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The mechanical train hummed along hovering feet above the cold frozen ground as it cut through the blizzard with speed. It traveled from the major populations and sometimes even other planets when need be. The train carried goods, passengers, and the hope of a nation. The director of the train was Chana Peshang, many aboard called her mother, the goblins called her motherboard. She was an android created by the mage and elected president of the Eastern Republic Xelilo Peshang. Her other creator was Xelilo's mate Lone Ashtir an inventor and warrior who had grown up with Xelilo. Many years ago, the world was at war, two enemies came to the Eastern Republic and unleashed a powerful spell. Xelilo and the mages of the republic were able to contain its destructive power for a time. The spell however had other long-lasting effects however, radiation sickness began to slowly kill the people. The Eastern Republic had been a vast city that spanned the entirety of the kingdom's borders, every inch of land had been assimilated into the city.

Chana had been created to absorb the magic of the spell, but she also absorbed the magic that held back the destructive force of the spell. She had been designed to mind scan the survivors that were dying, to learn from them and to store the mind and hearts of a nation. They would be reborn by her into a new synthetic existence as androids someday. The train was created to be the carrier of those who still lived. The train would ferry them out of the time held spell and the borders of the doomed lands. Chana had been designed to read the emotions of others and experience them. Perhaps a flaw she had thought.

25 years earlier...

A vortex had opened in the glowing dome surrounding the Eastern Republic the energy of the spell and its counter were being drain into Chana's back. It powered her and enhanced her abilities, whatever she needed was stored in an almost infinite battery space. She watched the survivors funneling past her, their faces were relieved and scared. Suddenly a rose up from the front as evacuees turned to run back into the vortex. She watched as black arrows pelted the survivors existing the dome. She moved forward and could see an army entrenched like hungry wolves at the border of the Republic. Darkthornes, they fired arrows on the survivors taking pleasure in the murder of innocents. Their faces carried with them rage and malevolence, these feelings were new to her and combined with the fear of her people forged a new emotion. She covered the retreat of her people and closed the portal on the advancing Darkthornes. The few that entered fell victim to her defensive capabilities. One was kept for questioning via mind scan by her. She was able to find out that it had been many years since the dome was created. The war had long ago ended and many of the nations that had engaged in it were long since dead. A group of survivors made of those who managed to flee the Republic before the dome and some refugees from distant lands had formed.

They had been captured, tortured, and enslaved by the Darkthornes and their leader Skorn. The next five years Chana spent building the train that would carry her people from dome. It would have the defensive abilities to protect them and the offensive to deal with the Darkthornes. The livable area within the dome shrank day by day.

Chana: "Through sacrifice we shall survive! We all serve the Republic!"

Those who were chosen were mind scanned and as the space shrank, they were the first to die so that others could survive. The greater good of the whole must come from the sacrifice of the many. This became a way of life for many years. She was programmed to keep the nation alive one way or another. The train would have to do, it would carry them and protect them. Five years of her people's sacrifice had brought them to this day. The vortex opened once more; 20 years had passed since their first attempt at escape. The Domůvlak shot through the vortex surprising the enemy forces. Laser turrets and homing missiles made quick work of the enemies. The freed slaves were welcomed aboard the train and the few remaining Darkthornes were left at the border of the Republic. As the train shot off into the distance the spell that held back the destructive forces was released. The Darkthornes were witness to a glowing horizon that consumed them.

The Present...

A child came running over to Chana hugging her leg.

Child: "Thank you mother for protecting us! At our last stop I made this for you." The child presented Chana a paper chain with the child and her parents holding the hand of a grey black lined female. "You see. That one is you."

Chana: "Thank you little one." An android pushed a cart lined with freshly baked rolls. Chana took one from the cart and gave it to the child. "For you in return."

The child was very surprised at the offering and took the roll hiding it away in her jacket.

It was strange to have so many resources now. They had a food allowance for many years before and after the escape. It was a crime to hoard or steal food for many years. Today though marked the day they had escaped the dome. Today was a day for celebration and so her people feasted. Chana looked at a poster on the wall with her creators pointing. They pointed at her, and she held out her arms to a sea of people all marching forward. The rays of the sun shot out from behind her. It was meant to remind her people of the day they were freed.

There were many different races in the Republic.

Goblins: They had once ruled over kingdoms beneath the city streets. Many were now engineers or maintenance workers. A few had been made into androids because of their superior skills in engineering. They lived now in the lower level of the train cars. The few that survived. Many of the goblins were resistant to the aide offered by the humans. Because of their selfishness and refusal to become part of the whole they died foolishly. Stubbornness and Individualism was frowned upon in the new Republic.

Elves: The elves had lived in the forest cities of the Republic and much like the goblins refused the aide of the humans. When times were tough the elves didn't want to give up their trees and magical artifacts to the Republic so they could forge the train. This caused a war within the dome that threatened to wipe out all survivors within. Only a few of the elves, those that gave up their magical belongings and forest were welcomed into the Republic. All things belong to the Republic. No one claims ownership of land or properties inside the Republic. This prevents resource hoarding for when times call upon their usage. Only a few elves were made into androids and only a small band escaped with the survivors.

Humans: The humans of the Republic had always relied upon technology and magic to survive. They had used both to expand the borders of the Republic and cover every square inch of their nation in city buildings and life. They had built a wall around the city meant to keep out invaders, but also outside ideals. Only those trading goods not ideals were allowed inside the vast city-nation. The religions and political beliefs of foreigners were constantly assaulting their nation, but those who transgressed were punished accordingly. Xelilo had relaxed these restrictions during his reign, but they quickly led to the nation becoming embroiled in world war. Some viewed Xelilo's rule as being the catalyst of the nation's downfall. Though it was clear that the walls that kept out outsiders also prevented the Republic from growing outward. Many resources had been gained by Xelilo reaching out to other nations and creating diplomatic relations. When Xelilo was elected he did away with the many political parties that had existed in the Republic. They had after all only created infighting and prevented the nation from advancing forward. The new political party had become the Eastern Coalitionists. The aristocratic elite had been either exiled or had their wealth seized by the government for the betterment of the nation's people. This earned Xelilo many powerful enemies. It was believed that these enemies hired the two terrorists that attacked the nation. Many humans had sacrificed themselves to keep the nation alive. Now many lived on as Androids aboard the train. Sadly, her father and mother were never mind scanned.

Dwarves: The dwarves of the Eastern Republic also chose to ignore the aide of the humans. They instead used a lot of resources to attempt to dig their way out of the dome. In the end many died or starved. Many dwarven refugees emerged from the mountains seeking to join the human efforts. The few dwarves that now serve on as androids are only a handful. If they had worked together with the humans in the beginning, it is believed that many lives could have been saved. Because of this, now the decision for what the nation builds is decided by its leader.

All androids were giving the memories and thought processes of their previous mortal bodies. They were given a locked sub-routine to follow the orders of their mother Chana. This was to ensure that no threats to the future of the nation could be created by her. The process of implanting memories of those who were now dead could have effects unforeseen by her creators. This routine was to ensure that even if there were effects that she could deal with them.

The train served as a home for her people. Over the years they earned supplies and money by carrying passengers to far off destinations. They also carried supplies and merchandise often contracted by outside merchants to be delivered. The train was now a source of income for her people as well as a home. The carrying of goods though often made the train a target for pirates and other near-do-wells.

The train passed from the cold world they had visited to a world of deserts and hot blazing sun. Each realm jump often caused a momentary distortion in reality that left new passengers feeling unease. Sometimes the jumping sickness could take a day to recover from. The large, populated city they now visited was called Mohad. The train came to a stop and Chana announced via intercom system of their arrival and new departure time. She would be getting off here as well to tend to business for the Republic.
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