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As the title indicates, this thread is where Players should post their Character's profile before playing them in Bakarne.

There is no template for your profile and stats are not necessary. You are simply introducing the concept of your character to the rest of the Players. You can post as little or as much as you like about your character, but please keep it to one post per character. If you want your profile to be just the name and race, and the rest is a mystery for the other players to unravel, then so be it. Or if you want to wow us with your brilliant character concept and rich background history that's fine too.

Each Player is asked to limit themselves to no more than two Characters. Of course no one will find out if you make a new account just to play more Characters. If you have that much time and energy and multiple personalities that it doesn't get noticed, then a bow to you, you are welcome to Bakarne with open arms.

Changes or additional information should be done by editing your original post. If... if... there are eventually enough characters that it's hard to find info, or see what's new, then we'll worry about changing the system.
Please post any questions in the OOC Chitter Chatter forum. Otherwise, bring it on!

Name: Arthur Gatesby
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Race: Human (+ some fae blood)
Physical Description: A man of average height and a slim build. His black hair is cut short, and greying at the temples. His eyes are strange, in that one is green and the other blue. There are several scars about his person from fights with werewolves, vampires and other creatures of the night.
- Excellent shot with rifle
- Skilled in close combat; unarmed or with knives
- Experienced tracker
- Extensive knowledge of creatures of the night
- Some skill with herbal medecine
- Some magical training (see spell list)
- Powerful mental defenses (fae blood)
- Darkvision (fae blood)
- Decreased susceptability to illusions/charms (fae blood)
Spells (Ritual magic):
- Astral projection (requires several herbal components)
- Protective circle; magical barrier that undead/demonic creatures cannot cross (requires salt to form circle)
Simple magic:
- Light
- Bless water
- Produce flame
- Detect magic
- Lesser Dispel
- Coat with numerous pockets
- Flintlock rifle
- 2x flintlock pistols
- Horn of gunpower
- Bag of lead & silver musket balls
- Several knives 3" up to 9"
- Medicine pouch (herbs + spell components)

Xanatos X'ellotath
Age: 425
Apparent Age: 25
Race: Obumbrate (Human with dark entity inside of him)
Physical Description: Muscular build, silver hair just above his shoulders, pupils and irises are completely white. He likes to fake a limp to feign weakness and generally dresses in black silk covered with a long hooded cloak. Tanned flesh as well.
Weapon Proficiency
-excels in the use of several weapons attached to chains.
-chain-whip sword use is also highly practiced as of late.
-uses bone daggers and several metal attachments to his fingers in close-combat.
Magical Proficiency
-master illusionist - illusions can spread up to about a five mile radius with moderate mental attention. Full mental capacity can expand that radius but makes him highly vulnerable if he is found out.
-well-versed in necromancy and curse/poison abilities
-uses most basic defensive psionics in dire situations including telekinesis and barriers.
Favorite Spells/Abilities
Conjure Potion/Poison - with the collection of several occult items, he can craft or mix together several ingredients to create different poisons that have a variety of effects ranging from paralysis to death-inducing liquids.
Crafting Bone - can make razor sharp weapons out of bone that are rather durable but not as strong as standard broadswords and the like.
Effigy of Fear - Illusion spell that feeds off of person's worst fear, allowing it to manifest before them in different forms. Either full-scale environmental illusion or forcing certain emotions. Spell needs two or three turns to prep with victim within 100ft of him.
Inventory -
-Metal attachments that spike out of his fingers to slash or stab at enemies. They are usually laced with paralyzing potions.
-Bone daggers around his belt hidden within his cloak.
-two weapons linked with a metal chain of about five feet in length. Usually two extremely sharp sickle-like weapons or double sided blades.
-Ingredient pouch filled with lots of vile and disgusting items for poisons and curses.
-blades of about half a foot in length that slide out from the heel of his boots.
-enchanted cloak that protects him from most cold-inducing spells (he hates the cold)
Masochistic in nature, he sometimes allows himself to get hit to feel the pleasure of pain. Enjoys slowly torturing people to death before using their bones to create what he considers masterpieces. Usually keeps to himself unless he finds those with similar interests (death-dealing, pain-lovers, grotesque habits). Aside from his somewhat introverted behavior, he seems to find fixations in random things that make him act somewhat spontaneously.
Obumbrate Skills/Innate abilities.
The dark parasitic entity feeds off of his energy, urging him to continue delivering the 'gospel of death'. Its only physical appearance lies in the random bulging of his veins or the black ooze that drips from his eyes at times. Its abilities are yet to be fully discovered but it will protect its host at all costs, sometimes secreting itself to create a protective coat around his body and even make him disappear. Also naturally augments his speed, strength, and pain threshold just a little bit.

Krath the Vicious
A 6', scarred, Stalky man, with one red eye, short silver/grey hair and a bad attitude. Usually.

He enjoys war and death, the slaughter and screaming of others, long walks through bloody battlefields and tattoos. He prefers melee weapons to ranged, but knows when the bow is mightier than the sword. He is a man of few words, unless he is hurting someone with his magic of death and dismemberment, or creating a couple of helpful undead friends. He usually wears a suit of jetblack full plate armour with red trim, and carries a two-handed maul and a longsword. His other most important possesion of all is "Jimmy."

His favorite past-times are killing people, and bringing them back to life, either to help him, or just so he can kill them again, and hitting "Jimmy" so hard that his head flies off. The scent of fresh baked bodies will bring a smile to his usually gloomy face.

A 5.5' tall, scrawny, boney skeleton, wearing a dark purple and black suit, with a red tie. No eyes and bald.

He enjoys the pain and torture of others, talking people to death, talking about nothing, long walks through a bloody battlefield, and keeping his head on his shoulders. Weapons are not Jimmy's specialty, but he can use a sword if nesecary. His favorite past-time is torturing people and things for no reason at all.

He would really like to avoid physical confrontation, any damage he takes is going to be hard to fix.

(Here is my profile, written from the point of view of those in charge of The Exile Initiative)
Age: 236
Race: elf, vampire
Aliases: Aglaranna (birth name)
Physical Description:
- approx. 5'9", black hair, black eyes, pale vampiric skin
- usually dresses scandalously, favors black and red
Much of Anna's history is unknown, though it's clear she hails from a world of little to no technology and much magic. She has however embraced hi-tech architecture, and prefers to reside in large mansions equipped with a mix of magic and modern amenities. Typically she will assume control of local villages, whose inhabitants will then somehow willingly serve her various needs, often to the point of worship. Somewhat of a socialite, Anna hosts parties and soirees on a regular basis, and welcomes guests to her home. Anna is always accompanied by Pravus, her pet hellhound, and also usually by Alistair, a silent daemon bodyguard and personal attendant.

Anna will avoid situations of conflict whenever possible. It is unknown if this is due to her more than average sense of vanity, or a sense of self preservation. While there exist only two occasions to use as examples, when physical conflict becomes unavoidable she will disappear, leaving her associate Alistair and an unfairly large number of daemon's to battle on her behalf. Anna herself prefers to get what she wants using coercion, extortion and seduction, but not necessarily in that order.

Teleportation: Anna has the ability to teleport at will. Though the limitations of this power are unknown she is evidently capable of teleporting objects and beings other than herself.

Blood magic: Anna manipulates the power of blood magic through the use of rituals and other means of the black arts, although she rarely uses this ability.

Anna is infatuated with rubies. Though she is usually a savvy negotiator, when it comes to obtaining rubies she can usually be easily swayed. The typical vampiric weakness of requiring blood is less immediate for Anna, due to a magical cup, whose detailed properties are unknown at this time. Though other weaknesses have been studied, not enough information exists at this point to include them here.

Daelan Magan: husband, shapeshifter, scoundrel
Alistair: daemon bodyguard, attendant
Pravus: hellhound pet

It is known that for the last 3 years Anna has kept a small summer home on Bakarne, specifically for the purposes of enjoying the Festivities of Anreill. It would be highly advantageous for the good citizens of Ayenee if Anna were to be confined to Bakarne along with the other undesirables.

Morgan of the Vale
Age: 117, Looks 25
Race: Human Abomination
Physical Description
6'6", Weight 180 lbs. Long black hair. Pale skin, with red scaley patches around his eye patch. His left eye is blue. He is tall and lanky and moves with a silent, rolling gait. He is fluid and highly dexterous. He wears mostly black. He prefers a duster and wide-brimmed hat for travel. Morgan is never without his violin.

Morgan is from the Vale of Greenwood, originally. The Vale of Greenwood is gone now, but a hundred years ago Greenwood was a tiny collection of thatch huts and alehouses surrounding one large lumbermill. Morgan grew up happy there with his mother, his father, and his younger brother Malacai.

Mal one day stumbled across a bloody altar deep in the woods. Mal called his older brother (Morgan was 11 then) to investigate the new find. Intrigued with the the place, Mal visited the Stained Stone often that summer. Morgan would accompany Mal, but with an increasing sense of forboding. His younger brother was heedless, but Morgan began to wonder where the bloodstains had come from, and why noone else seemed to know about the place. And why was Mal so intent on coming to this place at every opportunity? As the leaves turned a bloody red, Morgan was filled with fear whenever they returned to the altar.

One sunset, Malacai was taken by a siezure while playing on the altar. Mal fell onto the stained stone, shaking violently and foaming at the mouth. Pain gripped Morgan as well, who clutched at his right eye in agony. The pain sent him reeling in blindness. He could see nothing but red sparks. But Morgan could hear is baby brother, and knew only that he must flee with the lad, and fast. They had somehow awakened a great evil, and it wanted thier lives. Morgan's clutching fingers found his brother, and he dragged the twitching Malacai far from the altar in a blind stupor.

It was three days later when the boys' father found the disfigured pair. Malacai was misshapen almost beyond recognition, covered in blotchy red scales, with black curving horns protruding from his brow. His teeth were pointed, and he had a tail. From his back jutted the bones of red scaley wings, awkward and malformed.

Morgan was luckier, with only his right eye having been turned. It was an eerie yellow, with a vertical black pupil. The eye moved independently of his other eye, and sometimes independent of his will. He could see from both eyes, but his sight from his demon eye was distorted and revealed things he'd rather not know were there.

The boys' father took them home, but soon the man made the hardest decision a father could make. Morgan and Malacai had to die. He didn't tell the lads, of course, but when Morgan looked at his father... Well, he knew. He could see things like that, now. And when their dad went to the tool shed for his axe, Morgan grabbed Malacai and ran.


That was a hundred years ago. Morgan doesn't know why he has lived so long. His parents are longsince dust, and he hasn't seen Malacai in well over 75 years (he and his brother had a falling out when Mal started calling himself "Moloch" and wanted them to go back to the Vale and look for the Stone). But in the intervening years, Morgan has made a good living for himself as a travelling musician. His music is sometimes haunting and sad. But his skill is unmatched, according to anyone he's played for.

It was his reputation that brought him to the Festival of Anreill by personal invitation from the Smuggler Queen herself. He was trapped here for his trouble.

Morgan auspiciously dislikes combat. He finds violence too exciting, blood too beautiful. It has disturbed him for as long as he can remember, the way he feels at the sight of fighting. Given any alternative, he will flee or play his way around confrontation. When his hand is forced, however, he uses his grace and dexterity to avoid blows, and tries not to fight back. His temper frightens him.

Magical Abilities
Morgan has experienced a variety of mystical effects over the years as an effect of his demonic taint. Sometimes he can see secrets in others, view aspects of the spirit world, glance into the past and sometimes the future. He is also quick to heal injury, moves faster than most men, and cannot burn. Once he spat flame, but he was quick to deny it. He wears an eyepatch enchanted with anti-magic to prevent him going mad at the visions, which he has difficulty controlling.

His violin music is highly magical. He can captivate those who hear him play. His music invokes joy and misery, and will carry a listener into any emotion Morgan plays. Some say he periodically purges a growing demonic essence from himself into the instrument. That the Taint would have changed him completely years ago if he had not found a way to drain it from himself and into his music.

Name: Fang
Age: 28,000 +
Race: Black Dragon/Dreamer Dragon
Alignment: True Neutral
Anything important: <>

Name- Tala Sorrow
Apparent age- 18
Gender- Female
Race- ShadowBound
Apperance- Flesh is engraved with many,many tattoo's of all manner of creatures.
Gifts of the ShadowBound-
Each mark can come to life with the traits and abilities of the creature it represents.
The marks can work together to hide, cover, lift or turn the one who’s flesh it is bound to into a shadow of any form.
The mark will react of their owner is threatened or what they perceive as a threat.
They give the shadow bound one a strong pheromone when time of breeding is at hand and a deadly scent when battle comes.
A shadow mark's will fight to their last breath before they will attempt to take the ShadowBound's soul to safety.
They control and keep safe the soul of their owner, and while the owner is not immortal, time is slowed for them.

Name: Malek Blackfury
Gender: Male
Generation: 10th
Marital Status: Single
Species: Vampire (Gangrel)
Height: 6'2"
Eyes: Ash Red
Hair: Slightly Long style, ash.
Affiliations: Was a member of Triple Threat & Strom
Disciplines: Animalism, Celirty, Potence, Protean, & Fortitude.
Merits: Ruse of the Wolf's Clothing, Eidetic Memory, Acute Hearing, Acute Sense of Smell, Acute Vision, & Inoffensive to Animals.
Weapons: Poisonous Spineshank, Talon, Nail Tipped Boots, Two Slin Launchers (poisnous) Katana.
Magic: Shape-Shifting, Earth, Poison, Animalism
No Effects: Posion (all kinds)
Animalism: 7
1 • Sweet Whispers: With eye contact, Malek may communicate with an animal, and request favors.
2 • The Beckoning: By making an animal call, Malek can summon animals of a particular species who can hear his call. However, he can only call one species at a time. A call can not be retracted.
3 • Song of Serenity: Malek may steal the Beast of an animal or mortal, pacifying it. A botch indicates that that target becomes permanently immune to Song of Serenity from that vampire. Someone who has no Beast may not use or regain Willpower, and slowly becomes more and more apathetic and incapable of creative thought, until their Beast is returned.
4 • Sharing of Spirits: With eye contact, Malek may possess an animal, but goes into torpor in so doing.
5 • Drawing out the Beast: Malek may transfer his Beast to someone else, who will frenzy instead of him.
6 • Animal Succulence: All blood that the vampire drinks from animals is doubled before it is added to the his blood pool.
6 • Shared Soul: By touching an animal, Malek may share his experiences with an animal, and will learn of the animal’s experiences.
6 • Shepherd’s Innocence: Malek may become very attractive to animals, which will trust him and aid him.
6 • Species Speech: Like Sweet Whispers, but Malek may talk with a group of animals if all are of the same species.
7 • Conquer the Beast: The vampire may enter a frenzy over which he has a significant degree of control.
Celrity: 5
Fortitude: 5
Potence: 4
Protean: 5
1 • Gleam of Red Eyes: Malek may see in the dark. When he is using this power, his eyes glow red. This change takes one turn to complete.
2 • Beast Claws: Malek may grow one-inch claws on his fingers, which do aggravated damage. This change takes one turn to complete.
3 • Earth Meld: Malek may sink into the ground, gaining shelter from sunlight. This only works on earth; this power may not be used on concrete, asphalt, or even earth under a linoleum floor.
4 • Shadow of the Beast: Malek can transform into the form of the raptor.
5 • Form of Mist: Malek can transform into a mist. This mist may not be separated by wind, but it can be moved by it, and Potence must be used to resist being blown around.

Ruse of the Wolf's Clothing: In animal form only, Malek still smells alive, ever to the super-sensitive nostrils of the Lupines.
Eidetic Memory: Malek can remember things seen and heard with perfect detail.
Acute Hearing: Malek has exceptionally sharp hearing, even for a vampire.
Acute Sense of Smell: Malek has an exceptionally keen sense of smell.
Acute Vision: Malek has exceptionally keen eyesight.
Inoffensive to Animals: Animals do not fear or distrust Malek the way they do most of the Kindred. They treat Malek as they would any mortal and do not shy from Malek's touch.

Flaws: Harmed by Sunlight and Fire, tends to lose control to an animal-like nature.

Anybody who doesn't know enough about White Wolf to know what Corey's character sheet can, obviously, ask him, or you can ask me.

Name: Cassandra
Age: A lady never tells
Gender: Female
Race: Shapeshifter

Physical description: She’s ever changing from eye color to hair colors and length. Face modifications, height, and every physical attribute can change to mask her identity. However, the most common complexion color is bronze, with mahogany long hair. Unless intentionally changed, her eyes are indistinctable as to color. With a charade of shades that fill the orbs, it’s more of a kaleidoscope of color ranging from jade to emerald to purple. Her height is generally around 5’6 (but again, can change without notice.)

Capabilities: #1. She is a shape shifter, thus capable of transforming her body from its current shape to any that she chooses. The only exception of shapes and objects would be molecularly driven. She cannot dissolve her molecular structure and make it less in an attempt to become something as thin as air. If she configures into a smaller item, then her density becomes thicker, a taller or larger configuration will make her weaker due to the special distortion of density. Thus she would never be able to be as large as a mountain nor as small as a bee, for her weight always remains a steady constant at 145 lbs.

#2. Cassandra has an additional capability that when she consumes anothers vitae, if in small quantity then she will temporarily inherit their abilities. Should she consume the entire amount of the body, then she will permanenetly inherit all of their skills.

#3. Instant Mimicry. Prolonged eye contact with another will give Cassandra the capacity to completely and perfectly mimic another as if she were within their mind knowing their every move. She will become a perfect mirror image of the other, and can use this advantage to know whether or not she should even consider consuming the victim's vitae. (See point #2)
Strengths: Shifting (Obviously). She’s very skilled with daggers, primarily with throwing them. She’s used a longsword with skill, but that would be the entirety of it, since her skills rely highly on her own personal shifting capabilities which prove to be a high advantage in most situations. Her strengths are also generated by others. (See items 1 & 2 in capabilities)

#1. She has a temper, but will internalize any anger or hate until she can no longer control herself, and lashes out…always in a deadly manner.

#2. Her biggest weakness is for blood. (Again, point #2 under capabilities) She thrives on the power of others and will use her skills of instant mimicry to pre-test others before she consumes of them. A large weakness of her 'life-drinking' is that should she consume an individuals full life-blood, then her body will render itself in a state of unconsciousness. The time frame depends on the ability inherited.

#3. She has a weakness with the mimicry. Her concentration must be focused on that one person for the period of time that she 'toys' with them. Should she lose focus, then her strength over her own body will dissipate until she becomes nothing more than an un-controlled mirror image of the other unable to control her own movements.

Personality Trait: She will not tolerate rudeness, crude language, or disrespect. She is a lady (regardless of what her likes and dislikes are) and as such expects to be treated as one. This is non-negotiable. She is highly untrusting, and can be extremely cat-like when it comes to 'toying' with others. In truth, she views the world as a large mouse bin, and she the cat that was thrown in there to devour at will.


Name : Duke Radclif
Gender : Male
Species : Human
Age : 54yrs
Profession : Traveling Sword Sales Man

Rikotagowa Linoge

Dark Mage Lord of Linoge
Rikotagowa Linoge

Name: Rikotagowa Linoge
Age: Unknown
Race: Golden Vampire
Ties: Linoge Family
Occupation: Dark Mage Lord

History: Rikotagowa's rebirth happened around 1 millenia ago by Lucifer Linoge while Riko was still at an early age, he was adept in the elemental propertys but had a keen lean towards the dark arts. Without to much hesitation Luc took this young man and gave him the bitter sweet death that this young creature wanted with a condition that no matter what anything and everything he did was to enlarge and enrich the Family.

After some decades of training under Luc and Jared Linoge Riko was entrusted with building a Elite Outfit of Mages for the upcoming events that were to unfold in Eden.

After the great war Rikotagowa had grown bored with the world and opted for a long slumber from which he would one day re-awaken and see how far along the world would move without another monster to terrorize it.

Height: 6'2
Weight: 250 Lbs
Skin Tone: Pale
Arm Length: 78 inchs
Tattoos: Many through out face and body with crest's for better concentration of pure energy.

Adamantium Long Sword
Name: Sin's Vengence
Reach 8" ft
Width 4 inchs
Properties: Crafted by shadow demons and necromancers, this demonic sword enhances the properties of the wielder in the arts of shadow manipulation and demonic summonings, Carrying the souls of many victims it slowly takes away the sanity of the wielder in exchange for higher power.

Magical Enhancements:
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Vision and Perception
Enhanced Damage Absorbtion

Psychotic Woman

Details of Mind State:
• Loyal
• Strategic
• Cold-Hearted
• Passionate
• Omnious

Magical Abilities:
• Water Control and Creation
• Fire Control and Creation
• Earth Control
• Wind Control
• Ice Control and Creation
• Shadow Control and Creation
• Demonic Summonings

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