really pisses me off is that there was no warning, no corrective action, no minor warning punishment at all for this rare occurrence. Everyone knew that I was very serious about my job and would not do anything to jeopardize it nor the health of my customers, nor the welfare of my family. It was a one-time occurrence that I was already in the process of correcting, but they did not give a shit. I have known many Store Managers within my same company in the area that have done worse and did had expired food on their line way more times and only had minor warnings. Me, one time and they fire me without a damn care.

Now life is getting harder as bills are piling up and disconnect notices from utilities coming in. This fricken state that I live in that is not the islands, they say $194 a month in Food Stamps is enough to feed a family of 4. BULLSHIT!!!!!!! Unemployment said that I am getting benefits from them cause the loss of my job was not my fault, but they themselves have not sent me anything yet, and ITS ONLY BEEN 3 WEEKS WAITING STILL!!! I was told that I would have them right away, but I'm still waiting and the state is not responding back to me as to what is taking so long. Each day that passes is a day closer that we are about to lose everything. Even home on da islands did not give this type of bullshit when I was fired from McDonalds.

My health is starting to fail again from the stress, and can't find a job yet despite all the applications that I'm filling out. Last time I was filling applications for two years straight while we still had some money left from the sale of our house. All that is gone due to expenses that had to go out, so we have no cash to help us. The only ones helping us is friends who have been giving suggestions on whom to go to for help, but the places that we are checking are not helping, stating that we are not in a bad enough situation for them to help. The only ones helping is the Food Banks, and with the large volume of people in our city that are needing food, the amount of food that they can give is enough for only 1 1/2 people, and its picking up once every 30-45 days. The food does not stretch that far and we are trying to stretch it as far as we can, but does not stretch far enough.

On the business that are supposed to help but refusing to do so, unemployed with disconnect notices in the middle of winter and a family of 4 to support, AND ITS NOT BAD ENOUGH TO REQUIRE HELP?!! WHAT TYPE OF FUCKING BULLSHIT IS THAT?!!!

Its a fucked up life in a very fucked up State that has a very fucked up thought process. Me and my family are trying to keep positive, but being very hard to be positive at this time when my family's survival is at stake.

I'll catch you laterz Ayenee, if I'm ever able to get the chance to come swinging back by.



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You ever have one of those days where you just feel you need to be polite and kind and not just out and out curb stomp someone who keeps pushing you because they lack common sense and decency? That's how my mornings going along with random power failures due to heavy snow and a power line behind my house is sparking. The Electric company took roughly an hour to answer their emergency line and I still haven't heard back from them or seen a truck or gotten a call. It's a magical kind of morning.

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Sorry to hear you are down on your luck Dark. It seems to happen to the best people while the shits in life skip along without so much as a bloody bump on the road. I hope the streak of bad luck for you and your family ends soon, I really do. Life really has a knack of kicking people when they are down, and it's horrible how money has a strangling grasp on everything, and lack of it causes stress to the point where everything else around it crumbles. I wish I could help, all I can do is offer words of support and encouragement- keep going, stay strong and hold your head high, something will come along.

It took me ages, and a ton of crap jobs to get the one I have today. I used to be in the hospitality industry working in clubs and real shitty bars. Long hours and barely got to see my children. So my relationship with them suffered quite a bit because I was rarely ever home. It's hard for families trying to keep afloat, not easy doing it on your own either. I sometimes wonder how others manage when the bills keep rolling in, when they lose employment because someone wants to be an asshole, it has happened to me more times than I care to admit. One time because I wouldn't sleep with my boss, so he fired me. Cute hey.

I went through 3 yrs of hell. My best friend was murdered by her partner, who then killed himself. She was my childhood friend, and when I came to Australia with my funny accent and whatnot, bullied, she was the only one nice to me. We went through a lot of shit, only to have some freaked out asshole to do that to her. I was diagnosed with cancer, and went through chemo and radium. Then an array of "bad" medication that nearly ended my life. Bad relationships (actually total shit, one in particular)-- and after that I treated everyone else I became involved with like utter crap, issues with the law due to one of my boys running amuck that really kicked my PTSD into top gear. But I got through it all, and you will too Dark. It's just hard to see the light when the darkness seems at its thickest.

As for shit mornings Mithie. Right with you there, mine is somewhat self-inflicted with a slight hangover-- I don't tend to wankers very well at the best of times. My roommate took off owing 2 weeks rent, and left dirty needles in the room where my son could have got them. I am not against the happy herb... but the dangerous chemical crap, meth/ice/heroin if I had known I would never had let the loser in my house. Curbstomping, is high on my agenda of things to do with that one. So have had the police here going through my house in case he has "left stuff". My home feels violated.

You are so lucky to have snow, it is so damn hot here today I wish I could teleport myself to Antarctica and sit with the penguins!
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Thank you Raven, and btw if you look at the date of that post of mine, that was 2years ago. Lol.

I did get rehired by that company 4months later and worked another year for them as a store manager. Dealt with more crap from that company before I gave them my resignation. My family got through another rough patch with other bullshit that we ended up having to go through from multiple directions, but we got through it. My Wife and I decided I needed a job that was outside food service to give me a break from it. I shortly got hired to be a glorified babysitter/chaffeur. This new job ended up being way better in pay, 1 paycheck for 2weeks worth of work ended up being more then what I got paid for 1month of store management, so its going a lot better. It does involve me working 12hour days for 5days a week, but at least I get paid for every minute this time, and plus overtime, and I get my 2days off a week now. Things are going better now. :)

Mith, youch on your morning and day, especially with your power outage with shitty snow. I hope it gets better, and if you need, I have extra holes dug and ready for if you need to bury and hide a body. Lol.

Raven, that royally sucks about that dumbass loser roommate. May karma beat the crap out of that POS for endangering you and your son like that with their own pathetic crap.
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