[Episode 2.5] Reprise


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"... I accept."

"If I know these brutish morons, they're not just after anything. If you look back in the ship they stole anything even remotely related to key management. Anything related to my systems was stolen from the vessel. Not food, not Arcadian artifacts, nothing of value to you. That ship of mine not only contains all the keys and tools I had from my lab, but also fragments the last project I had ever built. It's a cornerstone to their efforts, and would allow them to attain the power they had saw in these... Imprints, as you say." Romulus looked to Keith, his body still lying close to the floor. "And as for the aspect of the keys... If you wonder why I need to keep an eye on Reman, just ask the figurehead of their cult who's being stabilized within him. He won't go away until the Mechanic does, and until we can either separate the two of them, or keep Reman using a regulator to slow his growth, You'll have to let me know how that turns out if I'm not there to hold up my end of the deal."

Romulus shifted his center of mass in his chair as to push himself upright. The most he was able to manage was a near 40 degree angle before the chair slammed with a thud back onto the cold, icy grass. "And since the alchemist has volunteered himself, you can leave the Echyllis transfer to me. If you want me to babysit the mechanic, then that's what I'll do."

"Also, Fix my mistakes?" Romulus let out an even heartier laugh than before, straight from the gut. "I've never been able to, what makes you think you've got a chance at defeating Urane? Sheer Hubris? If he gets even an inch on anything you've ever made, you will watch it crumble to dust. Mark my words."

Reman, dazed and confused just sat in his chair, not knowing what to make of what even went down before him. The cold, noisy air had only made the feeling worse on his parasitic growth, but he braced for whatever came next. If it would help him cure the mutation, then he was all for it. No matter how conflicting his interests were toward the process as a whole. As for the bracer, he knew now why he couldn't take it off before. It was restraining him, like a collar on a caged beast. In his mind, he really was an animal.


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"I would preferably have him write in every last gap we have researched up to current date that he can," Marie began. "We have many holes in our information, such aaaassss..."

And just like that, as soon as Juryrig closed the door behind him, Marie's train of thought went out instantly. No warning, just poof, leaving Marie simply staring into the air with a blank mind, making a sound that went something like "uhhhhh..."

"Well," she started up after a while. "I can try. I'd like to investigate his tools first, though."


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Dahlia leaned back, her arms folded over another. The Captain looked over at the Overseer, sharing an equal look for once. The Overseer raised an open palm, an expression of indifference to the projected threat of the artificer. The captain returned to the man, laying against the cold ground. "Fine then. Jury, pick him up. Take them to the back of the cargo bay." The captain waved a hand to the alchemist, letting him set the alchemist upright from their previous tantrum. She turned to face the rest of the crew, watching as the hurried campfire began to dwindle on fuel and light. "Come on gang, we've got a ship to inventory."

As the alchemist got to work untying the man, in whatever way he deemed most appropriately, the Overseer stepped forward for a final warning. "Take note as you go about your work- I will be watching you."

The trio of scientific rejects felt the air around them shift, with a decent weight falling on Romulus right shoulder as the three Pixy units entered their peripherals. The round machines stared deeply into the three from the side, an ensemble of lenses and sensors shifting from behind their green glass dome in an eerie, almost insect-like way. There could almost be more hardware in those eyes than the Overseer themselves. though no one was able to verify that with the present model. "Carefully."

OSC-01 raised a wing, and the three Pixy units abandoned their position, returning to a neutral halo around the shoulders of the Overseer, where they retained their surveillance. The Overseer followed the Captain, refusing to look back at the detainees and instead letting the Pixy units do so. As she passed, she rotated an unfurling feather like a baton, snapping it back to catch the severed receiver of the Veteran in its vice. "We've already reached this understanding."


The Captain walked towards the ship, taking the time to check her pistol over for damage. As she came across them, she picked up wayward shells, pocketing them for later reloading. It didn't take long for her to notice the Overseer following her at an equal pace. "Hey, I meant to tell you something earlier."

OSC-01 said nothing, but tilted her head as Dahlia continued shortly after. "Thank you, for taking that... slag, for me. I think I deserved it for what I said."

The Overseer nodded her head down for a moment, before returning. They came back with a detached answer. "It's in the best interest of us both that you- and your crew don't get crushed, Miss Morgan." OSC-01 paused, glancing briefly in the direction of the detained knights and the Pixy units without actually moving her head. "You don't really trust the man, do you?"

Dahlia gave a filling up, holstering the pistol. She could tell there was something about the Overseers pause, but not enough to justify calling it out. "Not really. But, that's why I have you."

The Overseer froze for a tick, looking back at the Captain with a tempered gaze. "The deal you cut him sounded familiar. We still need to talk when this is all past, and refactor our agreement."

Dahlia leaned on her good leg, rubbing her hands together to stave off the cold air. After a moment, a smile formed. "I'd say you're proving your merit fast. You did good looking out for the crew during that scuffle. I figure since he'll be moving into the cargo bay for the moment..."

The captain rubbed her hand on her pants, extending it outwards. "Welcome aboard, Osco. Properly."

The Overseer slowed, looking down at the captains extended hand. There was a moment of consideration, a wing raised. An opening. After a momentary silence, the Overseer dropped the wing, walking past the captain as she shook her head. "You really need to find better standards, Morgan."

Dahlia frowned, her brow furrowed for a moment as she dropped her hand. She turned to face the departing Overseer, refusing to let them go so fast. She spoke as she warmed her arms folded under her torso. "You can't tell me you don't care for the crew, after all that. The tin bird has a heart, I can see it."

The Overseer continued at her pace towards the Downrider, not looking back. "I assure you, absolutely not. Arcandum is far denser than tin."
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