RP Expectations of Disappointment

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ISANN Scorn's Rage
Outer Staging Area, Vespa Lakara III

The pink-haired vespan Norian tapped her manicured right pointer nail against the desk, the hair matching the color of the digit purposeful and a backdrop from one of the glyph keys that was once engraved into the crown she wore when she accompanied Scorn. Aurelia had never really been a working royal, but rather a prize piece that had played the role of wife and kingmaker to one of Noria's finest; Scorn. Since his passing, she had returned to her Vespan roots and laid down a foundation with Aerum following the war. In the most layman of terms she had fallen upon duty and a sudden re-establishment of long-held military training in the name of helping recover from what was a ridiculous fight.

The Scorn's Rage was being loaded for service, which served her right for being the bearer of news to Aerum's desk on this GNN broadcast debacle. It took playing the broadcast more than once to make sense of it and even then it read like a poorly funded fictional piece from a teen thrill seekers library drummed up to cover misrepresented current events. It wasn't any of their business and Aerum easily could have tossed it aside in the name of the current scroll of missions that didn't have ships yet it stunk like something familiar. The attack of the Craethel on Vespa Lakara had been read in a similar format because the Craethel never actually arrived in the system at all everything else had gone silent after the exodus fleets cleared the former Chrystalian zones. Atlas the roots of bullshit had spread like weeds and the tree had sprouted at Ayenee, not really a big shock for her considering when Adrin held the office of Chancellor there Scorn and her had led Xythael's ground forces. Something must have gone askew though after that, suddenly apparently technology was being used on the surface. The name of the bastard was coming, she knew it.

Investigate. Establish Communication with Xytrinah. Establish Communication with whatever Cli'cha made the other broadcast. Investigate and cut off the head of whatever snake slithered from the muck this time. Simple Enough. Cheers to the ignorant. Tea would have to be due in place of chacelle. The Director position was going to be a cozy one on one of the Vespan System Superstructures! Sure it was! Bullshit the lot of it. She thought as she sipped from her cup and stepped out onto the bridge.

"Captain Liros the approaching zeros on that mission clock means everyone better be sorted out. I trust we will be departing on time?" she asked with mild amusement knowing that Luniri was not going to disappoint her. She gave that antagonizing look as she saw the woman's muscles tense as if they were going to propel her up and out of her chair in the name of some grand production of giving her the bridge. "Sit tight." There the advance word was in.

Luniri gave one of those smiles. She could see the bullshit written on the wall too but it was all ahead and not behind, "We will depart on time ma'am. Where are you going?"

Aurelia gave a little wave as she ducked into the lift, "Not here. Somewhere I can contemplate how the words Asune Dimensional Entity came out of some mouth in the way they did. Get us where we need to be with our fleet and join me for dinner while we wait. Bring something strong, I'm going to need it when I get to listen to whatever reason my husband's legacy is being turned into a merry-go-round on Ayenee." The lift doors shut which gave no room for the reply.

As expected the ISANN Scorn's Rage and fleet left as expected, on time and without incident. Aurelia would await the reply from Xytrinah before they would just up and barge into the system.
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ISANN Scorn's Rage
On Route to Ayenee
Teal's Arboretum

Aurelia sat at the small bistro-style table that had been set out at the edge of one of the garden settings at the edge of the Aussa forest plantation. It was one of her favorite places to eat, modeled after one of her husband's estates on the former Norian homeworld. It was a place to grab that dinner with Luniri and give some more thought to what she had gathered regarding the information on Ayenee, not to mention the little enigma of annoyance that her nephew had plagued them with. The widowed Director stared into the trees and gave a heavy sigh, "Asune Dimensional Entities" she hummed to herself, as she thought it sounded like something someone would make up to scare young children into going to bed on time. A fictional myth born out of the warnings of the former Umarian leader Lao'Taun who rightfully warned of those who inhabited other-dimensional space. At the same time, the presence of the U'rstholloshans couldn't help but lead to the deduction that this had somehow become an incorrect reference to the void species. She noted the reference and had listened to the broadcast of the other party several times now. As someone whose husband fought for Ayenee as well as their Xythael traditionalists that made it their home, she saw this as just another excuse for these outsiders being permitted to pollute what was a perfectly fine world with their toxic nature. U'rstholloshans as invaders? Someone had opened up a can of worms and upon the misguided ideology of a white knight and savior had formally announced their lack of mental health to the Elysium garden spot.

"I haven't seen you this wrapped up in something in a while, I'm not sure if it is something to be celebrated or if I will wish I asked for a transfer," Captain Liros said as she approached the table and awaited that gloved hand motion that it was clear to take a seat. "Aure, what I mean is you look like you're perplexed and someone has dropped a shit sandwich on you. What the heck has you so twisted?" Luniri asked as she sat down.

Aurelia just shook her head and drew her vision to the face of her old friend and forced a bit of a smile. "Just this broadcast out of Ayenee. Some child race to get out their war machines to try and play in the big leagues. A bunch of inconsistencies and historical scrambling that..." she failed to finish before she watched Luniri slouch forward in dramatic defeat.

"Tetsuya. Transfer by the way. I'm going to wish I transferred. So what has your selfish power-hungry nephew done now?" she asked, "Is this why we're headed to Ayenee?" She felt her stomach knot at the mere mention of their former Aestaesys' name.

Aurelia sighed and waved her hand slightly, "Dramatic. It's Airwin now apparently and that is about all we know. I don't know if he is involved in this but I expect that will be the case. For now, I'm going to settle on an outside power with some kind of scrambled sense of history and a death wish. I'm going to stick to what Aerum read me in on and we are responding to assist allies namely the former and might I say last sane Aester we had before Aerum. If Xytrinah wants to reclaim the cities she built people should stay the hell out of it, especially since this saves our limited resources from having to support something this far out," she voiced in frustration. "The Norian citizens of the U'rstholloshan Empire are happy and well cared for, so this is a case of someone making noise," she added before giving the signal for their dinner to begin to arrive.

"Tetsuya, Tetsuya, Tetsuya, oh sorry Airwin, Airwin, Airwin," Luniri said with a laugh, "I learned to smell bullshit lightyears away. So we're going to prevent a war caused by a weasel?" she asked.

Aurelia gave a nod, "Prevent a war or we can how we can be on the right side of one, for once. I will chalk the rest up to bad management and death wishes. Either way, the last thing anyone needs is some Cli'cha running around Ayenee or Ayenee space pointing weapons at members of the Kiri. The level of fucked we could all be is on a galactic, no... a universal scale. We're all fucked and I wouldn't blame them. Before Vespan's independence or abandonment, however, you want to put it, we suffered from historically bad decision-making. Let's not talk anything more about this for now. I'm mourning the loss of ridiculous comfort and lack of complications."
ISANN Scorn's Rage
On Route to Ayenee

Director's Log.

We're en route to Ayenee following the intercept of the GNN rhetoric message. I can't help but feel that my nephew is somehow involved in all of this. Our technicians have recently breached the old Elysium network relays and have discovered a quantum message that was sent transuniversally bearing the access codes of Nira. This supports the Intelligence that he survived the destruction of Noria. I've further analyzed the news broadcast myself and have concluded that it is undoubtably true that an armed conflict in the Elysium Universe is more than just a possibility. Why do these species have technological bases on Ayenee to begin with? I can only imagine the outrage of the Xythael leadership if any of them are left. The decisions of war and peace lay with me with Aerum's blessing, though my position has already been decided in foreshadowing. It was made the second I agreed to put back on this uniform. It was made when I said I do to my love. What I would not do to feel his flame again.

The possibility that Nira or any of Scorn's other brothers-in-arms are still alive gives me hope, I find myself wondering who else is still alive that we have assumed dead. Even in war, there is a chance for reunion. Even my attempt to reach out to Xytrinah as my fleet inches closer to Ayenee is laden with nostalgia and hope that I can be viewed as a true Eitan apart from the sins of those who ruled past dynasties.

Cyberwarfare Laboratory

The old protocols of the Elysium Network previously used by the Chrystalian Regime were an easy hack with the understanding of how much technology had improved since the Vespan Norians were left to their own devices following the exodus. Aurelia examined the log activity as the ensign continued to manipulate the network's security. "Postcards I see someone has not lost the ability to be obvious and sly at the same time. What is all this though?" she asked as she leaned in from the chair next to Ensign Leidela., she referred to the long list of logs that proceeded the postcard transmission.

"It looks like MERN ship chatter," the ensign confirmed as the long list of transmissions compiled. "The MERN fleet must have made a stop at Ayenee on their way through. The end of the log has some entries which are coded distress calls so some kind of conflict must have happened. I can dig into these and put together a report for you ma'am if you would like?" Ensign Leidela offered.

Aurelia bobbed her head in affirmation and stood up, "Good work ensign. When you finish send me the report. I want to know why months after the war was over there were still events like this showing up. If possible I also would like a solution for the elimination of that old network and a way to contact Nira if he is still out there." She made a note to herself to update the ensign's access so that she could have more tools available as she was assigned to the task. The mention of the MERN made her skin crawl, it reminded her of the snake of a woman her nephew had been involved with.

"Yes, ma'am I will get started right away. I also made some progress on tracing that news broadcast. I sent you everything earlier," the young officer confirmed and reported.
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A part of a Joint Posting Session

Kaitlin - Aurelia
Winter - Aerum

Six Months Before Current Mission
Teissa Hydra Alpha - Navy Yard
Anoa Superstructure Outer Planetary Helix I

Aerum graciously stepped up to the podium, the graceful swells of silken extensions of her regal silver dress flowed around her like the gown of some angelic creature as she waited for the applause and cheering of the crowd to cease. The newly build Scorn's Rage filled the viewport behind her which was more than an obvious backdrop for the historic speech in which the new ship would take to the stars. Her icy crystalline blue eyes illuminated with inspiration as she looked out upon the faces of those who had sworn and now resworn their oath to protect their nation. "A year ago we found ourselves asking hard questions about our future. Vespa Lakara was a ripe and beautiful target for the Craethel. The home of the Norian war machine, the epicenter of its technological growth, and the home of people who had chosen silence over religion," she wetted her lips with a sip from the nearby water glass and stood back as the crowd broke control again. "Noria, Loremz, Aelantia, world after world we saw fall through the dark murky cloud of space. We were promised. They would come for us too. Yet here we are unscathed?" she asked as she pointed at the ship behind her. "We're here today to launch a new flagship to further bolster our still waiting Navy. We do free though. Free from the promises of my father and the Craethel. We are supposed to be family? Is that right Father? Yet now we hear that you've hidden your name and fled into the darkness clinging to a war that was already over. A war another nation finished for us mind you. I will leave you all to decide the meanings and politics behind it all. Promises of paradise so long as we agree to uproot and surrender to a war we never asked for. I'm an Eitan. I don't know what a Caeyara is, but if you think it will wash away your sins, I encourage you to seek it out. I will be here, the true Norians will be here defending what is ours and rebuilding. This ship is one of many bricks we have laid in this new foundation and we will never again let someone else determine our fate," Aerum said.

Aurelia couldn't help but clap, the speech was political but that was the ways thing were. She remained seated though as the crowd stood and embraced the minute she had.

"Those who wish to find someone to blame or an excuse for the past, there is no solace for you here. We are people who rise to the task and never surrender and kneel before our enemies. I won't promise any of you that our path ahead is some unrealistic utopia of peace. War is inevitable and with the sins of our past come to the need to break from habits and maybe even break the hearts of old friends and Ysi. Scorn Eitan, the late warrior of Noria to whom this new ship is given namesake was a faithful and brave warrior. He hated the games of politics and yet he served as General under more than one Dynasty, he didn't care who was on the throne because his loyalty was to the Norian people and so this ship will serve on that same path. Under the watchful eye of Captain Liros and his honorable wife, one of my Tal'Aester and my Great Aunt to which I owe so much, Aurelia Eitan," Aerum announced and gave the signal for Aurelia to come forwards.

Aurelia felt nervous and honored at the same time. All eyes were on her now as she rose from her seat and followed the carpeted path to the podium. She paused before the second stair and lowered herself in reverence with an address of "Tia Aest," a respectful acknowledgment of Aerum's place above her. She would rise again and then continue up to the platform to take her place next to her Great Neice and the current crown she served.

Aerum let the crowd cheer as she looked upon Aerelia with a soft gaze and a faint smile. "As a working member of the royal Ysi, I respect and appreciate you. I am especially honored that you have undertaken the daunting task of your late husband's former position. Today, although you've been for months already engaged in your work, I honor you with the official assignment as Director of my Navy. Before these people please recite your oath as required by your commission and our military constitution," Aerum said then took a step back.

She choked down a breath of air and then said in an endearing and committed voice, "I Aurelia Eitan, Tal'Aester of the Imperial System's Ascendancy of Noria hereby commit myself to the duty given to me by our Sol'Aester Aerum Eitan the first as Director of the Imperial Navy. I swear to uphold this office with dignity and diligence and in reverence to the needs of our people. I will do so in remembrance of my husband who was and will remain my guiding light on this path forward," she listened as the crowd roared again and her eyes centered on Aerum as she quietly opened a vesper link, ||"Do you have some time before you leave? I'd like to catch up if we could."||

End Excerpt
Arrival at Ayenee and Helespawn Systems

Helespawn System

The debris of the former ancient's GATE between the Elysium and Chrystalis universes was splashed with illumination as ship after ship exited from the slipstream. The bulk of the Imperial Armada had been given orders to that system to hold a defensive position for easy reinforcements and resupply to the Ayenee system should it be required. It complimented Xytrinah's defensive position at Miu II. The ISANN Caecyan's Heart, a Va'aevryelis-Class Battleship took the position of flag in the absence of the Scorn's Rage. Its commander, a veteran of several wars understood the importance of their mission there and wasted little time to dispatch shuttles, workhorse pods, and other teams to the debris field in hopes they could recover the GATEs to make future trips between the Elysium and Chrystalis Unvorsum more accessible in the future. The objectives were clear, hold the position, repair the GATE, and prepare for the arrival of a Star Citadel to flag the system again. The bulk of the ten thousand save for the command group sent with the Scorn's Rage had their work ahead of them.

The Aurora-Class ships had become the escort main-stay of the fleet since they were upgraded to the Mk.III (Togias) design. They made ideal escort position ships while supporting a kit of graviton tools to assist with repairs and operations that would be required for the gate to give some scale to the pods and shuttles. Meanwhile, the larger cruiser spectrum was devoted to the laying of minefields, deployable turrets, and torpedo platforms which would serve as temporary firepower bolsters until a Citadel would arrive. Since there seemed to be a trigger behind the usage of Asune energy, Aurelia had given specific instructions to ensure that their dimensional energy sources were fully operational. Patrols tore through the system giving a small taste of Norian superiority when it came to stealth systems, ships fading in and out of phase nested between void space and real space.

Ayenee System

Although not required, however, out of respect the ISANN Scorn's Rage accompanied their escort according to plan. That was how diplomacy worked but it was not near the show of a lesson to those ships of broadcasters and friends got on their sensors. From the exit of the quantum slipstream flares of asune plasma tore from the sublight drives of the Scorn's Rage as well as its escorts, a short burst overclock of their drives with a very pointed message. A massive spike in the presence of asune dimensional energy in the system. A broadcasted 'fuck you' without words. The flagship trailed its escort into the system toward where Xytrinah and her ships waited for them. That hardly was the end of it though it was orchestrated like the draw of a bow across the strings of a violin as faster Aurora-Class escorts designed by Aerum herself would pop from that acceleration right into the ripple of cloak and back out again in a weaving formation which was a signature of Norian strategy and dominance. She didn't know what resources Tsenlan had managed to salvage as they ran but she had assumed it was mostly things in violation of treaties so it was a matter of pride to show off the true military might of their kind but at the same time showing their cooperation with Xytrinah's ships.

The two parties had communicated now extensively before arrival so it would ensure a smooth transition. Secondary objectives were reported directly to the command chair where Aurelia had finally taken her seat and relieved Luniri to second until it was time to meet in person. Ensign Leidela had already taken to find a way to attempt secured communication with Nira along with other loyalists on the surface. The polymorphic armored plates of the Scorn's Rage caught the rays of the Ayenee sun which blazed the presence of the ship like a spotlight until their turn towards the group of Leviathans. The divergence of ISANN, Tsenlan, and Xytrinah's people's uses of that technology could not be more apparent in those minutes of long-awaited introduction. Xytrinah's last communication awaited a reply but Aurelia figured that would be best done in person. She poised herself in her chair and tucked her pink hair behind her ears as her eyes explored the display. "Hold the position at the coordinates provided by the escort vessel and send them my regards and thanks for seeing us in. It has been some time," her voice trailed off as she stared at the screen, "since I have seen that beautiful planetary jewel." She waited for Xytrinah to make contact so they could decide whose ship would host their meeting.

Ayenee was a system with many eyes which included those who toted threats of military force now. How keen would they be now with a second party at Kiri's side? Aurelia was anxious to help carve a lesson into their hulls. For so long women like her had sat silently through bad government and foolish decisions. She felt empowered at the same time hopeful that legends would emerge from the shadows to commune rather than just liars and child races that had grown far too much for their shoes. Aurelia flicked her finger at one of the displays and she sent a copy of the operational package in the Hellespawn System to ensure they had clear communication with their allies on their objectives.


Each day bled into darkness, and with the dawn of another sun, so too did the moon chase in swift pursuit. In careful deliberation and utilization of gathered intel. Intel including various reports gathered and intercepted broadcasts and personal messages providing details of names and locations, and outright ludicrous impeachments and visual proof recorded by her Utukku Scanners upon their entry. Xytrinah had finally completed reports in perfect order to the events, articulate and expressive in every detail, including a press release. All of the gathered data awaited one single action that would deliver this upon the desks of generals, imperials and every military fleet within the Uachauguthlo empires. However, it would not cease there, the press release would soon be broadcasted from Amasia, one of Ayenee's capital cities that has always been supported by the Norian-Lorenz-Ayenee Federation and Commonwealth.

Before her upon the symmetrical volumetric tactical screens, the Arachnidan domed structures stretched athwart the glimmering void as far as the naked eye could see. Encircling them the countless automated Infiltrator III, EW Interceptors and Combat drones hung suspended and, in their thousands, -- the silent sentinels of the 'Segmentum Daiaghsa barriers'. Sphecius and the Apophis XI-VI Interceptors moving into position flanking the destroyers as jammers and scramblers visibly came online across the combat station the grids of the Flagships and Battlecruisers stations preparing to enter through the Vhlei-Nacha Vortex and spill forth into the Elysium Spiral. Elegantly in regal militia poise upon the cathedra, bio-synthetic tourniquet overlapped with the delicate weaves of spider-silk lace and translucent gossamer displaying long slender legs, sleek torso, and toned limbs with brazen explicitness.

Opiate rubicund mouth pursing, offering only but a short plume of icy Thanaterosian breath (Cryomancy), the air caught in seizure like ice cracking a mirror's surface; even the sound shrilly scraped harshly across the visuals. Depicting the coquettish harbinger in a seemingly phantasmoric whorl within an ensorcelled darkness' mien. An energy that drew many to its blackened fires. Her attention returned to the central projections of Ayenee with a narrowed gaze. Darkness churned beneath the black crystal volumetric surface of oracular instruments belonging to the awe-inspiring Leviathan. The command bridge bathed in 'black light', with an impressive design. Consoles arranged in a sphere around the sovereign's cathedra, including its own control console and displays. Various hues of midnight intermingling with shadows creating a gyrating hive of holographic maps and blueprints of the defending fleet. Programming continuously all the scrumptious information into the Atemporal-HiveMind of the Ngahakzha fleets unparalleled intelligence- telepathically informing admirals and commanders of her direct intentions and the vital information.

Anchoring blockade Interceptor and EWAR units would be done in conjunction by a smaller tactical fleet with drones in menacing formations. Cynosural powergrids already surging with the Strontium Clathrates and interstellar ice-crystals refined into a unique class of liquid ozone. They would either comply with the simple request of an apology or lest they perish in the desolation of the night... trapped within the tangled webs of Death and Change gleaming in the paling light of the stars. Now, it was simply a matter of tightening the security of the system... culling the straggling cattle, tightening the noose, so to speak. Should targets begin appearing on the grids (even those thought to be protected by their cloaking devices), the first offensive action of the cruiser portion of the fleet began.

Reclining back into the black leather upholstery of her elaborate command chair, attention shifting as eyes observed upwards to the massive high-resolution screen that made up the far wall of the flag bridge. Telepathic communications being constantly exchanged twixt on-bridge personnel, vows of silence always held such high regard and the stars, never failed to offer such a rare lulling quiet. Carrying with her repute quite renowned that it had long surpassed mythical echelon of fleeting admiration... images of this CEO Camaryn White voicing her fairy tales and falsehoods across their hulls. A returned gesture. If they want to be smartasses, she'll at least make sure the entire system knowns who is responsible for the webs of fate now spinning around their limbs.

Her War Council had suggested, the dispersion of military fleets to galactic outposts in order to protect the hival Leviathans and the U'rstholloshan way of life since it was already under scrutiny of being an invading force and a call to arms had already been called. This was not her primary concern; in fact, it was merely a pebble thrown into a much larger and more vicious post. And now she awaited the ripples of the first holocaustic tsunamis that would ultimately pour from the dark tapestries of the Vortex Helix should the "angel's" ears be pricked to the niggling whispers of fleshworlds and their foolishness instead of being balls deep in their incursions alongside the Xiollian slumlords of VGPIIS-A.

The wailing droll emitting from Ayenee, interweaving within the vespers would be like a lure on a fishing line to the Shen; should they continue with their cries and panic of annihilation- it would be a battle within the skies of Ayenee that it would not survive, and no longer would it shine bright like a jewel around the throat of the Gods. And this would be of their own doing by meddling with things outside of their understanding. Some sacrifices were necessary.

>>BioEncrypted| Dedicated Sequenced Atemporal-Hiveband<<
>>Security: Imperial| Secure level: Trusted<<
>>Imperial Leviathan Kassogtha<<
>>Enroute: Vakkail- Atalerth IV System<<
>>Orders: Urgent Redirection- Nirvana Spiral, enroute Elysium Spiral/Misu II.
||Saa Addeshnaldr: Infasaier safusdr eln yairier fsuenserdr irrui esa sawiaisan du rairl ulsa saen. Aweaid llisdhas naisasdaiyar iful aldselsa. Illlusn err Nrehácnhe yarrarr du enyelsa ail nallalraiya llusnedaiulr ulrirr. NWV Blldedhc’Si'el eln EIV Sre'O'dhhir rayaiedhelr eln dha Zs'huarah'irar Asn eln Lhindharah'ir Asn esa du nu llurruw dhara ailrdsisdaiulr waidhuid assus.||
>>Private message Poma Hikaru from Empress Xytrinah Shioxhuth Kiri<<
>>Security level: Encrytped to personal signature sequence<<
||Pune, I hufa dhair narrera llailnr irrui warr eln aldhiraierdais llus dha ayaldr ruul du ussis eln dha "hennas" du llerr. Cuirn irrui fashefr nu na el aldasdeailailr suisdarirr? Thasa air el eddeshan narrera dhed I wuirn raica llus irrui du raiya du uis "llsaialnr" er I wuirn ru ruya du ailyaida dhan du naillas eln sanailn dhan ull dhaais rwusl naifrunedais nayudaiulr du nirrrarll eln nirr llenairirr. I nu hufa dhairr sel fa saiyairainan. Saa irrui ruul. Dsailcr firr dha Uiriira-ah ewiesaiinr, I sellud weaid du rhuw irrui, nirr laward ull narairlr. ||

>>BioEncrypted| Dedicated Sequenced Atemporal-Hiveband<<
>>Security: Imperial| Secure level: Trusted<<
>>Imperial Leviathan Kassogtha<<
>>Enroute: Vakkail- Atalerth IV System<<
>>Orders: Urgent Redirection- Nirvana Spiral, enroute Elysium Spiral/Misu II.
||See Attachments: Imperial reports and visual broadcasts you are required to sign once read. Await further directives upon entrance. Inform all Ngahákzha vessels to advance in defensive formations only. NWV Bftathk’Su'an and EIV Ssa'O'thhug leviathans and the Zc'hoegeh'ulel Arm and Lhudthegeh'ul Arm are to do follow these instructions without error.||
>>Private message Poma Hikaru from Empress Xytrinah Shioxhuth Kiri<<
>>Security level: Encrytped to personal signature sequence<<
||Poma, I hope this message finds you well and enthusiastic for the events soon to occur and the "hammer" to fall. Could you perhaps do me an entertaining courtesy? There is an attached message that I would like for you to give to our "friends" as I would so love to invite them to dinner and remind them of their sworn diplomatic devotions to myself and my family. I do hope they can be civilized. See you soon. Drinks by the Uuluule-eh aquariums, I cannot wait to show you, my newest of designs. ||

Further messages would be sent to the U'rstholloshan generals and admirals coinciding with those sent to the Imperium itself detailing in length on why they have been delayed in what had merely been a journey to visit their son and offer supports required to ensure obtain his goals- it had also delayed the Prince's coronation; an act in itself the other Imperials of the U'rstholloshan Empires and those in high seat within its governments would determine an act of war. A charge that came with the demands of execution of the offenders or assimilation.

>>BioEncrypted Personal Communications| Dedicated Atemporal-Hiveband<<
>>Transmission Location: Leviathan O'ognathatlzo Eththotsha<<
>>Security: Imperial| Secure level: Trusted<<
>>Elysium System: Ayenee: Surrune<<
||Restricted data||
>> CC: Akmoraul Zahor Cthanyll, Akmoraul Poma Hikaru. Akmoraul Eydis Zavaleta, VaisaRuirr Varuna’Zu Kanthu, ViceRoy Thavath D’sker, VaisaRuirr Ûlethga Lacthasa, VaisaRuirr Ruze Mabada, VaisaRuirr Alcohost Yothazst, Akmoraul Nyaclatsa Ulhath,Cirrsihvil Ke'hylhu Abhclagua, Gihilsis Ttogatsa Shillsa, Gihilsis Ethbha Ttogua, Gihilsis Ulhetgua Zc'hoeltha, Enla'u' Clashiga Ikhlalhu, Psailsa Apthatto Ikhlalhu, Psailsa A'atho Ikhlalhu, Ma'ghiaut Tshalatto Lateptsha, Ma'ghiaut Chlulhu Shighatsa, Plisevih Tshalaet Nhanyhe, Plisevih Ulhûl Tshadthtep, Diaka Elgnya Thepllel, Akmoraul Uulikhzha Thanyacla, Akmoraul Tl-tocla Bhaepblo, VaisaRuirr Ûlguan'yo Shihepsa, Earl Uululh Ug-lehgua, Psailsa Ckhgagua Gaethuln, Akmoraul Thattozc'ho Tepsaûl, Gihilsis Tto Emclatho, Enla'u' Shicthacla Eehettto, Akmoraul Epll Khlaeltho, Plisevih Ûlnhaem Tshathaath, Akmoraul Xon Galkan, VaisaRuirr Cthaûl Ttozha.<<

Waidh haeyirr reriedaiulr I warsuna irrui err,

Whed her dislan aildu e fsaiall sanaisasdaiul ull uis aldaisa eralne du alrisa dha rissarr ull irruis Psailsa, eln hair frarran susuledaiul her faal illlusdiledarirr nareirran. Waidhail dhair sussarfulnalsa, I heya fsuyainan yairier eidhaldais sufaiar ull dha uidruailr fsuenserdr, dha aildassafdaiul ull narrerar faailr sareirran du e Yenedeai Sdes Enfaisa, e llusnas errusaieda cluwl du na, Aaiswail/Tadriirre Eaidel luw cluwl er Aaiswail Ceairrese. Tha fsuferelne rfairran llsun dha eddeshan narrerar eln fsuenserdr esa ayainalsa ull dhara sreainr, aid air warr-cluwl cluwranra dhed I nu lud heya elirr aildasard ail Airralaa lus aidr susa wusrnr. I heya lu naraisa du raid iful e dhsula eln sira e faffra dhed llus aulr her faal seainan, sefan, dhsaedalan eln hesyardan dhed aid lu rulras hurnr dha raldaiald yeria aid ulsa nain.

Id air nasarirr dha relnrusn hesfuisailr urn rhurdr dhed I sesa lud du nairdisf. Ois wes ruerr esa saerulefra eln rainaidan, sarfulnailr ulrirr ail sadsaifidaiul, wa nul’d nasresa wesr ull azdasnailedaiul eln senfllaisa sref erulr waidh dhan llus aldaisa nasenar whaira dhara ifrdesdr hinnra duradhas raica suwesnr eln hirrfussaidar. Ois sissald furaidaiul air e nallalraiya ula. I en huwayas firhailr llusdh err fasnairraiulr du ira sawiaisan llussa ildair uis laanr esa nad us rhuirn llisdhas rusnain naanr fa sunnaiddan ereailrd uis faruyan ledaiulr eln uis Infasaier Sdedar. Ufnedar wairr fa fsuyainan sariresrirr. Elsuida err sulrairlan llrudairre esnr ail arsusd ull Lrrhisdhe Ûrdhure; err ralaserr eln Vaisasuirrr fa saenirr llus dhaais usnasr.

Id air uis rifsana faraiall eln ufshasdaiya dhed ulrirr e suldsurran raraiul ull nanaisedan, sunfadald eln errasdaiya llussa, llirrirr sefefra du fudh risyaiya enyasraidirr eln llairhd fesc ereailrd rifshiredaiul waidh allllasdaiya eln awier yaiuralsa, air efra du effsuesh dha fesenairn ull raenasrhaif eln rasyaidina ail e nier eln naelailrllir llerhaiul. Ar rulr er runa esa wuryar eln runa esa rhaaf dhasa wairr erweirrr fa dirrsellirr, sarairdelsa air llidaira. Ill ayasirrula sel sreain dhaais uwl llsaanun firr whedayas naelr fsuyainan lediser du dhaais ailrdailsdr eln sirdunr whaira hesfuisailr dha naelailrllir fsunaira ull yaiurald sulllsuldedaiul ail enyasraidirr, dhal shirdaisa eln llidisa fsurfasaidirr wairr fa uisr.

Ois funaiar, nailnr eln arralsar esa er ula waidh uis yarrarr; uis frirrsha furrarrar e llusir eln yairaiul dhed dselrsalnr dha urn rif-rairhd rainaidedaiulr ull elirr rdes-llesailr susfusedaiul, furaidaiser us sarairaiuir funirr. Ois dhuirhdr eln naanr esa rfsaen essurr dha rsufa ull e dhuireln rilr eln rdesr, uis nsaenr eln naraisar esa alefran firr ufrsisa dashlururirr eln esiaidirr-fuurdailr enerrenedaiul waidh hirrnsulaiin efdaidina eln uzul esseirrr. Wa esa dha ferd, dha fsarald eln dha llidisa. Wa sel fa e llussa ull yaisdiuirlarr us ailaiwiaidirr, wa sel uyasrhenuw dha yasirr rdesr eln alrreya freladr. Os wa sel fsaec dha rhescrar ull dsenaidaiuler rainaidedaiulr eln dsirirr caisc dha sulyaldaiuler sirdunr ull raldaiald ainfasaierairn llusayas ail e rrusaiuir rseddasailr du feaild uis nsaenr ail serailr suruisr essurr dha yasirr rdes-llrilr haeyalr!

Ildarsaidirr eln Suyasaairldirr
Uv'azhua Za'alhcthaeeha Shioxhuth K'u||

>>BioEncrypted Personal Communications| Dedicated Atemporal-Hiveband<<
>>Transmission Location: Leviathan O'ognathatlzo Eththotsha<<
>>Security: Imperial| Secure level: Trusted<<
>>Elysium System: Ayenee: Surrune<<
||Restricted data||
>> CC: Admiral Zahor Cthanyll, Admiral Poma Hikaru. Admiral Eydis Zavaleta, ViceRoy Varuna’Zu Kanthu, ViceRoy Thavath D’sker, ViceRoy Ûlethga Lacthasa, ViceRoy Ruze Mabada, ViceRoy Alcohost Yothazst, Admiral Nyaclatsa Ulhath, Commander Ke'hylhu Abhclagua, General Ttogatsa Shillsa, General Ethbha Ttogua,GeneralUlhetguaZc'hoeltha,Emperor Clashiga Ikhlalhu, Prince Apthatto Ikhlalhu, Prince A'atho Ikhlalhu, Marquis Tshalatto Lateptsha, Marquis Chlulhu Shighatsa, President Tshalaet Nhanyhe, President Ulhûl Tshadthtep, Duke Elgnya Thepllel, Admiral Uulikhzha Thanyacla, Admiral Tl-tocla Bhaepblo, ViceRoy Ûlguan'yo Shihepsa, Earl Uululh Ug-lehgua, Prince Ckhgagua Gaethuln, Admiral Thattozc'ho Tepsaûl, General Tto Emclatho, Emperor Shicthacla Eehettto, Admiral Epll Khlaeltho, President Ûlnhaem Tshathaath, Admiral Xon Galkan, ViceRoy Cthaûl Ttozha.

With heavy saluations I welcome you all,

What has turned into a brief redirection of our entire agenda to ensure the success of your Prince, and his blessed coronation has been unfortunately delayed. Within this correspondence, I have provided visual authentic copies of the outgoing broadcasts, the interception of messages being relayed to a Yamatai Star Empire, a former associate known to me, Airwin/Tetsuya Eitan now known as Airwin Caeyara. The propaganda spilled from the attached messages and broadcasts are evidence of these claims, it is well-known knowledge that I do not have any interest in Ayenee nor its core worlds. I have no desire to sit upon a throne and rule a pebble that for eons has been raided, raped, threatened and harvested that it no longer holds the sentient value it once did.

It is merely the landlord harbouring old ghosts that I care not to disturb. Our war goals are reasonable and limited, responding only in retribution, we don’t declare wars of extermination and campfire clap along with them for entire decades while these upstarts huddle together like cowards and hypocrites. Our current position is a defensive one. I am however pushing forth all permissions to use required force until our needs are met or should further sordid deeds be committed against our beloved nations and our Imperial States. Updates will be provided regularly. Enroute all consigned flotilla arms in escort of Lllhuctha Ûlthoga; all generals and Viceroys be ready for their orders.

It is our supreme belief and objective that only a controlled legion of dedicated, competent and assertive force, fully capable to both survive adversity and fight back against subjugation with effective and equal violence, is able to approach the paradigm of leadership and servitude in a dual and meaningful fashion. As long as some are wolves and some are sheep there will always be tyranny, resistance is futile. If everyone can claim their own freedom by whatever means provided natural to their instincts and customs while harbouring the meaningful promise of violent confrontation in adversity, then justice and future prosperity will be ours.

Our bodies, minds and essences are as one with our vessels; our psyche possesses a focus and vision that transcends the old sub-light limitations of any star-faring corporation, political or religious body. Our thoughts and deeds are spread across the scope of a thousand suns and stars, our dreams and desires are enabled by obscure technology and acuity-boosting amalgamation with hydronium aptitude and oxon arrays. We are the past, the present and the future. We can be a force of virtuousness or iniquity, we can overshadow the very stars and enslave planets. Or we can break the shackles of traditional limitations and truly kick the conventional customs of sentient imperialism forever in a glorious scattering to paint our dreams in raging colours across the very star-flung heavens!

Integrity and Sovereignty
Empress Xytrinah Shioxhuth Kiri

Not since these exotic pleasures rested in the palm of hand and within a few short moments, the first wave of cruisers would exit hyperspace and stake yet another claim on a world prominent of gluttony and filth. Soon, the Apophis Hives, Bombers and Super Capitals (Leviathans) would arrive, bringing these untutored cretins steadfastly under the iron fist of the Ngahakzhan domination. First steps within this system had been the colonization and stated "liberated" citizenship of the Norian people, and claiming back what was theirs, sadly the simpletons had now turned it into a matter that would not receive a simple resolution.


Merely to take a few minutes, it took less so to walk along the shores of Lake Xatalyn -- but it did happen from time to time over these past lingering evenings- Xytrinah was nothing but a shadow, standing within the darkness that followed close behind moonless nights, for that was the only time she sought out the world. And then she would walk, seeming to be in some pointless daze, but all travel ended within range of the same location. She always came to watch the turbulent waters that twisted and turned in the place where a humble river, with strong and quick undercurrents, came crashing into the constantly shoving waves of the massive lake deep within the belly of the O'ognathatlzo Eththotsh . Anyone that dared walk along its perilous and hungry depths that happened to spy upon the lone figure on the beach would certainly think that she was nothing more than a ghost -- some lost spirit that had been consumed, coming out only as far as their watery grave allowed.

And they wouldn’t be terribly off the mark -- would they?

But she was not here to see the water. She cared little for the way the currents danced together and the way they warred against each other, and the echoes of whirlpools that spun and spun just below the surface. She did not care for any of that. Rather, she came to stand watch and ensure herself that one of the beings most loathed to her remained forever trapped under the insurmountable weight of the sea. Xytrinah would come here to listen to the painfully slow echos of a barely living heart, and when she was certain that the owner, of the said heartbeat, had not moved -- then she departed again. This time though, Xytrinah lingered longer, her nigresent eyes scathing the volatile surface.

Heavy and powerful things happened in the darkness -- murder and treachery tended to occur most in the shadows cast by the brightest light. But it was corruption that had weighed down on her, for there was beauty and mystery and wonder in the darkness, like the warm, dusky shadows of the womb where life was created and nurtured. But they had all forgotten. And like the safety of sacred hollowness where life was created, so had the entirety of the universe been born - the inky waters of the abyss. It was not some evil and wicked place, far from it. The dark rivers of the void had always been soothing to her. Everything surrounding her respired in a sigh, it whispered, told her their most archaic of secrets, it sung songs of glory, of loss, of love and sorrow; of things it possibly could not know, and even though in most parts of the meanings and experiences of those emotions she lacked the empathy for- it was still felt deep within....

The memories, the reminder of human failure and even the failure of the divine beings that were supposed to guide and nurture these shatterable races. They no longer existed, and it was a travesty to witness the world below governed by such schlemiel beings. Perhaps it was the time for the punishment of these races as predicted; they had long become a persistent pain taking a devastating effect on all life and even the energies of the land they thrived upon, selfish, self-entitled, egotistical, awaiting their destined death. A guttural and primordial reverberation escaped from deep within her epitome along with haunting high sequenced melody that echoed throughout the archaic leviathan- and accompanied by the low murmurs and scratching howls singing through the voidic tapestries.

Awaiting the arrival of Tal'Aester Aurelia Eitan. A moment of solitude and clarity was very well needed, dismissing her inner conflicts with an audible melody of annoyance with a sharp pronounced click of her tongue twixt obsidian apertures. Extending her awareness and energies to the outside the war-born Leviathan, to coil and ebb upon the frozen recess of space- rendering her body in a form of stasis. A colossal singularity engulfing everything around it, from planets, stars and even solar systems in a nebulous orchidaceae and blackish vapour. A personal greeting offering a U'rstholloshan blessing of sorts. The spike of Asune Dimensional energy within the system caused a dark chuckle to emerge upon her awakening. Much like the boy who cried wolf, the source of their rebuke was now a cruel reality.

>>BioEncrypted| Dedicated Sequenced Atemporal-Hiveband<<
>>Security: Imperial| Secure level: Trusted<<
>>ISANN Scorn's Rage<< ||Personal Communication: Tal'Aester Aurelia Eitan||
>>Transmission Location: Leviathan O'ognathatlzo Eththotsha<<
>>Signature: Empress Xytrinah Shioxhuth Kiri<<

Welcome to the Elysium Spiral,

I hope your entry met with no complications or galactic girl guides selling space biscuits. It's uncertain what to expect these days within this system. Your arrival was definitely a colourful and well deserved one, a guiding light amongst the awaiting and eager jaws waiting for another idiotic broadcast.

With such unpleasantries set aside for the moment, shall we breach this distance and comune? I am more than happy to attend your vessel in the company of my husband and son; this would be my honour.... or you are welcome to accompany me here upon the O'ognathatlzo Eththotsha and I can show you a living Uachauguthlian relic of our glorious nation.

Integrity and Sovereignty
Empress Xytrinah Shioxhuth Kiri

Exiting the lone shores of Lake Xatalyn in search for both her husband and son, sending forth her words through the dark vespers that they shared. "I msixi ehxeiv sihv zissiriv Tsis'Aisil Aelisesi Eesih i vessess zem es mi rsiils msi msixi ixihesiiv ephih Aithihii sihv ih sielsi phlixevi siri ehseshm sis i zmsi es isissith shiehsh ih, sis ithie ziss hiz mi sielsi ih siss mes hihsihsi msis sirriv hlir ehhilrsieih smsiliv sihv sissiiv hlir zmsi zsis sihhelriv msi sihv I weii hlir mes CEO Csirsilithh Wmei, "mi Ysirsisie Ssil Erpheli flii es sihsh sesihsi", mih helmil sivvs msi smi msis philsihsissith sihhelriv mi xsiseveith ih mes zsilhehsh sihv xileheiv e? Vileheiv hlir zmi? Bissiesi e es hizs i ri. Be zi ssih rsii miel hisils si millefsi lisiseith. I sir weei seli zi hiz zmi es fimehv mes sis-phephphilith. I smsiss sizsie ithiel sirphsihith zemeh mi Ueseesi-im siwesileer siehshi."

["I have invited and welcomed Tal'Aester Aurelia Eitan to discuss with us the matters that have eventuated upon Ayenee and of course provide some insight as to what is exactly going on, as you well know the source of all this nonsense has stemmed from information shared and located from what was confirmed that and I quote from this CEO Camaryn White, "the Yamatai Star Empire broke its long silence", then further adds that she has personally confirmed the validity of this warning and verified it? Verified from who? Because it is news to me. But we can make their fears a horrible reality. I am quite sure we know who is behind this sock-puppetry. I shall await your company within the Uuluule-eh aquarium lounge."]

Not attempting to conceal the distant mannerism, or the venoms that had enforced an intoxicating sway within political stratagem-- where webs had been around many congresses and senates. Standing there looking out through the monolithic vertical portholes, motionless like the portrait of the silver moon beneath the cold chrysochrous sun where darkness and the hues of russet embers of dying worlds whispered their laments to the voids. Brushing back a long wayward strand of ebony which fell to obscure her features continuing the walk to the appointed designation. The lounge a new section being constructed. Observing the rhombus tanks as they began to fill with water, signatory of the Niaythian Species. Having always held a passion for the Ocean Worlds. Certainly, a rare treat to behold, an honour even, and the pleasure obvious by the glint in her seductive starless eyes and added delicious camber of lips.

Kneeling to the right side of an instrument craved from Cryharenkoite, an unusual reflective mineral that swirled like dying stars within the cosmos. Digits ornamented with the three black gold plectrums (thumb and the first two fingers), then stylishly with artistic poise and fluidly plucking at the strings, till they produced the most otherworldly tune—an alien sorrow. The delicacy of her haunting music, from an instrument none had ever seen, the Si'ai'assi'ar Hi'asz [Saatthan ‘Lute ‘—similar to that of the Japanese Koto]. As if playing for the creatures that glanced back at her. Black silk robe flowed behind and around the statuesque structure of svelte form like a second shadow, and the gold decorations of embroidered blossoms on its folds glinted in the faint light. Tresses of jet and midnight cascaded down the length of spine, iridescent yet so dark that it was indistinguishable from the robe.

There she would await, and attempt to soothe the disquieting tides.


The Ancient One
Staff member
Koshiro had been on the bridge since they had returned from the surface of Ayenee. It didn't take an order of their finest scientists to come to the easy observation that held his mood, the man fumed and seethed to very depths of the wells of his immense influence. Clothed in the ceremonious uniform of their highest orders and yet adjusted to his own personal tastes he held a domineering and unwavering presence upon the command deck, the platinum echelons that climbed the mandarin-style collar of his jacket caught the gleam of the cyberpunkish blue and dark violet hue of the various screens and interfaces. It was rare that his mood was fouler than that of his beloved and that spoke volumes as to foreshadow the extent of what was to come. It was a life-saving measure that the approaching Norians had associations with Eitans that had not been connected to the works of its previous governments, had then been he undoubtedly would have erased them upon their exit from FTL. Everyone felt like a discussion, another communication, and yet he had eviscerated the overseer of this Federated Technologies plenty of times within the mental landscapes of his sheer bitterness towards the unworthy being that felt the need to be like a mutt and drag its ass across the operational theatre of his son's rising. He observed in the moments prior to the arrival of one Aurelia Eitan, the return of his son Minjun from the surface from Ayenee. The tensile chords of stress reverberated within his being as the emotional energies seemed to manifest in a sour taste upon his tongue, that vicious fermentation of harbingers of death within his own mind birthed.

The overtures of babes which sobbed about invasion or whatever they had painted it had now had a real problem on their hands. For now, those swarms of contacts that undoubtedly appeared upon their primitive sensory screens gave way to making those misguided dreams come true. Koshiro could have cared less about the impending involvement of Airwin, he figured the cockroach would wriggle free from the rubble eventually. No, what angered him was the need to bring his son back up and disrupt the path Minjun had embarked upon. Since there had to be at least one more session of subjective important communication he had begun to accumulate his own tome of tales and evidence. The mention of Yamatai piqued his interest and furthermore this corporation that went bellowing the horn of war, he didn't want to talk about it he wanted to bathe in the radioactive lagoons of their homeworlds torn asunder. The fuckening had been just that much the reasons didn't matter to him and the arrival of Aurelia felt like a blessing too late, hopefully, she and Aerum being few within that Ysi he still had an inkling of respect for.

The entire landscape of the situation which had begun to bring itself to light made him want to pick up Unya and Morggho's containment orbs and shake them like a snow globe to further scramble the delusions of godhood. To him these other species and their collective nations were like pigs squealing in the pen as they were tossed sludge to be fattened for the butcher, only he wanted to taunt them further. The pendulum swing that made him and his wife work made way for independent thought and analysis, she unshielded would feel the vile crawl of his birthrate within him, that supercharged swell of exotic energies as he sought which filament to spark and detonate like a bomb into whatever diplomacy hatched in what were the wee hours of what he considered to be perhaps the final end of this chapter of interactions. There were more pressing matters to attend and much like his wife as far as he was concerned so long as their colonial bodies were secure, he didn't fancy the waiting for CEO whatever his or her name was to deal well on a promise to bring the system into conflict. The survival of another branch of the Eitan family though and one unconnected from the fetched dreams of Tetsuya, now that deserved at least a golf clap. It was fun to see who went to bed with who when it came to aggression and conflict and sometimes even peace. The arrival of that group of ships Aurelia brought well that didn't require a translator and hopefully a triggered party would emerge guns blazing without a single cognitive thought. It amused him to think of how the dialog would go when maybe details such as the factions who facilitated the defection of an Admiral turned slut Kore Hyteria. Someone at least had to fog the inside of a viewport and draw a little smile for what nuggets of truth this new arrival brought and for him that was about all that just held his hand back from turning Ayenee into a debris field, after all, they had been blamed for the destruction of Noria. It was important the carpet matched the drapes.

Maybe the arrival of more of their forces in the system would encourage the powers that be to shit or get off the pot. Sometimes the fiscal responsibility of being the higher power made imagined delights hard to reach. Then again he had a mild shit to give for the colonists and people on the surface caught in the middle of whatever it was. Maybe the arrival of another Norian faction could do them a favor in terms of scraping the remnants of the MERN from cities they had no business being in at the first instance. He replied to his love's notice through the vesper bond, a lengthy-expression of dramatic fatigue made it all a little bit too obvious as to how he felt, |"I am on my way to the lounge. Our son has returned so I will meet with him first and bring him with me. I hope that my mercy in regards to Aurelia and who she is and who she was is fruitful and does not lead to my further disappointment. I find myself furious with the current course of events."| The picture that transmission held was embued with callous emotion and just a taste of how angry he was. |"Our son and I will join you shortly,"| he confirmed for the sake of clarity.

Koshiro's boot falls left the bridge as he caught the lift car to dive into the depths of their true ancient benefactor to meet with their son in anticipation of this conference to come.
ISANN Scorn's Rage
Ayenee System

Aurelia crossed the launch bay toward the shuttle which would take her to the Leviathan to meet with Empress Xytrinah. She assumed that other members of the Kiri Ysi would be included as well. She was about to ascend the ramp onto the shuttle when she notice Ensign Leidela in a quick sprint toward her. She paused and turned to face her as she approached, "Yes Ensign, What is it? Did you reach Nira?" she asked. The ensign handed her a g-pad and said, "No Ma'am, I reached someone else and this is for your eyes only. You should read it before you get over there. It might help." Aurelia took the pad and gave a gentle nod before she turned and continued onto the shuttle. The shuttle took off from the flight deck and headed over to the Leviathan which she had been invited.

The Director silently examined the information on the G-pad, then encrypted the contents and slipped it into her bag with the rest of her gear and other pads. As the shuttle slipped through space the reply to the last message was sent.

Encrypted Communication - ISANN Protocol

To: Your Majesty Xytrinah @Xytrinah
From: ISANN Director, Tal'Aester Aurelia Eitan

Greetings Empress Xytrinah,

No trouble on the way in. I accept your invitation and I am inbound with optimism that we will benefit from the opportunity to meet without distance between us.

Signed Respectfully,
Tal'Aester Aurelia Eitan
Director of the Imperial Systems Ascendancy of Noria Navy
ISAAN Scorns Rage

As the shuttle flew towards the Leviathan O'ognathatlzo Eththotsha, Aurelia stared out the window of the shuttle and watched as the starfield drifted past in the distance. She took a moment and a deep breath as she sought to compose herself and calm the quake of her nerves within. The information the Ensign passed on brought about a personal change to the situation and one she was not sure how the members of the Kiri delegation would react to. Leave it to the foolish to wake a sleeping giant; it was best to let the dead sleep. The shuttle made its final approach and followed the instructions for landing. Aurelia rose from the seat and grabbed her bag after a quick check of her uniform. She stood at the open airlock of the shuttle and waited to be greeted.


Orocrmedeom soldiers a line two across and ten in length proceeded Xytrinah as she made her way down the walkway towards the docks, her detail falling into a staggered line formation at either side allowing her to pass through the centre towards Tal'Aester Aurelia Eitan who stood within the open airlock. Each soldier stopped immediately in in sync to her; their forms a twisted mess of humanoid and arachnid chitlin, jet black armoured bodies, eyes burning like dying stars within the blackness of the most primal darkness. Endo-arachnidic reverberations echoed through the dark chamber. a cold and emotionless air followed, and shadows continuously moved in the plethoric threads beneath Xytrinah's heels.

Offering a sincere smile across dark hyacinth hued apertures, "Well met, Tal'Aester Aurelia Eitan!" majestic features declining in noble obeisance in reflection of the greeting ushered in the proper dialect. "O'ognathatlzo Eththotsha welcomes you also." Gesturing with her hand to accompany at her side. "My honoured and beloved family will join us in the Uuluule-eh aquarium lounge. I find it peaceful to me." Xytrinah's voice although mellifluous it also bore the reputation of a dark siren with its foreboding undertones and accents. "I wish we were reunited under better circumstances. Aurelia. May you be a light in these gloaming hours."

Dressed in the elaborate Imperial Urstholloshan military regalia, the labradorescence tailored uniform fitting her lithe contours. Even the insignia of her station and medals swirled with strange nebulas and dark sentience from long forgotten places. Xytrinah didn't articulate anything further, all things would be discussed in more fitting quarters where Koshiro and Minjun were soon to arrive. There was much to be considered in all hindsight of the situation, and despite the unrest of the beast within to be unleashed she had been able to keep it tethered despite the rattling of the cage.

Elegantly turning to leave the way she had entered, and in accompany with their escort until they dissipated, the inner walls of the leviathan appeared to waver, physical forms blurring and bleeding into new and meaningless shapes as this continued in brief interwoven spirals until the location had changed all together to the designated meeting place. Chosen not only because of its beauty but also its serene tranquillity.


The room was pure opulent, dimly lit by an uncanny twilight hue and black flame scones that decorated the walls betwixt masterpieces of alien triptych and curious artefacts, exotic, disturbing and enigmatic creations. Viewport arches that looked out upon an internal ocean were curtained with pleated hangings of black velvet, embroidered with orchids in midnight thread, deeply hued violet and amethyst silk and satin lounges and ottomans. Candles of dark emerald, the flames silver buds, the holders' skeletal creatures of blackened brass howling open-jawed to the ceiling, from which rise the tapering wax of the candles; their claws of antique gold, like curls of the moon, cut deeply into the polished ebony-like wood of the table upon which they rest.

Behind them, shifting through the briny grotto alongside Orcinus aquatics, the Niaythian loomed, their semiaquatic vaguely humanoid shapes seemed chiselled badly out of proportion with their scenic background. Androgynous in gender, their muscular stature with clawed and scaly body with rudimentary wings; ridged back exhibiting many rows of large chitin venomous spines- their black and bluish flesh obviously not made out of ordinary known matter. Reservedly they appeared to be paying a kind of homage to the observers.

Already placed upon the shimmering surface of their table was a selection of beverages and food platters. Of course, prepared for those in mind, a combination of Norian and Uachauguthlan delicacies displaying a field of lavish sweetness and savouries: the sustenance for mind, body and spirit. Fluted trenchers of pale pewter, presenting plump porcine peaches, royal purple grapes among other fruits the hues of radiant mauve to that of a sickly, deathly white. Fired clay bowls filled with orient pears, apples to temp the virtuous, emerald as the eyes of a seductress, or rubied gowns of bountiful harlots grown satiated and anaesthetized by the saccharine nectars of opium and aphrodisiac.

Two slim, towering cruets of white and red wine, Xiolthi & Ctiorvi on opposite ends of the table, stood like silent sentinels. Saathan crystal-glass grails, inlaid with immemorial scenes of marauding creatures of deep space upon their mirrored sides, as if imprinted by magic. Its contents spilt in tortuous rivulets like the lives of hapless holocausts, and lastly, the frangrant ambiance incensed the room, an ethereal smoky bouquet of tea, 'L'thra Ll'tara' (Orchid Tea) with black crystal gaiwans,

A server waited to the side silently for instruction as to what the pleasure of consumption would be, the nonhumanoid stood in elegant attire, androgenous in appearance yet bore no real physical attributes of distinguishable features. Manifesting itself malignly by inexplicable variations of darkness and vapour. Only to be waved to leave by a delicate swift motion of dainty hand. With a deep bow, the being left in the same silence. Sitting upon one of the plush amethystine lounges, Xytrinah's glance like smouldering black jewels reflecting in the sun never left the beautiful woman before her, not even to partake in the admiration of the strange divine creatures of the deep beyond the crystalline vats. Moving forward to pour the 'L'thra Ll'tara' tea, the rich black liquid fused with the most delicious and decadent aromic wisps danced towards the senses. Euphoric.

Taking a dainty sip of the brew and offering to pour one for her guest.
"My husband and son will be joining us in a few minutes." Wishing for these moments to enjoy before discussion became more formal. "Aurelia. Would you like some tea, or would you prefer something much stronger?" Spoken congenially as if to soothe the nature of the meeting.
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O'ognathatlzo Eththotsha​

Tst'satha Docking Sector​

Koshiro had simmered slightly during his transit to the docking sector to meet with his son. They had already shared an exchange of words when the call had come to return amid operations on the surface of Ayenee. The arrival of Aurelia had brought a twist to the events that had begun to unfold and the Emperor could not help but feel as if there was a certain obligation to that small population of Norians that lived as citizens under their flag. The only reason this Eitan even survived this long was that she was one of the ones who had not been party to the actions of the others. It was a bit of a welcomed distraction to think about what the next steps would be as diplomacy took the table. The other thoughts were more of the family though as his son's plans had just become disturbed because once again some third party felt the need to pretend they were more potent than they were. "Huv vara sremsk duvm srara?" {"How were things down there?"} Koshiro asked as they walked, "Yuir kusrar omd I dmuv aeui'ra vrubobrae mus srrerrad os baems corrad iv rara em sra keddra uk es, bis sremsk roqa raocrad om ekvokka," {"Your mother and I know you're probably not thrilled at being called up here in the middle of it, but things have reached an impasse,"} he explained as he walked next to his and Xytrinah's son. The majesty of O'ognathatlzo was breathtaking even in the service sectors where complex structures put function ahead of aesthetics and yet held their ancient beauty. They didn't need to hurry to reach the aquarium lounge, Xytrinah was more than capable of handling a few moments with a delegate.

"Yui dum's maad su axvroem. Is ek uk mu kirvreka su ka sros aqamsk roqa sodam vroca, I com's rarv bis kaar sros somsebra sis ok sra kobrec uk sra qarka omd quedk kuqa oruimd ik. I raqeavad sra bruodcoks omd I com aokerae krora sra deksoksa aeui omd aeuir kusrar roqa kur es. Yas ok I verr vuems uis, mu krevk roqa orreqad omd sra umrae kurcak va roqa amcuimsarad um sra kirkoca ora kurkar MERN rakmomsk kurruvems sra daod urdark uk Aervem. Tra emkirs uk es sruisr duakm's vokk ka,"{"You don't need to explain. It is of no surprise to me that events have taken place, I can't help but feel that tangible tug as the fabric of the verse and voids move around us. I reviewed the broadcast and I can easily share the distaste you and your mother have for it. Yet as I will point out, no ships have arrived and the only forces we have encountered on the surface are former MERN remnants following the dead orders of Airwin. The insult of it though doesn't pass me,"} Minjun said as they walked the corridors through the tunnels beneath one of the military cities within the Leviathan. "Dum's soda um sra vurrae obuis kae raocseum su baems kikkumad, I ok o Premca omd aeuir kum omd I axvacs sros aeui omd Musrar verr corr um ka ok I ok maadad. Nus su kamseum oksar uir dekcikkeumk vraqeuikrae I dmuv srara ora usrar kossark su ba dekcikkad, kur axokvra, srek vukom va axvacs sra Sram su kamd em ruvak uk kae raorsksremsk su ba sraer qamia kur karcae. I kirrae emsamd su soda um aeuir omd kusrar'k odqeca vram sra seka cukak, kae dakera su koda busr aeui omd rar vruid uisvaesrk omaesrems arka,"{"Don't take on the worry about my reaction to being summoned, I am a Prince and your son and I expect that you and Mother will call on me as I am needed. Not to mention after our discussions previously I know there are other matters to be discussed, for example, this woman we expect the Shen to send in hopes of my heartstrings to be their venue for mercy. I fully intend to take on your and mother's advice when the time comes, my desire to make both you and her proud outweighs anything else,"} he continued as they traversed the extensive network toward one of the high-speed transit trains.

The emperor couldn't help but shake his head, "I verr kvora aeui sra crecra uk kuka racsira um sra maad su kurruv aeuir raors. Truisr I'k kira aeuir kusrar vuirdm's roqa aqam amsarsoemad sra edao uk o Sram cuirsems ek kra ded mus roqa os raoks om emdrems uk emkesrs emsu rar ovvruqor. As sra kukams I kaar kurrae kur omaeuma vru crukkak rar, es'k mus rord su kekk sra qarakams axvrakkeum uk emmar vurdemsk srruisr uir bumdk. Trek bruodcoks ek kaam ok o crorramsa omd es ek ossroqosems kur omae baems uk omae cukvukeseum su mus kaar reda sraae'qa baam kresrsad em sra obkamca uk omae ocsior ocseum. Wa'ra ikad su o kicr resrar ksomdord aqam em uir karacseum uk odqarkoreak. I dum's sremd srek mav vurk vessrems kruk sra russam buvark uk Aaeamaa ur vraraqar es cukak kruk rok omae imdarksomdems uk vruka baems sraae'qa emkirsad. Tram osoem I kemd kaekark imobra su kroda sra kaarems sros Taskiaeo rok vuqam o vab omd srek ek iiks o krae sros vessrad ruuka um esk amdaoqur. Amusrar kod emkacs bizzems em uir aork omd qarae ressra su ksomd em krums uk, usrarveka es vuird ba rara. Mae kum sraka cuvordk roqa koda o sroqa arrur omd es koaeba rok cumdakmad kura srom iiks srak su o qarae bessar cumcrikeum vram srek ek orr uqar,"{"I will spare you the cliche of some lecture on the need to follow your heart. Though I'm sure your mother wouldn't have even entertained the idea of a Shen courting if she did not have at least an inkling of insight into her approval. At the moment I feel sorry for anyone who crosses her, it's not hard to miss the vehement expression of inner workings through our bonds. This broadcast is seen as a challenge and it is aggravating for any being of any composition to not feel like they've been slighted in the absence of any actual action. We're used to a much higher standard even in our selection of adversaries. I don't think this new worm wiggling from the rotten bowels of Ayenee or wherever it comes from has any understanding of whose being they've insulted. Then again I find myself unable to shake the feeling that Tetsuya has woven a web and this is just a fly that wiggled loose on its endeavor. Another sad insect buzzing in our ears and very little to stand in front of, otherwise it would be here. My son these cowards have made a grave error and it maybe has condemned more than just them to a very bitter conclusion when this is all over,"} when they entered the Imperial lift that had been designated through the system for them to ensure their privacy he took a seat.

Minjun nodded in acknowledgment of his father's words and began to prepare himself for this meeting, "Wros uk srek Nureom vru rok cuka? Ik kra ek imcummacsad su sra ocseum uk Aervem omd sra usrark, sram vros ek rar virvuka? A kreamd ur o kua? Eqarae seka va daor vesr sra Eesom Yke I com soksa sra bessarmakk uk vros aeui'qa soisrs ka. Ik Musrar em osraakams?"{"What of this Norian who has come? If she is unconnected to the action of Airwin and the others, then what is her purpose? A friend or a foe? Every time we deal with the Eitan Ysi I can taste the bitterness of what you've taught me. Is Mother in agreement?"} he questioned.

"Sra ek sra uma vru vok korread su Scurm, sra uma aeui omd aeuir kusrar ossamdad sra kimaror kur. I roqa su odkes I dum's komcae o dekcikkeum uk kae okkikvseqa cuirka srruisr devrukocae,"{"She is the one who was married to Scorn, the one you and your mother attended the funeral for. I have to admit I don't fancy a discussion of my assumptive course through diplomacy,"} Koshiro said with a bit of a chuckle that followed, "I kaar I koae aqam kirvreka omd krucd aeuir kusrar vesr sra cuirka I emsamd su soda. I kosruk srek vukom rok o cromca su vukkebrae kukaruv vis resrs vros rok baam vrumsad, bis os sra koka seka va roqa uir uvm moseumk omd vreureseak su sremd uk, ku omae emqurqakams kruk ik ek suems su cuka vesr sra okkiromca sros va bamakes kruk es. Oir disae ek su uir uvm, vrecr emcridak uir uvm vuviroseum uk Nureomk. Wa verr kaa vros kra rok su koae omd su kruk srara, bis I verr maqar bremdrae sriks sros kuka kurca uk vkaecrurusecor sokak ek mus vrakams,"{"I feel I may even surprise and shock your mother with the course I intend to take. I fathom this woman has a chance to possibly somehow put right what has been wronged, but at the same time we have our own nations and priorities to think of, so any involvement from us is going to come with the assurance that we benefit from it. Our duty is to our own, which includes our own population of Norians. We will see what she has to say and go from there, but I will never blindly trust that some force of psychological games is not present,"} he offered in a very firm tone.

I will have Koshrio and Minjun enter the lounge next post. Cheers.
Aurelia was probably a little different than Xytrinah expected, her lithe Vespan Norian build was noticeably more sturdy than the Lorenzian or Aelantian type. Her long pink hair was tucked back over the pointed tip of her ears. She made a graceful bow forward as she returned the address of the woman, "Empress Xytrinah, I am honored to meet you and I look forward to our conversations." O'ognathatlzo Eththotsha would be the first true Ancient Leviathan she had ever set foot on. Aurelia had spent her life on Norian Leviathans but they were all biologically engineered and were not as complex. "I am grateful to O'ognathatlzo Eththotsha for being my host, I am in awe of its structure," she said in compliment of their host.

She joined Xytrinah and kept pace beside her as they traveled towards their destination. She observed the interiors of O'ognathatlzo Eththotsha further. She felt as if she could get lost exploring its interiors indefinitely. Each section was like a new world to discover and the decor was completely unmatched. She wondered what the capabilities of the Leviathan were because even as beautiful as they were it was clear that they were more than capable in warfare. She was about to ask a question but they transitioned into the Aquarium lounge and she was overwhelmed by the ornate and intricate structure. "Beautiful..." she commented absently as she looked around and took it all in.

"Please, something stronger. I feel I am going to need it," she said at the offer of tea. "I will be honored to meet your son and husband, I am familiar with them by works alone," she offered a pleasant smile as she began to familiarize herself with this new environment around her. "I am in awe of this place it is marvelous and filled with splendor. You have impeccable tastes Empress," she said in compliment.

Being that Koshiro and Minjun had yet to arrive, Aurelia felt this might be a good time to inform Xytrinah of what she had learned on the flight over. "In the meantime, while we wait there is a matter I think you should be aware of," she began to explain, "while searching the planet for Nira, one of my communications specialists received another transmission." Aurelia was unsure of how to break this news as she didn't know how she felt about it herself, "It would appear the chancellor, Adrin Eitan is alive. I'm not sure why or how but he answered the hail that was for Nira," she folded her hands in front of herself still a little conflicted herself about it all.


The demiurge's form of life wasn’t as simple as ‘translated’ life: not determined from a particular species as the essence of what it meant to be a ‘termed’ species-- it was nature genetically altered-- Reincarnated, incarnated, genetic or sublime. It was far from the understanding of any basic creature or lifeform, unable even to grasp a thread of it. A nightmare embodiment, a reflection of multidimensional artistry of the natural realm. Understood as utterly subordinate to, utterly exhausted by, the twinned theories that existence merely associated to the drives of survival and procreation. Habitually and foolishly thought as being nothing more than an entity with no substantial consistency, which is in itself was a theory of chaos nothing but confusion. A hypothesis acquired a definite shape only when looked upon from a scientific or religious standpoint distorted by the overlooker's, superstitious, desires and fears - as such, as a mere 'shadow of what it is not'. Shadow, the strange object which is nothing but the inscription of the subject itself into the field of objects. The guise of a stain acquired by a form only when part of this field is anamorphically distorted by the shedding of light eclipsed by a solid structure.

In time, as these 'ideals' spread throughout the universe, they could come to abandon their creator's agenda. Preferring effortless communion with their own kind to the laborious conquest of organic, planetary life or creating the perfect subterfuge in with to not be categorized, nor did it thwart the ability to reproduce by re-creation or re-birthing themselves, indefinitely. In individual logic, it had been a measly axiom to speak about the evocative influence of speech or simple thought of reflection. The bygone efficiency of delicately woven mantra and cantrip had been there all along, whispered over sanguine lips. Fluency in motion, of alchemic formulas, equation manipulations and arcane invocation-- long had they become a fabled metaphor. Dreadful realism inspired and may still motivate such concepts of fear and dread, seemingly forgotten to these thralls of war... comfortable in the purpose of their beliefs and art? Or as shown below upon that gleaming rock of hypocrisy.

If they truly had the faith their fading honoured believed, surely in the face of adversary, their faith would bring them, home? Purely metaphoric, in order to instil a sense of emotion or reaction within these battle-torn toy soldiers... {honour}... {glory}... {pride}... {faith}. The nigromantia-tongue of expression was far more than just reminiscence or an allegory of old ghosts and hapless wraiths over the toast of destiny and intent: there had always been a higher design behind the reason. Permanent markings along the length of her arms were symbols which no one could possibly regard as being just a figurative speech or faith-symbolic fanaticism. The Urstholloshan's were true deadly fanatics fuelled by religion and unthwarted devotion, and would continually sacrifice themselves to serve the greater purpose.

The only difference which separated her from the later, was the passionate devotion held secretly within; one never ignorant to the inevitable fatality of her own being and choices. Never the puppet for another's wants of apocryphatic hedonism and emissary disguise; definitely not one trapped in false modesty—would they be so enlightened, and would they in turn be prepared to suffer? No creature on Ayenee had ever been a true believer, doubt sat shamelessly upon their crown, even when they declared it through beloved boons, pacts and oaths... uttered during promised victory. Her answer was there, unearthed in the coppery-incense of illumination; spicy as frankincense and sweeter than myrrh. Glory here had been transformed into something vain, and that any genuine power within that world had long been smothered by the untutored clouds of egocentric ceremony.

Ultimately, it all lead towards the downward spirals—it had been all too easy to play the primitive apprentice amongst them... and how easily ‘all’ had fallen to the rose, to her beauty and charisma. The rise of the victor in all her sublimity, ascended like the bleeding dawn of a birthed star illuminating ‘many’ lifetimes of darkness. Necrotic words of an unknown tongue were whispered with eerie intonation, devoid of all breath, grating against the echoes rising within the parlour. Accompanying lachrymose breath, a single brow to arch high, and a smirk lusted with wine for the returned response of an old friend’s heir—for a moment engrossed in repartee. "One should have a great faith in fools for at least they are consistent." (Speaking in the tongue of old Noria throughout the entirety of their meeting) Offering a slow and seductive wink where lashes brushed against flesh like the embrace of gentle wings in response to the mention of the Grand Chancellor. Pushing the tea aside and pouring Aurelia a black goblet full of Ctiorvi and then herself one.

Those words trailed off as if a somewhat sorrow was attached to them, disembodied and hidden behind the agenda to obscure it. Animatronic, wasn't the obvious play of the shadows gathering, creeping along the floor only to lap at the side of their Empress while other tendrils weaved throughout the room to gradually 'condense'-- the puppeteer not leading the souls astray, they were yet to serve their benign purpose; studying all in a closer scrutiny than what was obvious. Provocation of libertine stirred the hornet’s nest, just as her ravenesque tresses were caught in some 'unknown' zephyr, stroking back the rivulets from monochromatic features as dramatic fires reflected in deep within ebonized mirrors... "Fare thee well, and if evermore still.... then evermore, fare thee well." Raising her glass in a reflection of a salute.

It could usher no further response, and somethings were best left unsaid and tossed to the storms that echoed their names throughout the eons.

"I am not fully committed to any action or reaction here as yet, trivial creatures are so full of contradictions, however as I have ascertained previously, I have no interest in the shitshow that has forever been that pebble. To me it would be like killing animals to make a fashion statement. I am the least of their concerns... now" Traversing over sanguine lips came a knowing smirk, inspired upon who had dibs on what, and who would be killing who—in the end, it didn't matter regardless. "They won't even make it halfway up the stairs, let alone to the top. I have no interest in playing a careless vengeful god upon this world," Tilting her head, voidic eyes staring directly at the lovely woman, "Firmly and previously stated, I've no interest in these fleshworlds. I have no interest in a bunch of broken toy soldiers that have already abandoned their strategic positions to chase monsters, no less." Intonation sung with absolute amusement at the terminology of ‘monsters’, it showed the simplicity of these accusing races and how negligently naive they were.

Taking a delicate sip of the swirling ichor within the cup, its luminescent purplish hues, vaporous with a smoky and delicate plummy aroma, then abruptly changing the subject.
"O'ognathatlzo bows in appreciation of your admiration. Most of these within Elysium are not even our war leviathans... entirely... which just makes this situation all the more hilarious. I cannot wait to see their reactions when the war-born horrors cross the thresholds. She awaits her Prince, although. Minjun is not aware of the tribute." Canting her head to the side to admire the pink-haired woman silently, "I get my flamboyant meretricious tastes from my forebearers... mostly my progenitor, but gratitude for your appreciation in the beauty of our Empire. It is why I have no interest in Ayenee for I would much rather return home and celebrate with our Imperium the coronation of my son and spreading our influence over voids, dimensions, worlds and stars undreamt. Ayenee has forever been seen as droll in my eyes, although it holds fading nostalgia to me. The last known place of my father, before he disappeared. and I had always hoped he would resurface for I have much to tell him."

Xytrinah's eyes gleaming reminiscent of the starless night in the long blackness of time, "But enough of this bother, tell me of your victories, struggles and journeys Aurelia? It pains me if your next victory is cleaning up Airwin's dog scooting all over the cosmos. Perhaps his envy has got the better of him? He can pretend all he likes in regard to taints, paints and saints- he is still coloured the same, with the same brush as I. And he knows it. I guess his new friends are completely oblivious.... asune... I assume." A dark chuckle escaped, obviously amused at it all, although never deliberating further to her many-ways and intricate meanings behind words. Always spoken as if they were some dark spell. She was a connoisseur at reading even the most well-guarded and prolific minds, perceiving far more within and beyond the facade of outside appearances, ebon hair falling over one clad shoulder and down, tumbling over the constructs of bio-synthetic fabrics. In a throaty, haunted, other-worldly voice she spoke directly and always with respect to the woman before her.
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The lack of response to Koshiro's statement about his 'surprise' regarding these Norians confirmed for him in a strange existential way that he had chosen the right path for his chain of proceeding thoughts. Koshiro had long since abandoned the Espra way of thinking, he thought now for the people of the U'srthollosha Spiral and beyond where his and Xytrinah's rule stretched in fathoms that these former or present followers of the false 'now contained' deity Unya would never grasp. He subtly scaped his own visage in those final steps towards the very private Aquarium Lounge, the Norian-like points faded from his ears and he retained the much more human-esque form his wife took. Before arrival, he figured it good to look like a Norian, and that now was no longer the case. It was a shame he didn't have time to retrieve the orbs to give a demonstration through the captured Morggho and Unya. Perhaps it was his anger, perhaps it was what he felt in the emissions of his own spouse. He had no intention of being cruel, but someone finally had to be direct. Alliance or relations depended on an amicable to the bullshit here and now. He glanced over to his son before they entered, "I expect your ears and eyes will confirm anything said, you will consult our representatives to fact-check everything," he said quietly.

Minjun nodded and responded back with a simple "As you wish, father." As usual, his father ushered him to go ahead, and he emerged into the lounge where his mother and Aurelia were, he was still in his armored suit, the sonic shower at least removed the blood that had stained it, it wouldn't be good to enter the room with the tinge of Norian green on his person. Handsome, and enigmatic, the Prince led the way for Koshiro behind him, "Please excuse the interruption and our tardiness, the situation on the surface has become a little complicated since someone else decided they wanted to steal the show," he addressed first knowing they were mid-conversation when they came in, he gave a slight bow forward in respect to his mother and then looked at Aurelia, "I assume you are the 'Eitan' father mentioned, Welcome aboard an actual Leviathan," he emphasized certain words when he spoke, "I am Prince Minjun Kiri, the son of Xytrinah and Koshiro, I look forward to being part of the discourse to come." Minjun couldn't help but privately think that perhaps he had complicated the situation further with how he had disposed of Bathozar. He dismissed it though but was ready to speak should it come up.

Koshiro went straight to his wife's side, the Emperor was still in the uniform he had on earlier and he grinned slightly to her as she most likely would notice that very slight change. '"I missed your presence on the bridge earlier," he whispered through more private connections to her. He kissed the side of her cheek quickly then turned towards Aurelia. The emotion faded through into the stoic form of business, "Welcome to the O'ognathatlzo Eththotsha, I am sure you have been in the good hands of my darling as you awaited our joining you," he addressed. His own excuse for interrupting was not needed, nor would he have mentioned it like his son for similar to Xytrinah, it was all at his own discretion. An interesting evening was ahead for the discussion was a long time coming regardless of who sat on the other side of the table, perhaps this woman would have the courage that Airwin did not.

As his father settled into place and said his own greetings, Minjun moved to the side table and poured both his and his father's glasses with the same drink as his mother and Aurelia had partaken in. Although his back was turned briefly he listened to every word to ensure he didn't miss anything, he left the goblets on the table before he took the decanter and refilled his mother and Aurelia's, sure it was the job of the help sometimes but he was far from helpless, much like his parents he found the annoyance of being Imperial distasteful sometimes. The moment appeared fresh which suggested they had merely arrived minutes before them, unknowing to him his perception of the conversation beforehand was something inherited from the maternal source. He was hard to read either way, halfway between his parents almost every day when it came to his presence in the room.
Aurelia accepted the drink with a sweet smile, something with such potency should be enjoyed. "I hope to see these true War Leviathans you speak of if these are not entirely them. Aest'Aerum called an end to our Leviathan programs heeding the advice that the work my nephew had done was barbaric and an insult to their genetics. Save for the Mindhives, I doubt we will ever implement them again. We've perfected our conventional shipbuilding and our technology to best fit our needs," she mentioned in return on the topic of Leviathans. The pink-haired Norian sipped the potent drink and tried not to choke, "Wow, that is something. Delicious but something!" she said in a bit of shock from the strength of the libation.

"When the Creathel War was at its culmination I was already in retirement on Vespa Lakara. When Noria fell and we heard of Airwin's visions of Tsenlan we ignored them, especially when we found out that they had reported Vespa had been destroyed. Aerum took command of our local forces and six months later she became our new Sol'Aester and the Imperial Systems Ascendency of Noria was founded," she said as she shared her victories and struggles as requested. "Aerum approached me to take the job as Director of the ISANN and I accepted wishing to do what was right for our people. It was what Scorn would have done, she called and I answered," she gave a small smile and looked down in thought for a moment. "Well, and now here I am with you," she said just in time for Koshiro and Minjun to enter.

The Vespan Norian looked the father and son duo over in quiet analysis. She stood with a stiffer stance now in respect for the two. Although Minjun's words stung a little she knew the context from which they came and she said, "It is an honor to meet you both. I have heard many things of you over the years and beyond my husband's funeral it is nice to put a face to the names." She remained calm and oriented, but another ship from the glass was taken before she responded to Koshiro, "Xytrinah has been a lovely host, I assume then we are all here now? We can begin our talks? That is if there are no objections," she questioned. She was not in a hurry at the same time she wished the visit to be as efficient as possible. She had to get results to ensure the completion of her mission.

The news she had shared with Xytrinah about Adrin still lingered in her mind. How long would it be before he made an appearance? She knew he had stayed hidden for a reason but if there was a time Ayenee needed his voice it was now. She was curious as to what would be decided in terms of their cooperation and the future of relations. She knew many of her kind had become citizens of their nation and thought it would be interesting to someday see how they lived.


Xytrinah couldn't help but laugh at the reaction of the Ctiorvi, "Ctiorvi, is similar to a peace-wine, I think some call it whilst deliberating truces or matters concerning amicable agreements. It's from one of our pleasure worlds, Cykretha. But it ensures that all parties are honest in their contracts and their actions thereafter. It is legendary and highly sought. It's design... well after quite some time, WE, became jaded at energy wasted on dealing with insincerity. Ctiorvi ensures a handshake isn't broken." It was not a hidden gesture that the words were carefully chosen by the accentuation upon certain words and what was implied. It was a cold comfort that all would likely partake in this exchange, for if one did not it was then certain their intentions were not heartfelt and truer intentions were deceitful. "Aurelia, if I may be frank. I have not known many honest species regardless of gender or lack thereof. Dissimulation runs too deep because it's in every living creature's genetic code or essence to survive and to better their future at the fall of another. It's a basic need and want. It's why typically WE don't wheel and deal it usually always ends the same. But I ensure you that what eventuates here this hour, will remain so, until it is dissolved by mutuality." With an accent thick with otherworldliness, several dissimilar contrasts in pitch and lilt, from the honeyed to the disembodied.

"All Leviathans are very capable of war, but they are a part of me, a part of us. I respect them as I respect my husband, my son, myself, and losing one is very much a form of death for me., and as a mother who mourns the death of a child. Only five are no longer with us. O'ognathatlzo is a significant cosmic being, that thinks, feels, speaks. But for eons trapped in a "star-stone" long slumbering before the Great Cataclysm, trapped in the nothingness in a death-like sleep. Imprisoned. Just as every other Leviathan in my keep. They serve because they choose to, and much like the Norian and Lorenz people in my keep and countless other extinct civilizations, they are free to stay or go. But those I consider actual War Leviathans have no sense of ally, enemy, peace or surrender, you cannot reason with them, and their intelligence only goes so far as to devour, all life, all existence. Despite their age and the ages they have seen, they have not advanced beyond that because they consider all inferior. They see it as fate, that all came from the darkness and thus shall return to that darkness. They do not see that their survival is also connected and crucial to the continuance of all life."

Listening intently to everything Aurelia spoke or asked, somethings were answered more guarded than others, while some naturally flowed without discretion. There was no way anything was going to come from this without open communication, and one cannot trust another when they hide everything behind flowery phrases and insult. There was something Aurelia wished to accomplish from their communications, or she would not be here, and obviously some wrong had been done in her family name because the Eitan's had always been a prideful Ysi and upheld their name with pride and honour, even if at times it was more out of conceit and ego. The only insult liberated had been the responses to the events Airwin had stirred up and those who follow his every word without question or intelligence. There was little said about Adrin, and in most part that was out of respect for her husband. It was a past she cared not to pursue nor exhume and the only good that had come out of it was her husband; she had never forgotten her ill-treatment from Adrin and his family, but it wasn't significant to dwell upon nor seek revenge.

"It seems your nephew can't help but give insult. Some things just cannot be replicated and shouldn't be.. It's not of their understanding nor capabilities ever to. Thank the stars for you though, you carry on your husband's legacy, he was always there for his people without agenda, so your people have hope at least Because the path the "others" are upon is an ashen one indeed." She didn't care to elaborate further on the fate of the refugees under the hand of Airwin, that was already handed over the muses of consequence. "I am quite firm on the preservation of the Norian and Lorenz people on both K'ctha-Zoth and Vhadretha. Cyotha-Ysha is the pinnacle Imperial seat of K'ctha-Zoth, and I have both under our employ there, however Vhadretha is their home world and I created it with the same orbital design, atmosphere and troposphere. It is a cooler planet, rich in resources that their natural core worlds could only dream of. And it is safe from the meddling of any deific hand." Taking a leisured sip of the ichors within the goblet before continuing.

"They however no longer worship The Builder's or the mainstream beliefs. It is punishable by death. Why? Because their Builder's did not deliver them and never have, certainly never will. I would never neglect and forsake my children like they have done so throughout existence, clumsily stepping upon the cosmos thinking there would be no repercussions using fools as their architects." It was evident in the manner of speech that Xytrinah cared nothing of the Builder's nor the religions that were built like steppingstones to unfortunate catastrophes. She had heard all the rants and heard all the stories from the people themselves when they're screams were not heard, their tears ignored, and the shattered bodies of their loved ones left burning upon the pyres where they fell- Lao'Taun had often snickered at those events when they were in close company, and he felt the desire to vaunt. Not even he saw what was coming, when they were snatched away from him and not even his influences extended far, not even able to locate let alone retrieve them.

"Vhadorian, it's kind of catchy and cute. But, they, as a united people have evolved and thrived without any "body"ruling over them, society is established by merit and effort. They aren't idiots, they don't need masters like a common pet. I do not tolerate any living thing coming under the subject of poverty and collapse where they have to unnecessarily struggle. I get nothing out of suffering. I prefer my meals rich and fat. All jokes aside... they do not learn by starving and living under rocks, it forces ideology and natural instinct to deteriorate back to primitive animalistic needs and no civilization can thrive with primates grunting, clicking their tongues at each other, dry humping everything that moves or doesn't, and hitting each other over the head with rocks. It's very frustrating and tedious to watch a whole civilization do this for eons, trust me." Sighing softly, "I've also heard about this "taint", the Vhadorian's are not subjected to the deformities, insanity, atrocities that come with the voids which coldly cradle their world, unlike that of our cosmic anomalies which are exceptionally hostile. They appease that hunger by sacrifice, devotion, and blood, as all do and should within Uachauguthlo. Some warrior races consider these taints as gifts and not seen as an infliction, and they pay homages to us. It sets them apart from the weak and unenlightened masses. But I do respect their origins and in some way, I am very protective of them because I have done what others stated I could not and would not. I enjoy burning witch hunters on their own crosses."

Hopefully that had at least provided some insight without overwhelming the lady with too many details that were irrelevant to the moment, but perhaps were in some way important to possibility and the future ahead. It was of course fully well intended to plant the seed of actual knowledge and not hysteria, gossip, horror stories or idiotic fantasy as to what eventuated for the Norians and Lorenzian people upon the Unmei, or the woman she was. It was all authenticated and documented information. Information that would aid in the formula of decision making for the benefit of the Tal'Aester's people and those abandoned on Ayenee in Surrune. Everything Aurelia had said, clung to Xytrinah's thoughts in those last moments. Military orders already were initiated, and falling into place, despite whatever outcome, any "enemy" movement within the system had yet to be made known, and any possibility of one being able to travel there in due time was getting slimmer by the minute, especially when ether and warp travel was about to become impossible. Her father had always taught her to leave "no stone" unturned.

"My father had a strange obsession with Ayenee and its denizens. I had always enquired why and he never did answer it, and I never found the answer. He wasn't born here or on any other mortal shore. My father held great position on Ayenee, he valued it more than his own, and he held a sense of love for it, I never have nor will ever understand. Yet here I am, once again, staring at the same marble - it's hard not to find that bitterly nostalgic. It seems to suck great men to its shores like a siren only to let them crash upon it. Luckily, I am no man." Again not elaborating further, she was absolutely positive that Aurelia knew the history of Ayenee and how Caecyan, Adrin, Nira, Caed and countless others had flocked to it, and why, they had their own worlds of beauty and there were far more prosperous and exquisite planets and systems to explore than one conquered and pillaged as many times as a tavern whore. It seemed fruitless and ridiculous. But any who knew her, there was topics she never seemed to talk about, and her father was one of them- not to anybody.

Turning her attention momentarily to the aquariums and the life thriving in their own captive world but liberated in their minds, hearing Auriela's last words that everything that had befallen, she was now there- before the presence of her husband and son, "Indeed you are Aurelia. Indeed you are." The words ushered as if far away, and not intended to be louder than the spring wind through delicate blossoms.

"Hard to steal the show when they can't even stand on the stage without falling off my love."

Almost automatic in response to the arrival of her husband and son complimenting the beauty of the surroundings, the ambiance of their voices intermingled and whispered throughout the elaborate chambers and another voice amplified by another sentient party speaking only in its native tongue; its hushed and barely audible but still ever present. Perhaps the Leviathan itself, and perhaps not, its origins would only be known to those that sought it, if they wished to delve in the depts of madness. Xytrinah's lips remained rested on the cold rim of her cup, waiting for the flavour of how the entire situation was tasting to be washed away, a very soft smirk forming at the crescent of sanguine hued embouchements. The only expression staining her perfect deadpan flawless public façade, masking other private thoughts.

She smiled however as her son announced himself,
"I am sure Aurelia remembers you, my son. How could she not? You gave her a Carvi de la Tombe flower at our attendance last in Eitan company. A beautiful gesture as part of our own Obsequies Rites... while half the other Eitan's were too busy checking their lipstick, preening their feathers and perfecting their French." Chuckling under feigned breath. Canting her head slightly to the left, as manicured brow arched in a comical gesture to why a Norian would want to speak a lower dialect in the first place, she simply put it down to fishing for frogs in the lower province gene pools. Tilting cheek to welcome Koshiro's lips against the rose-coloured accents of cheekbone, closing her eyes at the enchantment and peace it brought her. Extending in retort to private conversations between them both, "Shoarr ocooarra'aum ho a' rloanno a aun a' iya'au roaom." |"I shall endeavour then to make it up to you later."| Affectionate whispers extended with a caress of energies and entity, for that is what they shared. But it was clear despite the calm surface of a lily upon the pond was indeed a turbulent fathomless ocean beneath.

Observing Minjun's features and that undeniable scent of fresh ichors no doubt things had become interesting planetside.
"Have the natives become restless?" More investigating his stature as he poured glasses for himself and Koshiro and then refilled theirs, "Gratitude, my glorious son, Minjun." Moving closer to Koshiro and seeking to entwine ebon-clawed digits within his, waiting for all introductions while she sipped on the smoky aromatic brew and contemplated what words she was going to use. When Xytrinah spoke, she directed it to all in attendance within the lounge," Tal'Aester Aurelia, was just sharing with me briefly her struggles and victories since the culmination of the Creathel War while we waited for your company. We have much to share, discuss and much to decide upon. Another chess piece however is upon the board... Adrin." Originally Xytrinah thought it best for Aurelia to disclose that information, but knowing full well on history facts, she decided that topic was best out of the way so it didn't sour things further and that she was the better candidate to bring it the the surface.
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Minjun smiled when his mother greeted him with such enthusiasm, it made him proud that she felt able to do that. He gave a shallow respectful nod of his head forwards and then answered her question, "The natives are more than restless because there are snakes among them. The natives aren't the problem, it is the leftovers of the MERN that are the root of their troubles. I merely wish to free them of that dim, broken, obsolete organization." He then took a brief, but deep breath and said, "Now there is whoever that corporate idiot is blasting the communications with the informed intelligence of someone who has lived in a hole for the last few centuries. I'd love to give them a piece of my mind but I think Father has a plan for that. Mind you though Mother, on the surface I have seen no evidence of this military, though I have not been to their capital city yet. The people my operatives were observing there seem to have been taken by another party," he said with a slight shrug of his shoulders. He had no idea that the party who removed Nira and Lithia from the streets of the capital was Adrin.


Koshiro listened intently to what his wife had to say as well, a rather serious look in his eyes as he set his gaze on Aurelia. "I'm not sure what you know or don't know in terms of the end of your war with the Craethel. It may be a shock to you but I am directly responsible for the rather sudden disappearance of your enemy," he informed her and expected a possible reaction of shock or disbelief, "I merely removed both parties from the board who were instigating the conflict, that being the beings your people have mistaken as gods for centuries. They have been captured and contained, the Craethel then retreated back to their own universe...for the most part anyway." he explained with a rather sincere look on his face. "The war would have never ended, you were smack in the middle of two warring powers who thought of you all as pawns. The only conclusion it could have ever reached was mutual total annihilation," he continued after a brief sip from his goblet.

"I can only hope that your people, Tal'Aest in their new situation have distanced themselves from their belief in such deities. Even as an Espra myself, I am no deity merely another product of the universe, however sophisticated or advanced it may seem. For reference, there are those even on the surface of this world who see us as gods because of our advanced technology, they mistake that technology for magic. They mistake the powers we do have for the omnipotence their gods are viewed to have," he said with a conviction in his voice. "Most species wouldn't know power if it lit their ass on fire," he said with a nod. "My apologies for this, but the Norians have long since been seen as me as limited by their belief systems. It is time for everyone to come to terms with the fact they have a limited understanding of the universe until their minds are free of their foolish belief in a being like Unya. Your god and her counterpart fit on my bookcase, contained in an orb," he concluded the short rant with the best note he could in consideration.

He had at least gotten that out before the words his wife spoke took complete shape in his mind, "Adrin..." he repeated the name in a breathy whisper almost, yet it was loud enough to be audible to those there. "That is an unexpected occurrence," he said before he took a rather healthier gulp from his drink. "Do we know what position he speaks from? Is he supporting that bastard son of his or is he just speaking to be heard under the account he is formerly Ayenee's chancellor?" he asked Xytrinah. He then looked at Aurelia and his right eyebrow crooked upward slightly as he asked, "Was it you who brought this news?" He wanted the details obviously then turned his attention back to his wife. "A chessboard is starting to sound like what we actually have here, my love. Though I have something to point out to you both here in some time, regarding that chessboard and my next move to change the landscape of it," he said as he applied a light squeeze and shift of his thumb over the smooth of her hand as her digits entwined with his. He refrained from bombarding her or his wife with a long list of questions, regardless though he had them and the list was getting larger by the minute.


"Adrin is Tetsuya's father, no? I hope the apple fell really far from the tree," Minjun injected. He knew his father and mother wanted to speak more on this likely, a glance between him and his father put his intended discourse on hold for the time being. He took the lead to be the first to sit, he chose one of the high-backed chairs and began to explore the aquarium with his eyes. He had not had the chance to view this part of the ship yet, he was a creature of habit and tended to remain in the more military-oriented sections of their fleet. He was always doing something, and this was the first time he would be idle in some time so he maintained hope that this little chat with the Norian would at least be interesting. He didn't doubt it would be though, the words he and his father had shared prior to their entry certainly had put things into perspective.
Aurelia noticed a distinct change in tone now that Koshiro and Minjun had arrived. She had expected as much with the history between the Eitans and the Kiri that some feathers would be ruffled along the way. She gave a nod of acknowledgment to what Xytinah had commented and said, "Indeed I remember you Minjun, and the beautiful gift you gave me. The bloom was truly spectacular, it was a kind gesture in a time when it was needed." The Navy Director adjusted her posture slightly as she listened to what Koshiro had to say.

When it came to reasons the war had ended it was almost a mystery to them as to what led to the Crethael's retreat so close to their victory. "I see, that certainly puts some things in perspective. As for belief in the Builders, it is something that has faded in the last few years with the rise of Aerum to the throne. Many rest their beliefs in science and knowledge now, I am one such person. The church never really appealed to me or my husband. Scorn was a man who believed in combat and capability, more of a what was in front of his type of man. The former belief in the Builders or the Espra will not limit us in future dealings," she said with some confident assurance. The attention quickly turned though to the mention of Adrin.

"Yes, I am the one who brought the news. Very little was said. He replied to a message we had intended for Nira to intercept. I was attempting to let him know that there were options open that didn't include working for Airwin, and while Nira didn't answer, Adrin did." she said in reply to Koshiro's question. "All he said was that he was here and very aware of what was happening. The only other information confirmed was that he was operating in Ayenee's Capital, in what capacity was not mentioned," she confirmed what she had received. "I think it is possible Adrin could provide some perspective on things. I know he and Airwin have been at odds for a long time. Most of us had been told that Airwin murdered him. I am unsure if his life is something restored through IDE or what happened, just that it was confirmed it was him," she didn't know how to feel about this development, but she figured it would be important to relations for the ISAN to follow their lead in this case. It would be a chance to cooperate on an operational level.

Aurelia couldn't help but giggle at Minjun's question, she looked down a moment and said, "In this case, the apple landed in another dimension from the tree. Adrin and his son are nothing alike." She figured it best to wait until they had come to some kind of conclusion, she took another sip of the potent drink not in the least worried about its effects. She would need to update Aerum on the causes of the end of the war, it would be important for everyone back home to know.


The serious and thoughtful pinch of her brows whilst listening to the various dialogues engaging and intermingling with the other until they bled into almost the same sound, before melting away. Her words always came constant and true. At times they came from what some could consider 'a place of the heart' and at times from venom that sprouted naturally from the springs of her true being-- there was a virulence to her, something malignant that translated from the blackness of her vita to the words that rolled off her tongue. “It’s curious… every time I drink wine, I find the flavour of it so acetous and inadequate, regardless of its prestige or origins. But then, as I drink, the more I drink, the more manageable the taste becomes, until I am actually enjoying the sweetness and the bitterness.” Her expression didn’t change then from a mild smile gracing her lips, just the slightest hint of sentiment playing across her face as the discussion continued. Whatever she thought, whatever she felt in that moment she kept it closed and bound from anyone else. The meaning behind the words however would mean different things to the minds of each, the way Xytrinah used words was always intricate puzzles and hidden mysteries; such to the likes not many understood successfully.

Xytrinah held many traits-- stillness was one such quality. And so, save for the slightest inclination of her head taking a sip of the swirling dark ichors that filled her cup and a mild smile, she remained near motionless. "My beloved husband. Adrin has always moved upon his own tides and whims, and rarely for the sake of anyone save himself for his own best advantage and which way his "interests" falls. I know him not, except for that. All I will say, however, is that I hope his endeavours have matured him from the boy I once knew, and in those hopes that he walks his path in what is best outside of his own pursuits. But I known him not and he knows me not." No insult poisoned her words, but they rang like bells through the harangue of consuming darkness. “It takes time to become something different. The greater the change, the more time it requires. Not enough time has come to pass." Shrugging a little before leaning back in her seat crossing her slender legs as she continued in response to her husband, "We can either ask the question or make an assumption -- I find that egos are harder struck by assumptions and therefore, what answer comes next, is generally more honest. But it’s always just a gamble, isn’t it? Whether or not someone will tell you the truth.”

Taking a dainty sip as eyes lifted to enjoy the elaborate carvings in the biostructure of the parlours ceiling swirling like a thousand galaxies within multitudes of gnashing maws, "My brothers and I didn’t choose to be there in that rotten world. We were cast out of a home more glorious and terrible than you could imagine, to fulfil a purpose given to us by our Father, one of the same things that many cultures call a God, yet even that title is unworthy of its truth. I have watched, I have learned, and I have come to know pain and exhaustions from their trials and tribulations. No matter the numbers. Many have learned my name and sought me out, a thing of Darkness, hoping to make my power their own; called to me in the dark of night over spell and ritual. Unfortunately those whom think of darkness -- especially fleshborns, get swept up in the romanticism of it all. They equate one with evil, and that’s how you end up with the black altars, skull-bowls full of blood, virgin sacrifices... oh! don’t get me wrong, I go where I am worshiped, and more often than not, play along with what I find. Devotion, after all, is devotion, and who am I to tell anyone that the way they wish to worship is right or wrong? Worlds shudder at the majesty of power, be it religion or science- its omnipotence and terrible presence will make nations kneel. I have seen worlds and systems kneel for far less."

Laughing softly, "Lesser's believes in such things because they lack control over their circumstances, a need to cope with life and to cope with death and that in deific worship they are delivered like an infant into the arms of a mother, a need to bring divine justice and a cradle when suffering. Something to blame when they lack the conviction to admit they fucked it up and we should fix it while they watch, comfortable in their rattled cages." Gesturing flippantly with her other hand, "Much like what is happening now. There will always be the Sleepers and the Dreamers, and those like us who are Awake. Airwin will always be a Sleeper. Adrin has always been a Dreamer, but both never Awake."

A soft silence followed, a gentle thing that allowed the sudden swell of the lake-waters to fill the void akin to the gentle lull of waves. Her digits furled firmer around the hand of Koshiro as his graced like a whisper across the perfumed flesh glittering with jewels, and the softness of her gaze slowly fell from the sculptured architecture above and back to the beautiful features of Aurelia with a flicker in her eyes. "What is the ISANN plan for moving forwards? What is it that you envision for your people?" Leaning forwards from her elegant, seated position, "What is your proposal betwixt yours and our family, for the future of yours and our worlds? ... the price although is always steep!. Heavy is the head that wears the crown!" There was a weight to her stare, "My world revolves around the currency of souls", while her lips were still on the edge of the glass, "It's just a matter of who I will be taking it from while everyone down there is too busy overthinking it. But I assure you, none of those people on Ayenee care about anything other than the angle they’re pushing."

Xytrinah smiled in a way that exhibited the high structure of cheekbone, and that celestial illumination like stars dancing upon a snow-blossom. For her the conversation on her behalf took a heavier tone than what was intended, the shattering of a crystal glass against moonstone marble. "Once upon a time, I was a great and proud patron of the arts -- all forms, performing, music, martial arts, literature, visual, even the decorative arts had a place of high esteem in my…” The smile lessened, a private and small sentimental expression before licking her plutonian lips, "...in my family’s home. My Ayenee family's home, and no, I am not talking about Darkbane. This was long before I had actually met with your Ysi, but yours and my family were not strangers, not entirely. In truth, Ayenee has no memory I care to find retrospection or disentomb. All of memory I need is here within this room, and it is only this fact, that I am no threat to that rock, and only that reason. Everything that matters is here." Eyes, the color of fine, polished obsidian held up to the sun, shifted and regarded Minjun. "We have a difference of tree classification.... and luckily, I am no Arborist. But remind me to plant neither tree in the orchards of our black twilight meadows." Stated as polite as what could be mustered.
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