[Episode 2.5] Reprise


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“Correction: I do not.” Marie’s voice stated from the doorway, a faint hint of green fading from her eyes. “I only decided to do a bit of information collecting. It seems like things paid off.”

Romulus turned briefly, and saw the Scientist standing in the doorway, aim unchanged, holding the gun about a good meter away from Reman’s head.

Then you understand why I had to do what I did, do you? Or are you just going to believe Amperia saving their ass over an experiment going terribly, terribly wrong?

“I understand you cleaning up your experiment, Romulus,” Marie started as she walked down the steps. “My missing link is why you began your experiment in the first place. Why you collected him, as well as…”

She opened her notebook. “Subject Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Theta, and Lambda. And then me, of course.”

Collected?” Romulus began laughing hysterically, before shouting; “You were VOLUNTEERS!” His trigger finger grew itchy as he wanted to cease this conversation and end Reman.

“Well, I don’t believe I remember ever signing a waiver or anything...I suppose someone ‘volunteered’ me in,” Marie answered as she began to draw lines of polarized atoms of water in the slush beneath their feet.

That’s because you were a project worker. You worked under me. And I’m done with this prattle. The glory of science is not to keep this senseless killing and this untamed murderer alive to hurt the populus. Science was never meant to kill, it’s glory lies in those who benefit. Nobody benefits from a monster.” His finger slid briefly off the trigger, starting the process of hurtling the bullet down the chamber.

“One last question before you do, Romulus,” Marie interjected.

His grip was steadied but for a moment. In that second, 100 volts and five amps of power jolted through his body.

“Ever heard of a voltage transformer?” Marie’s question came across, after the shock ended.

Romulus grip slipped under the compression of his muscles, and the bullet flew off course, striking the mechanic’s headset, dead on, cleaving it in two. Reman mustered as much strength to run as he could, briefly in shock at the situation he awoke to.

“I lied, by the way. I do trust Reman -- at least more than I trust you, especially after you so kindly gave me just enough information to draw conclusions of what we should really be worried about,” Marie continued.

Trying to shrug off the barest effects of the amperage, Romulus caught up with Reman and held him up by the collar.

Under his restricted breath, Reman talked with every ounce of air he could muster out of his lungs. “I- I know you probably don’t trust me but I- I still do. I don’t believe him, and I don’t know if you do, but-” Reman was caught strangled by his captor, and slowly but surely his feet were being removed from the ground as gravity started doing more of the work than the actual choking did. “Please- Believe in me- f- for a moment!

Shut up.

“The Beast doesn’t matter anymore, Romulus. Someone’s after the source of the keys. The people in Bivona -- they were after SARCOM. Arcadia’s banks of military research.” Marie stated. “You’re cleaning the wrong person here.”

This goes far beyond those wretched folk. I’m making sure nothing gets past me anymore. The first time I let down my guard, the medbay was-” Romulus tightened his grip. “QUARANTINED.” He said with gnashing teeth.

The… Driver…” Reman uttered, as he reached out to Romulus’s holster, slowly removing the yellow key from his belt, letting Romulus focus on strangling him, as he semi-limply tossed the key towards Marie.

As it landed on the ground with a thud, Romulus briefly looked over at the new spot it landed at. Even further enraged, he knew she had a choice. “Don’t you DARE.

I… Trust… Y-

Marie looked at Reman, pausing for a moment. Then she looked up at Romulus.

“For the glory of science, you say...” Marie answered.

You pick that up and you will NEVER go back to having a peaceful life.

Marie’s hand bristled with electricity, the key itself melting a small puddle around it. She picked it up off the ground. “Sorry, but I signed that away the moment I jumped on this ship.”

Click click click.

You have no idea what you’ve just done.” Romulus put down the monster he sought, as Reman fell to the ground coughing and gasping for air.

“You can’t possibly have forgotten the original meaning of the phrase, can you?” Marie replied. She took the driver out of her pocket.

Click. Ka-chunk.

Process System Ready.

“Therefore...for the glory of science it is.”

Romulus took out the veteran and loaded it with the Inferno key, Pointing it not at Reman, but straight towards Marie. He flicked a lever on the side and the standard rings of flame ejected from the core of his body. Hazard labels were plastered on the outside for a purpose no longer relevant.

I know the meaning of it. I was the one who coined it.

“That’s a lie, I’ve read our history books. Besides, this is mine anyways.” Marie slid open the cover, inserted the key, and closed it back down, the driver coming to life. The seams of the driver filled with yellow, before turning into a pale blue. The vents hissed, releasing the sharp smell of ozone into the cold air.

Voltage: Standing By.

Before or AFTER I was purged from them?” Romulus made nothing of the sudden change in color the key underwent, simply thinking it was a state of the driver.

“It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that it means whatever you make of it.” Marie replied, raising her arm up at Romulus.


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Commons Area

Keith half-heartedly threw aside the VR headset as he returned to reality. What an... eccentric experience. In truth, he was caught off guard by the realistic first-person recording he experienced. It brought back memories the ex-sergeant would rather have kept buried, and as such, it was no surprise his attention to the documentary was completely stolen away. In the end, Keith awoke back in the Downrider with trembling knees and ragged breath.

Kneeling down on the ship's floor for better balance, his eyes darted back and forth between the commotion brewing outside and his own hands, in a panicked search for something that wasn't there—phantasms from the past, perhaps. Finally, the informant reached for his bandolier, weakly grabbing at one of his stun grenades and pulling the pin with his teeth. "I'm fine, I'm..." he said, lobbing the flashbang outside. "I just need some rest."

He pulled his hood down over his eyes to shield them from the blast. That should buy everyone some time...


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ISS Downrider

One of the first things rhea saw as she finally came back to reality and reacquainted herself with her suroundings, was a conspicuously explosive shaped object being hurled across the room, as she lifted the headset off herself. Her pupils quickly shrunk to pinpricks, as she decided to quickly hop onto the ground, and with a mighty jump- assisted by crystals shoving her upwards and forwards- to hop to the other side of the room, and behind some furniture.

There was time later to take stock of the situation and see who needed beating up- or... she could just let the others handle it, afterall she was pretty sure they were going to be either shooting guns around, or, be using those ridiculous things from before... if she had to, she may well take one for herself just to not be helpless when push came to shove, but... well, she'd rather not use things that are so obviously just experimental, probably bad for your health level weapons.

When she finally landed on the other side of one of the couches, she curled down and covered her ears, closing her eyes, ready to wait out the explosion. If the worst case scenarios came to pass, she supposed she could probably, maybe help... But, she didn't really want to just slam somone with her powers so quickly after seeing the rather savage demises of those explorers at the hands of one using powers so similar to her own. "O-osco... help?" She murmured, almost too quiet for anyone to really hear.


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Hey uh, I’d be careful where I’d tread riiiiiiight around now, because ho boy I’m seeing some thin ice for miles.” That voice was familiar; just that mix of the insane and ominous, like a true twenty sided die whose fate remained undecided. Out from the metaphorical shadows; came the intercepting madman, Juryrig himself. He twirled a headset around his left index finger, and that was the only thing he had on hand.

The alchemist glanced down at Reman, and couldn’t help but wolf whistle at the guy. “Y’know, if I had no dick… Nah, nah I ain’t gonna go there. Fun thought, though.

Upon closer inspection, the growth on his arm had reached all the way to his shoulder, revealing a kind of thin, wispy fur underneath his overalls, glowing green with unknown energy. “I don’t- really know what to- GHK!

Romulus kicked Reman further away as he prepared to fire his weapon.


Marie responded in kind. “Check.”

The flashbang flung out into the crowd, and with a gentle tak, burst in between the two driver users. Reman tried to cover his eyes as best as he could from the blast.

Romulus quickly tapped his trigger to initiate the transformation, the rings around his body forming an undersuit before compiling the projectiles exiting the gun’s barrel into armor, letting them fling forward before growing and merging with areas of his suit. The whole thing together with a nauseating hiss as thick black smoke poured out of every crease it could find its way out of. Anyone who was inside the observatory could recognize it as the mysterious armored knight who had entered earlier to assist in taking down the Breaker-Type.

Marie simply pulled back on the levers on the side. An explosion fired out from the barrel of the driver, ejecting fast clouds of echyllis forwards and backwards, the forward one quickly materializing into a web of electricity, bouncing off of the rings Romulus’s driver emitted, before heading back, forming large rings around Marie as her clothing melted away into a bright light, before generating a bodysuit layer underneath.

The one from behind Marie turned into pieces of armor, clamping on from behind. Around her head formed what appeared to almost be like a crown, and on her torso was a chestplate and shoulder guards. Her legs were covered by guards, and as the light dissipated, a pale blue light drew long lines of silver across her armor.

Meanwhile, Juryrig had crouched beside Reman, looking at the corrupted arm. “Hm… Fascinating bologna, Reman, very fascinating. You want this arm, still?

Y-Yeah. I’ve had mutation before but, not like… this. It’s like something’s trying to make its way out.

The alchemist said the following with a straight face, as opposed to his ear-to-ear grin: “I know. I’ve had my fair share of ‘mutation without consent’ like this.

Reman touched it only briefly before the scales lined themselves with spikes. He recoiled and drew his hand back before laying on his back to rest. “He said something about a beast… and he only freaked out when he noticed I saw that one area… that one I saw in my dreams and nightmares before… The park…

Yep!” Jury changed attitude with unsurprising speed. “I’ve heard this had been happening since that bracer of yours came off the first time. Makes me think it could be centralized in that arm, or alternatively the renegade transmutation is just everywhere. If it were in the arm I would LOVE to cut it off! I’m sure someone will be willing to buy pieces of transmutated flesh.

L-let me-” With a lurch of his arm, he clamped the ground involuntarily. In a ghastly, rough voice as if thrown out by something otherworldly, Reman released his grip and held onto juryrig. “Wh- S h OW yoU.” In Juryrig’s vision, he gained a brief view of the vision Reman saw right before entering the simulation, but instead of just the park, a great and terrible tower of obsidian black and deep purple loomed in the distance, lead by a path of light and lit by nothing but the cacophonous purple haze around it.

The alchemist gripped onto that arm; the ‘brother’ was forced to see this vision, and that scared him. Juryrig, on the other hand, eyed down at Reman like a hungry predator, restrained by a collar bounded to a concrete wall with iron chains. He did not like having that forced upon him, especially if it hurt his brother.

I aamM the PRo Gen iTOr, aN d I wanT to eSc aPE. I waS th e FIRst. I aM sIgm-” His voice got cut as reman went out like a light, and passed out for the fifth, maybe sixth time on this trip. The Cyclone key in his pocket was glowing in response to the sudden outburst, as if it was repressing the entity within reman, and the mutation slipped down just slightly as the spikes retracted from his arm.

Quietly, Juryrig nabbed the Cyclone key, and took a look at it. “Well… ‘Progenitor’, your ‘firstness’ really showed. Can’t even take over a host right,” he mumbled, and not to anything in particular.

Once jury retracted the key from contact with reman, the mutation started to act on it’s own, trying to not take the key, but to take it further away from the host.

... Fascinating.” Juryrig caught up to the body, and stuffed the key down Reman’s pants. Could he have just put it in the pocket? Yeah… Yeah.

Reman woke up briefly afterwards, choosing to ignore the uncomfortableness of the whole situation. “This… Is unlike any dream I’ve ever had before… I saw… The park... A tower…” Reman had regained control over his faculties but could barely move. “There was someone there. He spoke to me and opened me up like I was- He said he was the first of something, he- he- He was hooded, and he bore a bunch of empty key husks… But not like the ones milled here. They are more rough and coarse, like they were carved out of something… He pointed towards the tower...” Reman broke down in tears, unable to describe what he saw in that brief moment of semi-lucidity.

Jury had nothing to say, not right away, anyways. His attention wasn’t focused, not until a moment after Reman stopped explaining.

Reman regained his composure enough to speak again. “There was… A chimera there. It was… Familiar… It seemed connected to the figure. I knew the armor dragged a creature from somewhere, but I couldn’t have possibly imagined…

The beast? Of course you couldn’t.” Romulus broke his streak of silence, staring down the armored assistant. “That chimera was let out the moment you decided to go back to The Nothing. And as for that who was talking. That was Sigma. The man who decided one day to show up at my lab and present to me the first key. The catalyst for me wanting to start project round table. He said I could use it as a tool, but it instead became an instrument of warfare.” He materialized his broadsword in one hand only, it’s flaming blade hovering inches above the fallen snow, carving an indent that wasn’t there. “It’s an anchor to that world.

... Alright, I want to get this outta the way: who the heck is going to trust some guy named ‘Sigma’ with dubious tech in the first place?

He wasn’t anyone I knew, but we were starved for artifacts from arcadia. It was a research assignment that spiraled out of control. The armor there is a testament to what we have here. A spiteful remnant of two families who fought until there was nothing left.

The madman of the group stroked his copper-colored hair back, and chuckled. “More Juryrigs, lovely. And you’re going to gut Reman for that, right?

That was my mistake. Reman’s was that he gave in.

...” Juryrig glanced at Reman, and shrugged. “Yeah, the guy’s got a point. You’re a wuss.

Romulus took his first step forward as he sprinted towards Marie, drawing his blade so he could try to swipe at her midsection. “I’m doing this FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!

Marie dodged, rolling to the side. “So your answer was to become a monster worse than Arcadia ever was?” she asked, tapping on her driver.

...No weapon.

“Hey Juryrig, can you conjure something for me?” she asked.

Conjure, eh? I think I could make something for you, darling~” Juryrig says, leaning on nothing. “I always carry paper and chalk, but what could you possibly need during these trying times, I wonder…” He wiped out his paper and chalk, and began to scribble, write, and draw with haste and fluidity. “La de dum, de dayum dum…

BREAK!” Romulus shouted, and the driver responded in kind, lighting the blade up like a gigantic blowtorch, as he prepared to swing the massive blade towards Marie.

A reflex in Marie made her push the button on her driver, as one of her macros automatically drew a line from her location behind Romulus, routing her leg to strike Romulus from behind, before heading away. For a moment, her senses stretched, going to near-lightspeed. She vaguely remembered her leg flashing out, striking Romulus, before she skidded to a stop, leaving a trail in the snow. What?

Upon collision of any ordinary weapon to this armor, it would just discolor it’s surface, but the collision of the two knights sent waves of every color imaginable through the suit, cascading in even lines and surfaces, bending at precise angles in patterns small and unfathomable before vanishing just as fast.

Reacting in kind, he swung out in a huge circle, surrounding everyone present in a towering ring of fire, leaving the bare ground exposed as if it was isolated. Romulus knew he couldn’t beat voltage’s speed, but he did know what would slow Marie down enough. He switched his key to Zone, and in a flash, his armor converted, the shoulderpads, chestplate and helmet changing form in the barest way, as the greatsword reformatted itself into two sentry drones, located on opposite shoulders.

I’m sorry, but it has to be this way. I’ve tried countless times.

- And then I carry the four and the titanium bosmiate plasteel… Should do the trick.” Juryrig folded up the blueprint into a paper plane, and tossed it at Marie’s general direction. “SUPER STICK, DEPLOY!”

The paper plane drifted down, and stuck itself in the ground behind Marie; eh, it was close enough. A second after, a pillar of flame erupted, forming a geyser alchemical power that stretched high above, ripping the ground and snow apart and forging a polearm with fins and a sharp point. The pillar died, and the alchemically created spear landed back down, its point embedded itself into the divet in the earth that its birth made, making its tesla coil pommel indirectly more prominent. It hummed from just being close to the Voltage user.

... Alternatively you can call it Electro Spear or something. ElectriDick? Shock-N-Awe? Name needs work.”


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ISS Downrider

Dahlia grunted as she came back into consciousness not fully in the position or state she went under in. And of course, the Overseer was gone. The Captain looked around the cabin, but was sent onto her back in alarm as the blast of a flashbang grenade seeped through the doorway. "WHAT THE GREAT HELL IS GOING ON OUT THERE?"

The Captain climbed to her feet, making her way towards the doorway.

Tundra - Not Too Far Away

A rather strange grouping of souls stood on a nearby ridge overlooking the entire debacle that was unfolding on the cold tundra in front of the ISS Downrider. They were dressed in rather fashionable if not overdone black and white robes, generally matching in scheme. They sat there,watching through a pair of inconspicous binoculars, One of them, a dark skinned man with notable grey stubble broke the silence. "So, is it him? The scientist?"

A younger and skinnier man with olive skin broke in, mouth full of sandwich. "No shit, Gallo, We've been following his signature for a few weeks now. The madmans willing to go into a rage just about anywhere these days."

An older woman spoke rashly, silencing the two. She kept her baggy eyes glued to the binoculars, watching the back and forth banter that had become muffled over the distance. "Shut your traps before I boil the both of you. This is interesting..."

The sandwich man huffed, flicking a switch on the immaculate devices that ran up his calves. It seemed he didn't care about the old hags shallow insults. "Whatever floats your goat. What about that other one... thing. They don't seem to the Institutes pet project."

Gallo looked down at the scanner on his lap, rubbing his temples. "Still, an unmarked echyllis signature. Arcadian, Clef?"

The younger man, Clef, shrugged. "Do I look like a machinist? I'm the breach man."

The trio sat in silence for quite some time, watching.



"So, are we gonna intervene or what?" Clef broke in.

The old hag grunted, but the noise gave in to a chuckle. "In a minute, this is a little entertaining. Get your gear in check."

Tundra - Bivonan Standoff

As Romulus' drones whirred with energy, he heard the rather chastising voice of the Overseer speak up behind him. "What part of 'and we’ll all get along fine' did I lose you at?"

Unfazed and remaining steady, Romulus responded to the overseer. "Maybe you don't truly get the gravity of this yourself, overseer. I'm sure you were able to see the beast manifest itself once more. My actions are self explanatory." Romulus reached quickly for his gun holster, aiming to try and use it for Zone's portals.

OSC-01 continued, completely tranquil by the potential threat the man was making. "If you're looking for my understanding, Romulus; What I see is a man with an ego too large to face his past mistakes, so he'd rather eliminate it with the life of an innocent than put forth the humility to fix it." The Overseer paused, coming across as almost sympathetic for the gunman. "And that nature can be self destructive. Come now, this is something we can settle in a myriad of ways. Why not drop that arm and deal with this in the best light."

Dahlia peeked out of the doorway to the Downrider in the aftermath of the flashbang, started at the standoff that was building outside. After a few seconds though, she squinted.

"I appreciate that, but I let him go a while back, and look at what happened. What realistically am I supposed to do?" Romulus took the gun from his holster and aimed it at the ground, thinking of a way to gain momentum fast enough to keep up with Voltage's speed. "I bet you also know more than you let on. Do you know about that sick, twisted mistake I made yet, or did you miss that whole conversation?"

The general sympathy washed away, replaced with a tinge of annoyance. "They didn't pick the title of Overseer for vanity, I heard- But the worst mistake is the one you're on track to make. So drop that knock-off reactor you call a gun, or face me."

"Y'know, I like your style. Unfortunately, unless I act now, Reman's fusion level will climb uncontrollably until that mutation consumes him, there will be not much left to regret if I don't do something now. I may consider the latter if you intervene." Romulus aimed the gun into the sky to try and create the other portal.

With the pronounced stamp of hard dirt, the Overseer stepped forward into Romulus' view. There she stood with a weak arm, a feather missing, and no weapons drawn. As he rose the unorthodox gun to the sky, OSC-01 clenched her metal palm over the barrel, looking the man dead in the eye with her own floating only a few inches away. She spoke sternly as she held both the gun and the armored man there. "If this truly is the way you want to go about this..."

The intensity of her gaze waned, looking down. After a moment, the Overseers grip on the barrel loosened and let go. "Then by all means," OSC-01 spoke as she pulled her hand away, curling it close to her chest as she stepped back from him. "Don't let me stop you."

Romulus paid no mind, and just looked back briefly. "Good, despite my demeanor, I'd rather no harm come to the crew, if someone's in my way then-" He returned, squeezing on the trigger. The gun hissed and jolted from the energy release- but nothing else happened. The projectile never appeared to leave the barrel, as if it misfired. The only difference was a shift of weight in the barrel.

Romulus turned around with an incredulous look. "What? The hell did you just do?" Romulus tried to read the display briefly, it just seemed as if the projectile system itself outright was tampered with. Trying to check, the machine had no known diagnostic to properly tell what happened. "Wh- How?"

The Overseer looked on, raising her good hand in general ignorance.

"My armor isn't gone but you seemed to have... Jammed the gun entirely..." Romulus was more confused than ever. Thinking it'd probably be fine if he fired another bullet, as if it was a jam, he could likely fire through the spare energy from the other bullet. He squeezed the trigger again, curious but cautious of the result. The energy built up in the back of the gun and jolted upon its release- this time with catastrophic results. In a single second of violent vibration, the guns barrel overheated. With a sickening crack, the sides of the barrel split and bloomed, releasing a burst of uncontrolled flame and shrapnel as a different projectile was slung into the air.

The fired rod spun and sank itself into the dirt a few meters away. It was a metal capsule created from embossed white arcandum, housing a clean green Echyllis crystal that burned green like a flare in the tundra. The engraved markings at the head of the rod told the story loud and clear- an Oakland Heavy Industries ECL-Reactor Fuse.

"Good," commented the Overseer as the usual amount of sharpness returned to her voice. "Now we're even."

With that, the Overseer lunged to the side, slinging their good arm around to strike Romulus in the back of his head with the blunt feathers that orbited around her balled fist.


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It's Heckin' Cold In This Here Tundra (For most people, anyway)

A copper haired alchemist picked up the cylinder that fell to the wayside, using metal tongs with handles made of some alien moisturized wood. "Oakland... Now would you look at this, brother; we got ourselves a real national treasure."

Juryrig pocketed the tube away in his coat, as well as the tongs. "Well, a national treasure to the nation of Juryrig: population of two."

Naturally, he flicked his coat, and proceeded to watch the fight for his amusement for a moment, and then proceeded to write up alchemical programs.

"... Would it hurt to try and help?"

"Yeah, bro, it would. Don't ask such a dumb question."

"But we know what Reman's going through, it's just like us!"

"Ho oh no, it's nothing like us! At least I'm not trying to smite your metaphorical rump to the Shadow World, like 'Progitinator'... God I really can't take that thing seriously, but you get the point, Thomas."

"... Okay... But you totally get the feeling we're being watched, right?"

The alchemist, whom had been think-talking to his host all this time, chuckled before resuming to think-talk. "Oh totally, bro. That's why I'm drawing up alchemical programs for more Boy Scouts. I'll even give them a head start by going slow."


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Marie grabbed the spear from the ground, testing its weight. It was well-balanced, and more importantly, made exactly as to how she'd like it. Interesting...?

Weapon bound.

No time for questions now, though. Now was the time she needed to finish off Romulus, as his driver was having issues. She activated her speed again, her afterimage barely a jolt of lightning, straight to Romulus's flank. Exactly at the moment of arrival, her mind began to arrange the ions in the air. Two thin and long parallel strands, on both sides of Romulus, trapping him between them. Just wide enough for the spear. Behind Romulus was a coil of ions as well, arranged perfectly into a spiral loop. She pulled on the lever, just under the bracer.

"You lose, Romulus Aurum."

Full Charge.

For a brief moment, the air crackled as oxygen was torn apart by the energy, transformed into ozone. For a brief moment, one could see the lines of ions in the air that Marie had drawn. In that briefest of moments, Marie's form crackled with electric energy as she threw the spear down the improvised barrel at such a quick speed that it appeared as a bolt of lightning, flying skywards, leaving a BOOM in its wake.


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ISS Downrider

Rhea, after... most of the fiasco left and the interior quieted down a but, hopped up to follow Dhalia out of the ship, quickly pulling on shoes, and her coat as apropriate to avoid freezing to death in the brief time she'd be outside. "Dh- uh... Captain, what's going on is, all the people with their weird, experimental suit weapons, are pretty much crazy and all in different ways! And now, they want to kill each other for... I Can't remember, but its probably stupid." She finally caught up- and, after some deliberation, decided to let the captain walk first, but stuck very close behind her. She didn't actually NEED to stand infront of somone to try and save them from a disaster so long as she stuck fairly close!

Though, as she watched the fight between them revving up, she didn't feel quite brave enough to intervene- not the smallest of reasons, was that she was not in one of those crazy suits. The others being, she definitely wasn't ready to try her luck at nonlethal combat. She sure was confident in her skills not too long ago, but most of these people are all using some crazy technology, have some strange ability, or are simply good at what they do, and admitedly, though she liked to brag, most of the time she'd just find more effecient, creative ways to run and hide.

"... is uh, this the part where you threaten to not pay them and then strand them?" She asked, from behind the captain, the thoroughly wrapped up in winter gear smol peering out at the surroundings, shifting uncomfortabely as, it looked like the fight against romulous was going a little too well.
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