[Episode Three] Defile


Soon realizing that she'd been left alone with the corpse, Nivara sighed softly, holstering her pistol and clasping the holster shut- and instead drawing her knife from her other hip- a blade that looked like it'd seen some use. The edge of it was sunken in from the rest of the blade slightly- after years of having its edge restored, it'd become slightly thinner. The black coating on the steel was scuffed and faded all over- but despite this, the blade had a gentle layer of oil on it- an old tool that she'd had for a long time, but well cared for.

She used the tip to carefully poke around slightly, pulling open the jacket carefully to inspect the victim's ribcage, her eyes narrowing behind her desert goggles. She shifted to kneel down, setting her knife down to the floor then stepping on it as she opened her jacket. She pulls out a small plastic rectangle- a rather simple smart-device of sturdy construction. She starts taking pictures- opening the body bag more as well so she can catalogue what she could. She figured Dahlia might appreciate it. She of course, had her own theories- the uniform and pins implied some military standing to her, and since they were in a mine, she felt safe concluding that a worker had used their tools in an... unsafe manner.

She, of course, had her own pilfering to do. She gently tugged on the coat, manipulating the pins and pulling the from the uniform- to be added to her own pockets. Whenever she set her knife down, she deliberately set her boot on the blade, and kept her ears open- all too aware that she was alone She patted down the corpse's pockets just in case, but then reached to gently pull the rod from its holster. Her looting and examination complete, she sheathed her knife after a quick wipe on the bodybag, inspecting the rod she'd now acquired, glancing about the room before fiddling too much with her potential new toy.


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Lower Path

Rhea stared above them for a second, taking in the sight. Yeah, now that she was down here she could really apreciate how... much taller everything was than her. After a bit of considering the structures before them, rhea spoke up, on noticing she wasn't the only one down here. "Ah, hum, let's check out the shacks first, before we get on the catwalks and use them to loop back around to meet with everyone else." She said simply, even as she considered how they should get to the mess of platforms on high.

She looked over at the other two as she walked- one she was sure would at least not make any more noise than her. The other... was using a Driver. And thus, she aproached the nearest shack, before turning to the other two. "Give me a lift on one of your shoulders? I can climb up this on my own but, i'd rather not." She said, gesturing to the stilts the shack was on. Perhaps, given this slight amount of elevation, she'd beable to find out where the bottom of the elevator was- and if she could clamber her way up to the higher platforms that way. Even if it would probably be safer to use the catwalks instead.

"And... please, be quiet." She muttered, as every step reman took seemed to resound with a Clang!


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The Unknown Cavern

The Fox was caught up taking photo after photo with his HUD to notice that Keith had called out to him at first. every stone, every rail, every engraving could mean SOMETHING. It wasn't until he saw the figures of Keith Reman and Rhea flash over the nearest rails. To be fair, he admired his eagerness to make headway into the depths. "Keep your communicators on channel 3 for updates. I'll be scanning the area this whole time, maybe see if we can get a good idea of a map going."

Perhaps now was a good time to try out his new toy. There was a click as he reached his arm towards a downed railing overhead followed by a crack as his forearm flew away from the fox in a flash of yellow. A long stretch of cable whizzed by until his hand clasped at the bar at the very end of his arm. He tugged a couple times, getting a feel for how sturdy the bar was before flexing his muscle in his mind, prompting the cable to wind him in.

The caverns whizzed by. The fox was a black orange and white blur overhead as he swung away from the main bulk of the party, keeping an eye on the others sliding down the hill below.

Jury's technique in creating the arm may have been... horrifying to say the least, but, for a first test, it functioned beyond his expectations. With a bit of a flip just to show off, he grappled a platform just to pull the breaks on his acrobatics, falling on the roof of the hut in question on one hand and a knee. There was a whine as his arm snapped back into place.


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Lower Path

Reman's decision was made up, as he leapt below the bridge, careful to land just slightly further than the rest of the people that leapt down off the bridge. As he made contact with the ground, a large thundering kaboom echoed across the walls of the cavern as the armor shifted to compensate the impact of the landing. Reman looked completely unfazed as the ground bent and crumpled beneath his landing zone, sending small particles of rock to scatter across the floor. As his armor gradually adjusted back from any warping and bending that long-ish fall might have caused, He stood around, silent and nervous about the incredible lack of subtlety. Romulus from the top of the bridge just gave him the stink-eye and went to the rest of the bridge.

Reman was as quiet as he could be afterwards, moving slow and methodical down the cavern, trying to not catch the dismissive glare of his comrades as he went looking through the lower floors of the cavern and walking towards the stream to get a better look at the river and the cavern as a whole.
Upper Path

Romulus quickly checked his communications and set up his communications system. Onlookers could observe that the channel he had added was one of a myriad, detecting frequencies of far longer range and some of entirely different depth and measurement. A majority of them were magical energy signatures tuned to very in-between magical frequencies, measuring elements similar to Echyllis, but mimicking other more standard forms of mana and arcane energy. The Ferrokinesis frequency had looked like it had been recently established, providing an almost pinpoint directional signal to Reman's location, as well as the Volukinesis one, meant to measure the swarm key and aptly pointing towards Juryrig.

His pad also contained something very, very notable to anyone close enough to observe. There was a category in his library called SynthEc, and right at the very top was a high-priority signal without an identifiable name. Unlike any of the other frequencies, this one remained inconsistent, and was frequently prone to shaking and random motions akin to bugs in the program itself. What's more is that every inactive frequency other than that one, when monitored while he was fidding with the controls stood perfectly still at their last known location. This one, however refused to remain in one spot, though deactivated, as if it couldn't find the exact locale.
"You know, you really shouldn't leave the medical professional to wander off. I'll be heading to her locale." Reman walked away and back towards the entry of the cavern, not quite out of the room, but heading toward Nivara's last known locale.


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Main Cavern Room

"Okay, so where are we going now-" Marie asked, before she noticed quite literally everyone splitting off in their own ways. Oh great.

Well. There were certainly benefits (and obvious drawbacks) to following any given group. Being the rational one, she decided to instead sit down and weigh the pros and cons of any of the three groups. She could:
  • Stay with the boss. This included prominent figures such as Perry but also Osco (who could actually read the signs) and Aradia.
    • Pros: Aradia is a multitool. She has magic. Lots of it. Osco would definitely be a factory of information.
    • Cons: She could literally send pictures to Osco to translate. The combination of Aradia and Osco also does not need that much help at the end of the day.
  • Go with Romulus. This included Romulus.
    • Pros: Romulus. A medic.
    • Cons: Romulus.
  • Go with...the rest of the goons. This was by far a much more interesting idea, but also a much more risky one as this idea included figures such as Keith, Deimos, and Rhea, but also Juryrig, Juryrig, and Juryrig.
    • Pros: By far the biggest group. Staying with them would not only be safe but also that four out of five of the people there actually can hold themselves in a fight. However, there were also not many people over there who have any senses beyond 'being kind of human.' There was also Juryrig.
    • Cons: Something was going to get destroyed. Someone probably would, too. There was also Juryrig.
So Marie made her choice. She stayed around with the captain, unlike the others who sort of...up and left. "Do you really need it to be battery powered?" Marie asked, picking up one of the emergency lights, trying to work on disassembling it and powering the bulb herself.

"You think the others are gonna be alright walking around by themselves?" Marie asked while working away at the light with a handful of normal person tools. "Or rather...should we be splitting up like this?"


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Elevator Shaft

Aradia stood precariously close to the edge of the elevator shaft, peering up and down - mostly down. The arcanist, though seemingly quite more accustomed to "home life" than most of the Downrider's crew of adventuring chaotics, seemed oddly comfortable with the ruins... Except the smell. The breeze cut out as she stopped her concentration, and fixated on the grate above. "I'm going to pop the grate, if you three don't mind. I'm sure we'll be fine with splitting up as long as people don't go off completely on their own... No loners," Aradia stated.

The white-haired one's fascination - obsession - with technology was pretty funny, at the end of the day, but was a light really that interesting? Regardless, Aradia made her way over to the nearest set of lockers, rummaging through them - giving some of the more stuck ones a concussive treatment to try and jiggle them loose... With magic.Marie's tinkering, however, made Aradia's second plan a lot harder to notice; a mote of light, no brighter than a campfire's ember and no larger than a golf ball, floated through the air from her position, beelining towards the vent in the inconsistent light. Osco, of course, could see it easily - a little dragonfly, though translucent - transparent, even - and glowing. The bug was quick to scurry into the vent's grating, and then Aradia spoke again: "Mind your ears!" As she shouted, her familiar discharged a little shockwave - a burst of energy, of force that rattled the grate loose, ideally dislodging it to crash into the elevator platform below with a cacophony which would give the team's position away had they not been spotted already... Or been identified from Juryrig's shenanigans earlier. Or, anything really...


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Lower Path

"Communications to channel 3... check. Light refraction field device... operational." Keith checked himself over after his soft landing post-climb, landing sharp on his feet and kicking up a small cloud of dust in his wake. "Don't wander off, don't touch anything, and especially, do not engage hostiles without back-up," he said, his voice echoing throughout the enclosed but vast cavern as he followed behind Rhea to the nearby stilt-shack. Approaching the child closer, he knelt on one leg to lift her up easily by her ankles, pushing Rhea straight overhead instead of on the ex-soldier's shoulders for a greater altitude boost.

Once Rhea had grabbed on to the roof of the shack, Keith let go of her ankles and surveyed the surrounding area. "I'll go scout with Reman, see if we can't figure something useful from the abandoned machinery. I'm trusting Deimos to follow you up there; report back if you find an elevator," he said, his curt tone leaving little room for doubt as befitting a former military sergeant. He walked off after delivering his instructions, following the discernible thumps of heavy armor that were indubitably his crewmate's, but skipped a few steps ahead of the mechanic to start progress on investigating the trashed mining equipment and the strange flora by the still riverside.


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The Cave

Juryrig(?) stood there, gawking at the massive cavern. He can't imagine what any of this was for, but he can't wait to find out-

"Alright, I'm getting bored! Do SOMETHING before I make you!"

"H-huh? Oh, right, I uh-"

"DING! My turn!"

With that, Tom was no longer in control of the body; now it is the TRUE Juryrig's turn to shine!

"Alright rookie, here is how you choose which way to go,"
Juryrig said openly, putting his fingers together like a picture frame and eyeing through the rectangle as if a director for a movie. "You have to follow where the wind blows..."

Though, there's no wind. "... There's no-"

"And the wind blows... THATTAWAY! AH HA!" Juryrig, with his eyes set on the Upper Path!

"Yooo hoo, Romuluuuuus, dearie~!" Juryrig ran, catching up and phasing through the crewmate using the armor's phase ability; he turned on his heels, donning this pose for the former adversary. In the power armor, mind you.

"I can't just let you go all alone; besides, Reman's already got two scouts covering his clankin' science ass." He turned back around and walked right ahead of Romulus.

"Now, see brother? THAT is how you decide where to go!"

"... Even the whole thing-"

"Nope, that is called 'establishing workplace dominance!' Let them know that you're gonna be the star tonight, you know? The big L in the team, the leader!"

"... Oooooh. That makes sense, I guess."

"Good! Because you're taking over bye!"


With that, Tom takes back control.

"... Nuts..."


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Kerolyne Defile
Elevator Shaft

Aradia's rummaging through the various lockers found a few items between them. One locker contained what could be best described as a bundle of mushy bricks, wrapped somewhat tightly in metal foil packages. Faded black letters were etched onto the foil, in a block lettering system not unlike the one found on the sign earlier. What exactly the stale yellow mush that oozed from the foil was could be anyones guess, but if it was edible at one point, it likely isn't now.

Another locker raid yielded a small bot noteworthy device, hexagonal in shape. The device's exterior was a durable black plastic, with a beveled control panel taking up the front with a radial layout of rubber buttons surrounding a dusty glass lens which split the device in the center. Pressing the buttons gave nothing from the device but a blinking red rectangle, dead empty and hard to see even among the murky lighting of the establishment. Underneath the device in the locker was a folded bit of waxy photo paper. The continued existence of the paper was a testament to preservation, though the potential centuries of age had certainly taken a toll on the details.

Photographed roughly were two vaguely bird-like creatures, their colors long distorted to nothing more than a murky grey-green. They somewhat resembled the specimen presented within the codex- Arcadian Avecris. The details were blurry, but one of the two creatures appeared to be in uniform, an assortment of pins and bands adorning the shoulders and breast of the sharp vest. The reverse side of the image held a faded script written rather elegantly in black ink. It took a while, but the translation feed from OSC-01 appeared superimposed in Aradia's peripherals, most likely the work of the headbands they had given out. Eventually, the text itself had been replaced with the translated version in an augmented reality, albeit one with some allignment issues.

"Amiss Farfell Thazeus, to another five. Yours, Dermoit."

Dahlia walked around the elevator shaft with a single exhale, looking about carefully as her nose upturned. The captain stopped to peer into the transport cart that laid precariously over the edge of the doorway into one of the branching corridors. A quick beam of the flashlight down the hall revealed the tunnel to be collapsed a few meters in, a large pile of blasted rubble and debris preventing further investigation.

The captain attempted to gently shove the cart back into a stable position, finding it quite heavy. "You know, I was expecting something a little more..." Dahlia trailed off, bending over to look at the bottom half of the cart. "Elegant, to be found in a place like this. It's a bit rough, even without the waterlogging."

The Overseer tread down the metal stairs of the shaft silently, eyeing the details of the room. Though she lacked any known sense of smell, OSC-01 still glanced up at the grotesque vent from time to time. "The Arcadians reserved their class for things only in the public eye. Given the state, I don't believe this was anything meant for the civilians."

The Overseer took a moment before stepping onto the lightly water-logged floor, carefully treading across the base level to avoid splashing any water. Perhaps they should have brought the metal footplates.

Marie's investigation into the flickering emergency light brought upon her a wealthy of shoddy electronics. The board and container controlling the light itself was nothing revolutionary, though the two lights themselves beckoned, The lights were not unlike LED lights, set in an arranged tube that cut deep into the crystalline bulbs. The bulbs had some heft, and could probably be reused for some of Marie's personal projects. Or as a brick, who is left to judge. Fortunately for the Captain, the hard-wired components of the light was long dead, with the power instead coming from a small circular batter set into the control board of the light.

Marie felt a firm metal hand land on her shoulder, that of the Overseer. As the pilot called out in warning, the Overseer guided marie about a foot closer to the wall. A moment later, the smoking metal grate crashed to the shaft floor, spewing bolts and droplets of still water all about the room. Not a drop landed on either.

A few seconds after the explosive force dislodged the vent, a creature emerged with blistering speed. It was a six-legged amphibian of sorts, a little smaller than a man. Its steel blue skin was accented by dark black scales which ran down the length of its back. Two twitchy yellow eyes darted around the group as the creature chuffed in a mix of fear and agitation. As it did, the pale green faulds of skin puffed out like a bellow, before subsiding once more. The creature leapt from the ceiling, landing on the wall before dashing away into the tunnel from whence the group came, nearly knocking over the pilot on their dash out. It carried a waft of the scent away with them.


After a bit of experimentation with the package, the Medic finally found its use. With a flick, the bar extended out into a full length baton, with a small button laid into the strangely grooved grip causing... some sort of reaction at the end. A small spark of blue and purple, though it generated little heat. It did give off a little sickening sensation, however.

Joined by the Artificer of the group and headed out back to the main cavern, the two were alerted to a fast approaching set of light footsteps. As the two swung around to investigate, they found themselves facing the confused creature that had just departed from the elevator shaft. It looked between the two, slightly shivering, though its twitchiness was far from comforting. It gave the two a deep guff, going low as it eyed them. The creatures skin was rather glossy, as if it were recently wet.

Lower Path

Keith's investigation further down the subterranean river brought him closer to the busted mining equipment that had been passively polluting the water for who knows how long. It was a rather large blue tractor, what was left of the original paint job eaten away by rust and decay. The machine laid on a pair of large metal and rubber tracks, one of which laid completely disconnected and strewn downriver. Attached to the front of the machine was an angled boring tool, a nasty set of metal teeth laid in position to gnash against rock and each other. The mudflaps and front end of the machine was adorned with a pattern of neon orange daimonds, set in with sun-faded reflective paint. On close inspection of the drills, four mounted devices could be found near the corners- lasers. The diodes sat in rotating shells, but it looked like they could be pried free. Whether or not they could still be used was up for debate.

Farther down the river towards the second shack, Reman spotted a broken catwalk rising from the riverbed like a twisted root of a tree. At the end of the catwalk was a metal cage, hiding a bundle of chains and motors within its framework. The chute rose from the ground to another passing bridge above, a few solid metal platforms build into the wall along its path: an elevator. this low into the cavern, the giant arched bridges span above them like a web, going every which angle down the cavern.

Shack A

Deimos landed squarely on the roof of the first shack in a graceful manner, standing to get a view of his surroundings. The view was a short one, however, as the force of the landing took a toll on the aged sheet metal. A few rusted screws snapped and suddenly the man was inside the shack- a loud crash echoing down the empty cavern. It wasn't more than a moment later that the now loosened metal door squealed open, revealing Rhea at the entrance.

Beyond the foxman laid out atop a sheet of aged metal, the interior of the shack was rather dusty. A plethora of lockers and electrical boxes lined the interior walls, away from the river. On the riverside, a set of glass windows looked out into the expanse beyond. A control panel lined the bottom of the window, various switches and screens and keypads arranged in unusual form factors. A ratcheting of a particularly large lever yielded no results, as the power to the console was entirely absent. Underneath the control panel were a variety of drawers, some of which were missing.

The row of electrical boxes on the other side were rigged with similar levers, albeit some appeared to be attached to liquid-grade conduits. What one could only assume to be the remnants of a piece of paper was stuck to one of the boxes, though what remained of it was but a single corner with a few alien letters left. The lockers lining the back wall were locked, but given stealth was out the window there should be no issues in brute force. Underneath the metal plate itself laid the desecrated corpse of an office chair, now flattened and snapped in multiple places and left of the industrial laminate flooring.


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Elevator Shaft

Marie just finished passing a current through the bulb, lighting up a large area before the creature scurried off. Her eyes were wide open, first looking at where the thing fell, then back up at the Overseer. "Do we...chase it? Or do we...go up there?"

The engineer craned her lightbulb around, waving it around like a large, luminescent...brick. Great. Maybe a stick of some sort was in order. Like, make it a staff of some sort. A flashlight-staff. Double ended for the counterweight and the ability to poke it into holes and stuff. Waterproof it too. Yeah. Yeah.

She started looking around the room for more scrap, mumbling to herself. "So, something long, conductive or non-conductive...doesn't matter, just needs to be durable. Then conductive materials...and tape. Yes, tape." She pulled out a few rolls of tape and started looking at how much she had to work with. Answer: Enough.

And thus the engineer went on about nerd things(tm) instead of anything else that mattered. Again.


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Shack A

Rhea stood before in the frame of the shack's open door for only a moment, staring down at the rubble. And the parts of the roof. Whyyy... She figured it was best not to li
nger on the matter, and quickly looked away with a mutter. In a fit of baby rage, she fiddled with the control panel, of course, wondering 'what could possibly go wrong now?' only to find that the panel was no longer powered. After, skirting around the Debris on the floor, of course.

"Just, dropping in to say hi are you? Are you still alive?" She finally asked Deimos- although she was sure he was okay- as she looked between the lockers in the back, and the set of drawers, and began searching amoung them for an acceptable key- or something to help fend off whatever angry thing may come running after hearing that noise. Behind her, one of the little glowing crystals was still being compressed through all of this, now glowing slightly and giving her a little light in the shack as she rummaged, while the other... well, it was just being weird, as she tried to stretch it apart. She considered trying to pick the locker's locks instead of looking for a key... Not that she needed to be quiet about it any more, she supposed... and with that train of thought, figured if she couldn't find keys to the lockers within the drawers here, that she'd just have Deimos smash the lockers like he smashed the roof.
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