[IC News Post] GNN broadcast excerpt: Federated Technologies Announces Military Mobilization.


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"Good evening everyone, and thank you for tuning in to the Galactic News Network! Remember: if we didn't see it, it didn't happen! Our top story today covers an unusual and frankly alarming announcement coming out of Federated space. The announcement was broadcast across all major communications networks, but for those of you who haven't seen it yet here is a replay of the address delivered by CEO Camaryn White herself from her office in Port Akora."

There was a brief pause as the screen blanked, before footage of the Federated CEO sitting at her desk filled the screen. Though her makeup artists had done their best, it was still clear that Camaryn hadn't been sleeping well of late. There had simply been too much to process, too much to do, too many orders to give. "People of the Federated Technologies group, we have been through a lot together since our exodus from Ayenee over two decades ago. Over these years I have been proud to share with you the great triumphs of our civilization, and honest with you in describing the challenges that lie ahead of us. Though I wish I could say that I have come to announce some new breakthrough, the truth is that I have come before you to make you aware of a threat the likes of which we have never encountered before."

"A short time ago, the Yamatai Star Empire broke its long silence after a chance encounter during my recent visit to Ayenee. During that encounter I was made aware of a dimensional incursion being carried out by an invading force from the wider multiverse. This invading force, known as the Asune Dimensional Entities, has set its sights on conquering our universe, just as they conquered the universe of the Norian people. I have personally confirmed the validity of this warning and verified that our former homeworld is ground zero for this invading force. My findings will be made available to the wider galaxy by way of the galactic press."

Camaryn paused for a moment to collect herself before moving on to the next part of her announcement. "Our company — our entire civilization — is rooted in our commitment to building a better future for the people of this galaxy, and we cannot and will not allow this future to be stolen from us! We must all harden our resolve and meet this foe with all the might and righteous fury we can muster. To that end, I have agreed to a request for Federated Technologies to join the war effort alongside the Star Army of Yamatai, an ally which dates back to before the exodus. Our military forces have already been moved to their highest state of readiness, with both recruiting and training of new personnel to be accelerated to capacity. New orbital slipways are being constructed to further grow our fleets. I have likewise ordered all subsidiaries contained within the Federated Technologies group to undertake a rapid transition to wartime production protocols in order to ensure that our fleets and armies have the equipment that they will need to face this foe."

"In exchange for our aid in this undertaking, the Yamatai Star Empire has agreed to dispatch technical and logistical support to ensure that our forces are not found wanting in battle. I want it to be known that I am also putting the Nekovalkyrja population of Federated space among my top priorities for that technical aid — for too long we've been unable to help them achieve the future they deserve, and I will bend every effort towards changing that. Furthermore, once we have achieved victory over the invaders, it is my intention that we pursue closer ties and continue collaboration with the Yamatai Star Empire, an entity that has proven itself to share many of our values."

"Before I close this address, I want to say a few words to the leaders of the wider galactic community. I know better than to ask you for assistance with this matter. Most of you have ridiculed us and treated us with scorn for nearly three decades, and many of you have attempted to take advantage of our humanity to seize what is rightfully ours. To those among you who see this invasion as a potential opportunity to strike against us, know that hostile incursions into our space will no longer be met with our characteristic restraint. On the other hand, should any of you find yourselves compelled to set aside petty differences and unite with us against the common enemy that threatens us all, you will not find us ungracious allies. We always pay our debts, and would consider it a substantial move towards forging new friendships or ending long-standing grievances."

"Come what may the future is, and always will be, Federated. Thank you and good night."

The screen blanked again before transitioning back to the newsroom, where the anchors look as if they don't know what to make of this news. "And there you have it, folks. Whatever you might think of Federated Technologies, the record is clear: this is an extremely out of character move for the white knights of the rim. So we have to ask: is the fiery rhetoric from Akora little more than hot air, or have these invaders awakened a sleeping giant? We've assembled panel of experts in foreign relations, military analysis, and finance to give us their takes..."
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