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This is presently a work in progress as this has not been reworked wholesale in over fifteen years and the most recent version maybe a decade old was lost in the transition from and the Return to

Name: Mithrandir, Olorin, Gandalf, Incanus, Tharkun

Birth Place: Timeless Halls

Age: Older than time

Race: Istari , Vampire

Place of Origin: Middle Earth, Valanor

Hair color: Greyish-White

Eye color: Grey

Height: 6 feet 2 inches

Weight:240 to 260

One of the first of the Valar. Many are my names in many places Olorin I was in my youth in the west that is forgotten, Mithrandir among the Elves, Stormcrow to the Rohans, Greyhame to the Hobbits, Tharkun among the Dwarves, Incanus in the South, In the North I was known as Gandalf and to the east I went not.

I am One of the Istari of the Ainur, We were the first of all things the first created by Iluvatar, the One, Before all else was created. We made the world with music and magic. We created things of beauty and wonder though the dark enemy always made things to contrast our glory. After the ages of wars which we had taken part in overtly and subversively, we had become victorious. As all things took their place I felt a longing in my heart to find adventure once again beyond the worlds formed through the symphonic magic.

I decided to leave my lands for new adventures as the years and wandering continued From realm to realm till finally, I found a realm with such beauty and wonders untold I wished to reside there for a while. Though I had only been there for a few nights when I taken upon by a blonde Vampiress. She had bitten me and I thought myself safe as she fled after feeding upon me. Yet little did I know of this creatures ilk in this land. Vampires were known to me from long ago in a far-off part of the wars in my home realm, but they were not made in such a fashion. As I succumbed to the disease and feel deeper into the hunger and the almost exuberant lusts of life I indulged every vice I could imagine. I wandered in darkness for what seemed like ages, learning all the arts of the darkness I had thrust upon me and the ways in which I could manipulate it for my own benefit and finally emerging as Mithrandir the grey once again. I had re-dawned my grey robes for I was neither wholly good nor evil anymore. I stumbled back into light and wandered farther till I had reached a land where I had felt comfortable.

Deciding that I was comfortable in these strange new lands I went to a local tavern for something to drink. As I entered I felt eyes upon me and as I looked around a women fell from the sky landing on top of me. At first, I was complaining till I saw her face it was so beautiful I was in love in a moment caring not for her blood but just for her lips. While meeting her I had met her two companions Cross_Swords and Hakai_DarkKnight. We all became fast friends and had many interesting adventures but I soon had a son named Niverm LaShaw. Niverm was but a boy when Cross and I found him barely alive, a victim of Ayenee's slave trade. Malnutrition and beatings had left him in a state of pitiable half life. Had we found him ten minutes later he'd certainly have been beyond all but necromancy. Though not born to me as a blood child I gave him the dark gift and brought him with me as a son. Niverm learned quickly of his new gifts and Cross saw fit to teach the boy blade and lance techniques as I taught him of his nature and a few spells that would always be useful in life or undeath upon the roads and ways of Ayenee. Later he seemingly died by hands I did not know... or so I thought, but soon after that my love _LizardQueen__ and I had separated and I had become a key figure in the civil war in the Infernal Legions clan.

To be fair the war within the Infernal legions clan was not precisely a civil war as I was never a member of the clan, preferring to keep my nose far from the politics of cults, clans, and covens. Even so where I was not swayed by their charismatic leader Evil_Saint_Lucifer, my sweet LizardQueen was and soon she joined their cult and forsook myself and all of our friends. In my attempt to free her from their control and sway her back into sanity I stepped on far too many of their group's toes. At first, the slights were permitted with almost lazy indifference, but in time they angered the core members of the group who came after me. Those who survived joined me in my crusade to destroy the Infernal legions Clan. Of those who joined me few were as valorous or sweet as Vayla. She too was a vampire but had proven herself a truly worthy fighter having survived two of her former seniors in the clan and killing both. Over the years we became close friends. It seemed however that our closeness had incited a change in Lizardqueen making her jealous and distant and driving her to hunt down and kill Vayla as I battled against Lucifers number two. Once the infernal legions lay in ruin and their leadership destroyed and their few remaining members fleeing I sought out my Lizardqueen, hoping to put to rest her madness only to discover she had perished of wounds inflicted by Veyla. I found Cross and Hakai. And we traveled together for a time until they left this realm in search of something greater to test themselves against. By myself, for the first time in a long while I moved down the road until I came upon The Starless Night Tavern. There I encountered (Blackblade171) a Half-demon named Dakkon and an Ice Fae named Crystalis. I stayed with them for a while helping them stock the inn, and working as a bouncer from time to time, but always feeling the pull of the road.

Long after those days, I meet a woman named Lil_Chibi_Chan, we had gotten together one night in a tavern. We had hit it off rather well for having attempted to out drink a troll, but though our meetings had been sporadic she soon informed me of something I believed wholly impossible. She had informed me that she was pregnant and with twins. The idea of being a father was so alien and foreign to me that I could not comprehend where I would even begin. So with her leave, I took to stand a vigil and process my thoughts. The night seemed sweetly calm and peaceful, which I should have seen as an omen of ill fortune, but my mind was too focused on what I would teach to my children first. When I arrived at her cottage I found her gutted upon the floor, and her hands pinned to the floor with daggers. I don't remember why but I thought maybe I would be-able to save the children perhaps I could link their lives to mine, and so my hands moved through her viscera searching out my unborn children...I remember so clearly the feeling of her cold blood drying upon my hands as I focused every sense I possessed searching for our children. My hands absently moving through and sorting her organs until...... I found them, the twins hardly larger than tadpoles were as utterly dead, dead as their mother nestled within her entrails...I found the men who had stolen them from me, and I made them pay and they are still paying and will continue to pay long, long after this world has ceased to exist....

For decades, I wandered alone and morose my vengeance not helping me heal but by the same token, my vengeance was not mine it is theirs those whose futures were lost... As I wandered from place to place stopping at inns for news and lodgings when I had the want I found myself at a tavern called the Blackbird. I had a nice time but went on my way vowing to return. I left thinking to myself that I should open up a tavern of my own, well it just so happened I needed people to work it for I could do a lot but not all of it by myself a friend of mine named Vilad_Deathangel told me I should buy a few slaves to work it, though I hated the mere idea of slaves it seemed the only way. So I went to this place known as the slave auction after watching with great disdain, I saw a slave whom I thought was pretty and would work well at the tavern. As I escorted her to the tavern I learned her name was Kaihana_Savage. She was a kind women though utterly scared of me at first but after I gave her, her freedom, she was grateful and we started to fall in love, well after a while we wanted to get married; however one day she was simply gone. I had heard she had done herself in, or she was murdered so I know not what happened. As my sorrow drove me farther down I wandered over many great places.

I soon came upon a young vampiress Named BlackRose_Darkskye As I soon followed her and meet with her and found her hatred of feeding I liked her she intrigued me but not too long after meeting her and getting to know her she was killed by her clan for seeing me. So I returned To The Starless Night Tavern and Inn owned By my close friend BlackBlade171 and Stayed with him and his wife Ice_Fairy_Crystalis.

After some time of healing myself emotionally, I returned to the BlackBird and became a bartender and slowly have moved up to assistant manager, though I have many friends at the tavern I care for one more than the others. Her name is Veta_Norr whom I have requested to be my bride. She gave me a ring with two serpents upon a holly leaf and I gave her a ring of grey Star Sapphire as an engagement ring. Though the ceremony was foiled by Tatyanya_Kamal. Veta has moved in with me and I am looking to find out if the point of the ceremony we made it to is enough for it to be legally binding. However, it appears that Tatyanya_Kamal and I shall always be at ends which I would rather not do as to upset her sister, Veta. Well shortly after everything had fallen to pieces I had gone to make peace with Tatyanya_Kamal , However, it ended in a fight.

Shortly afterward a price was placed on Alliana_Rose_Kamal's head, though I know not who placed, I was looking into it. After a few days of nothing but dead ends we started to believe that the assassin would not move so when Veta and myself were out, the assassin struck killing Alliana, and taking her head and leaving her body to be found by Veta and Myself. Soon after Alliana's death, Veta was almost killed by poison a mistake by a new tender. Those days were extremely trying on my soul though I did go on. Very soon after all that had passed my clever rouse was found out by the assassin that in fact, I had created a fake Alliana to be targeted. Veta and I are to be married once again, and this time It will succeed ... I am also to perform the ceremony for my dear friend Gen and her fiance Drae. My dear friend Black has recently lost his love Aisslinn . I have not encountered Tatyanya Kamal in recent days so I suppose my promise to end her life will have to wait.

As of late, the Blackbird tavern has become a harder job as I have started having to be a tender more often when I am there. However, I find my job quite rewarding as I am able to be close to my fiance. My assistant Narcromancer has been of great help in the most recent months and weeks, as well as my friend a Nightmaresoul without them I wouldn't have known which way was up. Well shortly after a while all those horrid problems had seemed to vanish into the woodwork.

My fiance told me that she was expecting our child, and so we rushed our wedding ceremony so that our child would be born in wedlock Well our wedding though small and ill-planned went through without any hitches, My friend Mercury_The_HighElf performed the ceremony, and our witnesses were Sherade0 and Ameithyst_The _Elf. It was a nice ceremony and it was good to know the one I loved was then my wife finally. After a short, while my wife went into premature Birth, Aden_Jericho_Dreamwalker rushed her to the hospital where I met up with them. The doctor found that our child was being strangled by the umbilical cord and so induced labor. Our first child's' name was Azrail_Elijah_Olorii, then the doctor announced two more on the way our second child was Dakkon_Sammael_Olorii, and our third my little princess, Lilith_Alexandrea_Olorii. Once they were born it seemed as if my life could get no better and what only seemed like days they had grown to the age of four years old all of them excelling in something or another.

As the years passed and the children were coming into their own I was given another child Nora Kathryne Olorii my youngest daughter of the time. She delighted in causing trouble and playing. However around Nora's seventh year of life Veta and I divorced. To which I found a new woman a short time afterward by luck or fate even I could not say her name was Piper_Storm she adored me from what seemed the very moment we meet. Though after a few weeks Piper and I found she was expecting a child and that is was mine. That, of course, didn't seem too bad for me though, it did seem to make my daughter feel a deep hatred for Piper.It was my hope from that day forward that my children and my love would get along someday. Shortly after Leif was born Piper and I were gifted with a second child her name was Katarynah Starr Stormcrow.

After many years of peace for the most part. My children had all grown into respectable young people. My daughter Nora had become an artist , Lilith a mother and tavern owner Dakkon a scientist, Azrail a powerful Mage, Leif a spell sword, and Katarynah a Sorcereress. As time had passed the tavern had once again seemed to hit a golden age of business. As well the tavern seemed to become a place of blossoming love. My Niece Alliana and her would-be assassin David J. Maccalister became an Item and David became a member of the taverns employees working security. Not long after David was hired Alliana hired a pleasant young women named Nichelle Dupret. As well as a man named Traeus Adieron. Traeus and David seemed to work perfectly as security and as friends. Those were good days for the most part except it seemed impossible for Traeus and David to keep blood off the carpet.

Although it seemed only yesterday the delinquent duo of David and Traeus left, the Forgotten Eclipse Tavern and Inn, in search of more lucrative opportunities. Time had past too quickly as it seems to do when we are old . Now where was I.....oh yes that's right David and Traeus just left. Well it was only that following spring that my niece and David J. Maccalister were wed. Spring soon ended and I was requested to preform a marriage ceremony for an old friend of mine named Nicholas M. DragonsBlood to his fiance' Nerissa Moon Redhawk. It was truly a lovely ceremony although there were few people present for it. As time followed up naturally Alliana and David were soon blessed with a child of their own. Isaac I believe was his name. Although through her pregnancy Alliana continued her vigorous work at the tavern not willing to listen to anyone even my self. While Alliana was away to give birth to her child I hired a vagrant elf whom called him self Tecna, it was truly an odd name but I did not pry about it.

Two years later in the fall it happened, the end of my romance with Piper Storm ended. It was nothing all that spectacular as far as the end of a relationship goes. We both agreed that the spark that had held us together was no longer there and as such we decided it would be best to separate, yet we did agree to keep in touch occasionally. With the separation of Piper and My self our children Katarynah and Leif were both shocked and dismayed so that the ripples of confusion could be seen in their personal lives. As they both ended their relationships with those whom they had been so close. After the break up I spent more time working at my tavern and spending time with my children when I could.

Outward Appearance:

Mithrandir is both a Wizard and Vampire of great ability. He wears heavy grey robes topped off with a pointed hat. He always carries a tall staff and His sword, Glamdring the foe hammer, a great Elven blade of fame , made from Elven forged and enchanter Mythril Silver.He also Carries a Desert Eagle in his robes a gift from a dead Friend Named Young_Vampire_Aaron . On his right hand rests the great elven Ring Narya . On His left hand he wears a solitaire ring that has the image of two serpents wrestling upon a holly leaf A gift from Veta Norr-Olorii. Around His Neck he wears a pendent of a soft blue gem that aids him in healing it was given to him by Piper. He carries various other weapons mainly blades; however not entirely. Mith lives in New Fangorn Forest in the Western Mountains of Ayenee Prime. He fights, only when he finds pleasure in it , when one of his friends has been hurt, Or He has been hurt and then he has no real skill except that which he has perfectly known as reflex as he is ussualy fueled by pure rage .

Where You may find him and with Whom:

He can ussualy be found at t the Forgotten Eclipse Tavern And Inn, Blueflames Castle you may often find him in the company of Veta_Norr, BlackBlade171, Alliana_Rose_Maccalister, Mercury_The_High_Elf, His own children, Tulkas_TheDemonOfMight, Narcromancer28, and Of course Nightmaresoul.

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