Eseer Darkthrone

Eseer Darkthorne

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Eseer Darkthorne

Born: Unknown, Created by a dark god.

Race: Tuatha De Danann also called Thornes, Fey, And Dark Fey.

Age: It is hard to gauge his age because of the extreme dark energies that have pervaded his entire being. He no longer ages and so perhaps age simply no longer applies to him.

Occupation: The Shadow, as he is was called when he first appeared. Eseer has no shadow himself, so Reese assumed his shadow had come to life. This was untrue, but the name stuck, he has worked behind the scenes in many events disguised. He thrives on creating chaos.

History: A prophecy stated that a set of twin Tuatha De Dananns would someday end the life and plans of a god called the Dark Effigy. The Effigy sought to stop this prophecy, but found the Tuatha were untouchable, perhaps due to the hands of fate. Not one to be fated for defeat, the Effigy sought some way around their protection. Their uncorrupt nature was key to this, since he could not touch them, he would have them undo one another. He created Eseer as a copy of Reese, except he was everything the original was not. He had Eseer pose as Reese and put a wedge between the twins turning them against one another, as well as creating chaos in the guise of Reese. Eventually, Reese and his twin discovered the doppelganger along with the rest of the Blackthorne siblings. They managed to defeat Eseer nearly killing him. Eseer sought help from his creator, but having fulfilled his purpose, Eseer was no longer needed. Alone and dying, Eseer happened upon Diago Darkthorne, Diago healed Eseer. Eventually, Eseer would betray Diago and take over rule of the Darkthornes.

It was not easy to rule the Darkthornes, they responded to power and strength, others constantly fought him for leadership. Eseer found that the former rulers of the Darkthornes had all sought two things, power and conquest. Through their diligence they had found many ways to enhance one's own power. One way was a book that Eseer used to open a portal to the far realms where he ripped eldritch power from the dark forces possibly as old as creation. This however cost the lives of many Darkthornes, and after attaining power he was forced to use it in a campaign across the lands. The Darkthornes needed to fight, otherwise they would turn upon one another. He engaged in a war that pitted him against a general Jarkeld and numerous ayenee forces. All the while he had another goal in mind, the city of time itself. After proving the Darkthorne's might by winning a siege against Ayenee Capital city and handing over the rule of that city to Varsinax, Eseer set off after his true goal.

Eseer was bound to the life force of Reese, he needed to ensure that this never happened. After altering time, Eseer became a bit too greedy and sought mastery over all time. The guardian of the vault warned Eseer, but he would not listen or be stopped. After he destroyed the guardian, he entered the vault and exited the pages of history. No one knew what became of Eseer, even the one he had been molded after exited time's stage, though by natural means. Eseer was no longer a participant in time's play, but a silent watcher. However, time is an ever flowing river of change, and things do change.
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