Castle Ayenee


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The sigh and whine of the doors opening broke the throne room's quietude. Standing beyond their keep was a Nekovalkyrja in a jūnihitoe kimono, whose bright golden eyes gazed intently and directly at Justin. Suddenly, her eyes were downcast as her hips had prompted a shallow, but elongated bow. When her torso raised once more, she had begun walking forward, though her eyes were downcast, as if she watched ten feet in front of her. Finally, she was fully before the king, at which point, she evoked a reverence with a more succinct bow.

"Your walls here, the walls of Castle Ayenee," Teien Eden said, shifting her attention to the room itself. "They have looked at me in their own way before. I have looked on them, too. I believe we both see changes," she said after her eyes had fallen back on Justin. "I am Teien Eden, a Yamataian from the Kikyō Sector. I have come to pay my last respects, and have done so. Now, I find I have within me a desire to present a new respect to you, as the King of Ayenee." With her last words, her eyes and head lowered for a deeper bow than she had displayed before. The bright silk designs of her kimono's uchigi robes shone dully when compared to the bubbling fervor within her sunny eyes that focused contently on Justin.
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