Interesting Incident

I wanted to let you know that Ayenee is dealing with a spamming incident that involves old user accounts being logged in and then used to post cryptocurrency-related links. The accounts were apparently compromised by some sort of password breach elsewhere and then the spammers used those passwords to log on to various forums around the web to post their links, including Ayenee.

An account got logged into from an IP in Moldova today and was used to to post spam, which we deleted within about 20 minutes. Still annoying. This is an interesting sort of spam method because instead of the "register and immediately post links" we usually see, it's zombie old accounts are posting. To be clear, there's not any problem specific to Ayenee, this is just something going around the web right now that us forum admins have noticed. It also happened to 2 old abandoned accounts on my other RP community, Star Army.

I encourage everyone to use unique passwords on your various sites so this doesn't happen to your account someday. You can also set up and use 2-factor authentication on many sites for an extra layer of protection, including on Ayenee ( see )
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