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Idea Man
In a time before Time, in an era of darkness and constant, violent decay…

In those days and nights, before Creation had gained much of the meaning it holds today, there were no such measurements of time— Only instances wherein the Dark held greater sway, and times where the Light managed to be in greater control. For untold spans of non-time did the balance remain more-or-less equal, until the fateful event that tipped the scales in favor of Evil. The gates of a thousand Hells were shattered under the blows of hellish fiends, and the dark forces spilled out into the Universe, overwhelming the already-weary forces of Good. At last, the only thing holding the Universe from utter chaos was the Great Heart, which supported all that was good in existence, and the valiant warriors who defended it.

Alas! that such bravery and goodness could fail. But War does not reward the valiant, or the good, or the brave, only those who survive to kill yet more of their enemies; and so, soon there was but a single warrior left, guarding the single entrance to the Great Heart. And though he was battle-weary himself, he called a challenge to the leader of the Dark Forces, proposing a match between them for the fate of All. The Evil One, prideful and deeply-blooded, accepted with scorn, confident of it’s victory, and the battle was joined.

Their duel raged for days, and even the armies of Darkness were in awe at the skills of both combatants; the fight carried itself into the very chamber of the Heart, yet all but their battle with each other remained as though frozen, waiting for the final outcome to be decided. In the end, though he did not sell his life cheaply, the lone champion tired, and staggered; seizing this opportunity, the Dark One lunged, running it’s blade through the champion’s chest and pinning him, like an insect, to the very Great Heart itself. The champion died, and the Evil One, through the sword-blade now buried deep within the Heart, poisoned the once-pristine Source of All with it’s own bitter venom, allowing it’s evil to spread throughout Existence like an inescapable contagion.

And thusly did the last glimmer of the Light expire, and Darkness gain Dominion over all.

The last bastions of Good fell in quick succession, and the immortal city of Paradise fell in dark flames as the last free Celestial was taken prisoner, to provide amusement from her inhuman tormentors until she herself became part of that evil. Over the ruins of Creation were raised new and terrible kingdoms, each the domain of a cruel overlord, whose duties were only to bring ever-greater suffering upon those within their reach, for their own amusement and for the glory of their leader, the Evil One; one might mention the Morass, a sentient swamp that forever smothered it’s helpless victims in it’s ooze, or the Vile Wind, who claimed no territory but spread fear and disease in it’s wake, or the horrific arenas of the Hell-Hound King, where the mud was made of clay and blood. And yet, soon there was stagnation, and the Evil One grew bored, for there is no change when the one element is completely in control.

And then, from the edge of a distant kingdom there came news of a creature… One almost as formidable as the Great Evil, a mindless, ravenous force of destruction that decimated the territory in a matter of days. Intrigued, the Evil One set to studying this creature, and was impressed by it’s sheer power and innated evil; indeed, it was almost equal to the vaunted Leader in this respect, though it had seemed to possess no turly intelligent mind. It was cunning, however, and it embodied true chaos by attacking and slaying all within it’s path, and so the Great Evil allowed it to live, watching with amusement as it carved a bloody swath across the empire. In time, it discovered that the creature was from a time that was yet to come, a place where Life and Creation flourished, and the Evil One conceived of a plan: Subtly at first, it tried to merge itself with the essence of this creature, failing to overpower it’s seeming rudimentary mind. The Evil One found out that in truth this creature was far more intelligent then, an intelligence directed by battle and hunger. The Evil once decided to strike an alliance with the foul creature, then fusing with it to eventually become a single symbiotic life form, greatly increased in power and now with the ability to travel to the time from whence the creature had come. Then, the Evil One, now sharing the body of the creature, mustered it’s forces – for every pitiful soul ever born into that dark time was, by default, a member of his militia – and prepared for the final step; in order for them to travel forward, to the Time Yet to Come, the Time That Was must be destroyed.

And, with a single and devastating blow to the now-corrupted Great Heart, the deed was done; the Old Times were destroyed, and the Evil One found itself catapulted through time and space, to the newly born Universe that had not yet known his special brand of Fear.

Our Universe…

And the Evil One, in a ‘scape still fertile with potential, called to him his vast Legions, and set them loose upon the lands.
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