RP: Yara Canon Episode I: No Place Is Home


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The War of The Builders had become a memory. Skyscrapers replaced temporary housing on Yara or as most preferred to call it New Noria. The five-year reign of her majesty Aerum Eitan I, the Vespa daughter of Tetsuya Eitan had brought about reforms, reconciliations, and the re-construction of some of what they lost when the old worlds had been destroyed. Soldiers who had fought in the battles had been long since laid to rest, and as Tetsuya had put it in his last meeting with his daughter, the veterans who survived had been put out to pasture in favor for a younger more modernized Imperial Navy that definitely had a certain expected Vespan dominance. It was a strange arrangement, a changing of the guard that had perhaps become a division of interests and strategies, even if themes of unifications were at every junction of Norian society. They had praised Tetsuya as a hero, his sacrifices when he had was held prisoner and his defeat of Morggho had bought their entire nation, their culture, from the brink of extinction. As with the three wars before it, he refused to hear anything of the sort and had turned down every offer Aerum had presented, the idea of ruling the nation in any way defeated the purpose of putting her on the throne, not that it was out of consideration for her, it was more out of the fact that he had never wanted it to begin with. The Imperial Navy had tried as well, pink-haired Vespan Admirals lined up the offers from his own fleet to some massive structure they were trying to build in what remained of the Lorenz System. It didn't suit his interests and failed to inspire anything except a certain bitterness that had landed him providing consulting for the shipyards. Everyone assumed it was so he could say he was busy and bury his head in the sand to outlive people's memories of his deeds and possibly even have ignorance settle in as long-term stasis remnants that were recovered from Ayenee and other bunker locations.

The death of General Arai Orinas, one of the few surviving members of his grandmother's true Order had given a name to his latest obsession. The Arai's Star, a tribute to the General and her centuries of loyalty and service to Noria would have become the new flagship of the Second Imperial War Fleet, a new hybridized Leviathan to compete with the Teal's Star and Sorin's mighty Seventh Fleet. The ship was a dwarf compared to the Teal's Star, yet could probably give the behemoth a run for its money, but really the technology shouldn't be compared with decades between design and completions. Tetsuya plans for the ship though departed the expected delivery of the navy and even his beloved daughter who sat on the throne; he intended to steal it. This is exactly what he accomplished. On the third space trial, the Arai's Star failed to return to its dock, forever. It left things uncomfortably, the Navy of course at the order of the Aester had to cease their search for the stolen ship, but it left things in a state of uncertainty between the man they had hailed a hero of war and the reformed nation to which his daughter sat on the throne. There was also a certain educated reluctance to search for Tetsuya. There were few Admirals that had a wish to see a coffin before they graced their new flagships or Citadels. Sightings of the stolen ship or Tetsuya became like myths told by ancient sea fearers who sought to entertain and enthuse bar wenches.

The end of the War had changed a man who had lived and breathed his people for centuries, it had washed away his faith. The worship of the builders was a joke to him, no longer did he or Noria fight their wars and it abandoned his heart as even the newest of the temples that everyone, save for a few straggling devotees, avoided.


Kehartha Station​

Former Noria System
The Refuge Tavern

It was the type of place you expected to find some Aelantean Smuggler claiming to be a Dysterian Merchant with wares from the early eras. The stains of the walls were corrosion, blood, or maybe even something a little less appetizing. It was an armpit, and not something very becoming of what had once been the capital system of the Norian Nation. Sure, in some corrupted way the system belonged to Noria; they sent a gunship through once a month and collected duty and checked in with the station's owner, who kept the truth out of those dialogs. The Refuge Tavern was a remnant of the war, established by refugees that had clung to the decaying, possibly still decaying busted up Kehartha Citadel. With all of that considered, it had evolved in marvels from the conditions that it had seen during those times.

"You know, I could arrest you right now," Sorin whispered as he sat down on the stool next to Tetsuya at the bar.

Tetsuya chuckled as his uncle spoke. He pushed a shot glass of T'hatha in his direction, "We could arrest each other, wouldn't that cause a ruckus? The two men who won the fucking war arrest each other and turn each other in. It would be a very confusing parade. The media wouldn't know their lips from their puckered assholes, not that they ever have." He leaned back on his stool and ran his fingers back through the short blue spikes of his hair.

Sorin downed the shot and closed his eyes for a second as he savored the potent liquor. He said, "Ah, they have no use for us. Just our ships, and mine, well... might be an antique. Your ship though, something tells me some rainbow-gilled dance man would give his testicles to take a ride in your chair. Where are the young ones? Got him scrubbing the deck plates or did he find himself a warmer berth, I hear the women on this bucket would suck the niranium off a navy jacket for a ticket off it." Sorin looked around the bar for Tetsuya's infamous twins.

"They will be along. You know as well as I do, they fancy each other more than anyone else," Tetsuya replied as he downed the shot in front of him and knocked the glass on the bar top in signal for the bartender to refill. "Plus, if that story was true, I wouldn't have a damn bit of gleam on my buttons and you know it. Speaking of buttons, find a new wardrobe. Something tells me wearing that uniform won't exactly find you healthy after my daughter receives your communication announcing you're fleet is autonomous." He smirked and then downed the second shot.

Sorin chuckled, "I designed the uniform, I will wear it. Plus, it looks good on me, someone has to look good in it since you obviously decided it was not your style. I will take the advice though, just to make you happy." Sorin eyed the second shot that was poured for him as well. He pushed it away from himself. "So where are we headed now? I suppose you have some kind of plan now that we've pissed off the very people we put in power." Sorin was unsure about what his nephew had planned, the change in allegiance though was something that was coming anyway. He and his fleet had never exactly been on the spoon, even before the last war.

"Wherever... somewhere," Tetsuya said sarcastically, and merely for dramatic effect. Tetsuya Eitan always had a plan.
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Kehartha Station​

Former Noria System
The Refuge Tavern

"Somewhere where the powers that be no longer have reach, I bet!" Exclaimed, in a very casual tone, a young Nax sporting his usual accoutrement of shirt - jacket - pants & boots that flattered his body like a fashion show of the masculine. In a hand, a drink he promptly took a whiff from then wondered if the bartender was trying to poison him and in his other hand, a chair he pulled up to the table as he muttered to himself. "The fuck is this shit he served me?"

"Ah, of course. Luxury has ruined your palette, we apologize." A soft-spoken voice replied from a different direction; female and very familiar to a father. Ania approached Tetsuya's chair and embraced him from behind, her 'assets' gently resting on his head. She wore light coloured garments that complimented her fair complexion and pearlescent hair. Her lilac gaze fell on Sorin with an amused smile. "We hope we aren't disturbing you both".

" Now I understand why the MANU-TOA brought us here. Hello Father. " The son strode in, steady on his feet and with mild enthusiasm. Less flashy than Nax, his appearance was made up of a black scarf, black military-grade outdoor jacket, matching military pants and boots, that had some somber yellow accents. Vraan was a tinkerer, he liked making his own unconventional arsenal, and so his outfit was most likely riddled with weapons and kits. Not that Nax was anything better, being partially cyborg.
Tetsuya closed his eyes as his daughter hugged herself around him from behind. A deep sigh left him as he cherished the moment of embrace. Ania always was so full of love. Her nature was that of tranquility, even in the worst of situations. He admitted silently that their attendance maybe was not guaranteed when he had first suggested it. Most of their people were entirely invested in rebuilding Noria under Aerum, not that it was a bad thing; it was just he knew that as comforting as the idea was - enemies just didn't vanish from the universe, Morggho would not have just given up. He placed his hand over where Ania's interlaced as he whispered, "Thank you for coming..." he then raised his voice and repeated it as Vraan joined them, "I'm glad the three of you came."

Sorin regarded Nax briefly. The cybernetic warrior had a bit of a case of loose lips and unlike the twins, he didn't have as much patience for his behavior, but it appeared Ania's words covered what needed to be said. "Ah, the fine examples of Eitan youth, come to partake on the journeys of danger and forgotten dreams. Whatever those are because he certainly is tight-lipped about it." Sorin was the rightful heir to the throne, a chair that like Tetsuya he had never wanted to have to sit in; he was more than relieved when Aerum proved herself ready, even if he complained about her naïve approach.

Sorin looked down for a moment and checked his volumetric interface, projected from the sleeve of his jacket. "That is strange..." he noted quietly. "I can't reach my ships. Any of our ships..." he declared as he looked towards Vraan and then at Tetsuya.

Tetsuya checked his communications as well, but even more so, his other connection to the ship through vespers was completely silent. "Something is wrong, I can't even raise the mindhive." He moved from Ania's grip and stood up. "I think we should make our way back to the docking area..." He turned to look towards the entryway to the Tavern, there was a group of six soldiers in uniforms he did not recognize standing there looking at them, "...it would seem answers come to us, instead of us to them today." The entire group was in a formation as to block the exit, some type of energy rifle pointed towards them.

"Let's try to keep things peaceful... find out who they are and why they're here... Try to get answers before we do anything." he communicated through the open Vesper with his uncle and his children.

The lead, and forward most of the six soldiers took a step forward. "Yes, I would do what he said and keep things peaceful. That and keep your hands where I can see them. There is no reason for anyone to get hurt, of course. You can slowly lower yourselves down to your knees, nice and easy," the soldier stated. Tetsuya's eyes narrowed as he followed the movement of the man. He questioned how the encrypted vesper link had somehow been compromised.
Glaring at their oppressors, the three reluctantly raised their hands. It dawned on them that their vesper link with each other no longer was secure. How the fuck could they hijacked something so intimate? This violation of their mind would come at a deadly price for those soldiers, that Nax swore to himself. Though hot-headed as he was, he did remain calm and calculating, always looking for an opening. His bladed wings were at the ready, unseen until ready to cross over to their current plane of existence. Thank Unya for the Divine Markings (tattoos) that made their transport so much easier for the Paecificans. His once double-pointed ears were trimmed down to one point to further hide his origins.

He glanced at Vraan who simply shook his head once. He too was on edge, but far from helpless. His weapon of choice was a symbiote from the MANU TOA. The biotech could change form according to obstacles and circumstances. Normally resting as a vambrace on his right forearm under the sleeve, the sentient being bided its time. Ania was the one who was the most at risk of danger. Ever since losing her connection with their Builder, she could no longer tap into divine interventions. Why it never came back, remained a mystery to the trio. She had been trained in hand-to-hand combat by her brother and some firearms by their guard and friend Nax, but none were a forte in her. However, they could not compete with her psyche; she would sooner die than become a liability, used against her own family. She didn't fear pain, she didn't fear death. It shone through her eyes.

Their hands remained up, but not down were their knees. They awaited the instinct of their elders for their next move.
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The leader of the group of soldiers started laughing as the Eitans got on their knees. She grinned from ear to ear and took a few steps forward. "I'm a little shocked you all actually got down on your knees. I'm going to regret not having filmed this," she said. "Get up, dust yourselves off... I am Captain Kaesarth and these are my associates. I work for Mister Kiri as part of the Kiri Chaebol. He sent me to get your attention, but I fear my little joke may have gone further than I intended." She motioned and her soldiers lowered their weapons and dispersed to various positions in the tavern. A few kept the bartender busy with orders and chit-chat.

Tetsuya got up. He raised a brow as he watched the woman, and she introduced herself. "You almost got yourself and your men killed, but since Koshiro is behind you; what is it you want from us?" He glanced back towards his son and daughter briefly and gave a slight nod, showing that it was alright.

"Again, my apology for the disruption. Mister Kiri would like to invite a parley between you all and him. It is critical, of course, we will cover any costs to your fleet and offer some appropriate lodging. We've caught wind of your separation from the rest of your people and are more than happy to provide a free berth, some repairs, and a few supplies for free, and more if you're willing to pay, of course." the Captain spoke to Tetsuya, Sorin, and his crew.

Sorin remained quiet, still a little weary after being held at gunpoint. He was still curious, though, how the woman had breached the encrypted vesper between Tetsuya and his kin.
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