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I've spent a good chunk of my teenage/early adult life interacting with lots of people in Y! chat and on these forums, mainly .Com. Taking a trip down memory lane with the help of the Wayback Machine, it saddens me that most of the interactions I've had seemed to be nothing more than immature trolling and petty bickering. Man, my teenage mind was unbearable.

Being 30 now, time has humbled me. I've met two people from Ayenee in real life (one when I was 16, the other at 19), both of which were romantic relationships that ultimately failed. What saddens me the most is that I've spent countless hours interacting with a community, with people, and I've done nothing more than be a very minor, temporary thorn in its/their side. Now, I'm not holding on to some deep nostalgic want for the old RP days or assuming that I've tormented chat goes for years; I guess I'm just wishing I made the most of the time spent with some of the amazing people I was lucky enough to come across.

I still think about a kid named Tommy Muzik(sp?). Him and I spoke a lot. I hope he's doing well. Rebecca (aznp0rnstar), which is one of the people I met way back when. Jessica (captivatedsilence), who I also met but lost contact with after our breakup. There's many others: Rob, ~E!eep, Raven, Tessa, .Com Kittens, Celine Jules, Corban, Chance, Aisoku; it's impossible to remember the revolving door of screen names but there's countless others.

There's really no point in this thread; I'm just venting.
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Venting happens man no worries, I know I miss a lot of the people I interacted with over the years, but some of them may at some point jump on the looking for Ayenee train and stumble upon this living memory.


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I recognize a few of those names. I, unfortunately, never went by Rob. I did, for a very short time one one of the other boards, go by Rob-O but that's as close as we come. To my knowledge, the ones I recognize are doing well, though I can't say I've had recent contact with them all.
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