[Interest Check] Across Land and Sea: A Mafia-Pirate RP


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Across Land and Sea
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Dragons, dungeons, wizards, gods and more; Ayenee was a realm of medieval fantasy beyond the realm of your own imagination. Overtime, people from across space - and even dimensions - have staked their claim on the fertile, and have brought technology beyond the comprehension of even Ayenee's brightest intellects. Now, this world is a melting pot of all things: of species, culture, and technology. While many nations have adapted to this change, the archipelago along the equator, hundreds of miles from Ayenee's western coast line, harbored the most widespread one yet. The United Islands of the Wer Archipelago had once been a small trading nation, until the space-wandering foreigners came and ruined business for the natives, due to spaceships being superior to minor fishing boats in the fishing business. A demi-god among his people, known only as Aegis, brought forth great change in response to the shifting world around them; from honest work to organized crime. Now, the world knows of the Wer Archipelago as a melting pot nation of pirates, whom have advanced in all aspects of naval warfare and societal development. It is them who serve a key role in the stability of the global economy. Escorts, trade route protection, shipping illegal goods, search and rescue, as long as the price is right, the United Islands will always have what it takes.

In this upcoming science-fantasy roleplay, everyone will be a part of a sea-faring crew of mafia-pirates from all walks of life. Get in a big boat, ship some rum from country to country, escort important political figures, fight the Kraken, and more, and all right here on Ayenee! With the introduction of new technology to smuggle across the boarders, business is booming in the Wer Archipelago, but there are not enough sloops and galleons to take advantage of this economic upswing. That will be where you people will come in! Take advantage of this time to make bank, go on wild adventures, and more that you can't find anywhere else (because as of posting this interest check, there's just three plots running, and none have mafia pirates).

Now, who wants to set sail?

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