Beginnings of a scenario for gameplay

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So here is what we have so far in development, nothing completely finalized yet of course.

Pending approval of our friend Matt (different Matt, than Daelan aka Matthew, yes confusing I know) we hope to use "Bakarne" as the name for the world for this campaign.


Bakarne is a part of the Ayenee multi-verse. It's home to all sort of things dark and twisted: monsters, aberrations, demons, the unnatural, and other generally nasty stuff. Of course the climate and terrain are appropriately inhospitable.

For a long time the very existence of Bakarne has caused trouble for the rest of Ayenee. There a person could acquire all manner of vile, forbidden or nasty items and services, or find refuge from whatever forces of good might pursue them.

At some point the Ayenee magical elite assembled to find a solution to this problem. Destroying the place wouldn't work; it's people would just congretate elsewhere. They agreed on a daring course of action: forever seal off Bakarne from the rest of Ayenee. Pooling all of their mighty resources they managed to do just that. They moved the entire world to another plane, then sealed it off so that no one could get in, or out, ever again.

In a wise move, they decided to do this on the night of the Festival of Anreill. Evil, depraved beings from all corners of Ayenee gathered yearly on Bakarne to celebrate Anreill, and so, the Ayenee elite hoped to catch as many of them as possible in their trap. And they did. The plan went off without a hitch. The usual night of sin and debauchery was had by all, and in the morning, no one could go home.

Now, the inhabitants of Bakarne must live out their lives as best as they can with what they have. And the gods help any innocent wanderers who had the ill-fortune to be on Bakarne that night.

I say its a good idea. Sorry scratch that...Great idea. Wait that doesnt cut it either. Hmmm. What would work? **tapping finger on chin** AH HAH!!
Ahem *clears throat and throws on cheesy british accent*
That idea, is positively stupendous. By the you have any Grey Pupon?

*waves to Stratis* Yay, I'm so glad you made it here and even more glad you like the concept. I think we could start posting our character concepts, or at least getting them going. I'll make the thread for them in the top part of the board so that's always there for everyone's reference.
Oh hey, do you have any clue if His Evilness will be joining us?

It sounds pretty cool, I may be interested.

So, errr.. could you give us more of an idea as to what type of character's you're looking for?

Is this supposed to be a "bumbling innocent x gets thrown through a portal" or "Freddy Kruger, Jason, and Norman Baites are playing poker" type horror story?

Perhaps I should just wait and see what type of characters you all post?

Nifty, interested people already.
As far as Characters go I think just about anything goes. You could play the innocent who just happened to be on Bakarne when it got shut off, or you could play the sicko who runs around hunting those unfortunate good guys.

It will mean a bit of Player Character vs Player Character conflict but if we all can handle that carefully then it could be fun.

What era are we talking? Will we be hunting creatures of the nights with crossbows or shotguns?

Hmmm.. good question Lowthor. Stratis was asking me the same question actually. I don't think that's been decided yet, so please if anyone has suggestions/preferences as to the era and amount of tech or no tech go ahead and post them.

My character is low/no-tech but I've played her before in worlds that had medium and even hi-tech and it was interesting (firing a gun for the first time and loving the power of it, or more comedic things like wondering if a vacuum can suck up souls for her collection etc).

Our suggestion (Daelan and I) is to allow for people of all levels of tech to have had access to Bakarne before it was closed off, but that Bakarne itself is pretty much a pre-industrial technology world (ie just before the Industrial Revolution). So dueling pistols and other flintlock guns would be standard for Bakarne itself, but technically Characters could have brought more modern weapons with them from their own world if they were visiting for Anreill and got stuck. Of course they will run out of ammo, or have to find a way to make more, heh.

But hey, maybe most other people want a purely fantasy/medieval or more tech - so speak up if you do!

I like fantasy things myself.. the good sword fights and magic.. But I can partake in modern as well.. so I guess it really doesn't matter.

Well, if you don't mind, considering it seems that the Dark War is on hold for now, I'd like to bring in Fang to use in this one. Yes, he's on the verge of being a god character, which is why, typically, he's little more than a guide. If the situation warrants, depending on the severity of the problem, (and with approval of the person running the game *pokes Anna*) he may become more directly involved.

Godlike characters = gay.
I like the idea you put forward, Anna. Whatever tech they have on them is fine, but reloading may be problematic.
Sort of "Conneticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court".


I actually had an idea for a Victorian era monster hunter for an RP before the boards died. I might rework it so that he fits as a native of your setting.

Well so far so good I think.
My character has been called godlike before but that's only because as a very old vampire it's part of her personality to look down on regular humans/mortals (except for kenders, they amuse her!).

I like the idea of playing a godlike character for the dramatic aspects, ie exploring their personality, behaviours and interractions with other beings. But I find when it comes to combat/conflict situations it usually just causes more trouble than it's worth.

I'll post my character later today!

Ceros wrote:
Godlike characters = gay.
Well it's just too bad you feel that way because Fang started off as a regular character and, in the 10 years I've been playing him, earned everything he's got. I didn't create him the way he is now, it was worked up to via the interaction of several rpers. So on you.

And, as was stated before, the fact that he is so powerful now is why I don't place him in the typical scenerio. The most I've used him for on any board outside the Realm of Tears board is as a teacher. I still fight with him on RoT, but that's because all the characters used there on a regular basis are ancient and too overly powerful to frequently interact with other groups.

Ok so I didn't put up my character profile, work has been just insane this week. I'm covering for 5 people and I'm barely hanging on.
I'm very happy to see that Lowthor has already put up his character though, woohoo. I'll really try to get mine up there this evening and maybe on Saturday we'll have a post up there to ICly start the game!

I like this idea but I like all things horror so that isn't surprising. Why not have separate factions and the like..involve some politics into this sealed off world for added conflict. I will probably bring in my Xanatos into the mix depending on the characters you guys are making up. I want to make things pretty chaotic so that its fun when conflicts arise. *begins to brainstorm and look at the board*

Factions sound cool, but we'll need more hunters before there's one for me to join. Unless I create myself an ally.

Rhysis order for factions to work we're either gonna need just about everybody who is a of this board playing...or...a BUTTLOAD of NPC's.
Don't ask me a specific number for a buttload. I don't know, and I will keelhaul anyone who does.
*goes to figure out how to keelhaul someone online*

Hmmm... I imagine that factions will be created as the natural course of things. For example most people will be unhappy with the situation but there might be a few who can profit or take advantage.
I had been thinking that the existing ruling body of Bakarne would basically be a mafia style organization, rules with a fist, has leverage on just about everyone in some way or another etc. It would make sense if they react to the Exile Initiative by having their henchmen form into some kind of attempt at a peacekeeping force. Of course most of the nasties trapped on Bakarne would rather have a "might makes right" system.
Then if players want an NPC faction to pit themselves against, it could be them. Or if a Player is interested they could play one of the henchmen.

Hmm. Sounds pretty good to me. If you do the moch-mafia idea then I could think of several different uses for my character. So yeah, a faction of NPC's would work pretty well. No specific characters aside from the powerheads, perhaps. That'd be good.
*pats Anna* bravo.

Sounds good. I like the idea of waging war on the evil mafia.

Anna's idea of a player playing an enforcer sounds pretty neat. I like it.

This is going to sound like I'm being impatient but I'm not. It's just a question I'm sure everybody who's been posting here is thinking.
Do you have an estimate as to when this is gonna get started?

I'm not sure if I'm posting this question in the right thread (please move it if I'm not) But I'd like to know if there is just certain types of creatures allowed or can the player also make a new breed of creature for this rp? I ask because I've got a sn of my own making called a Shadowbound .. Basically she is human in apperance, but her flesh is engraved with living tattoo's, from spiders to wolves etc. These tattoo's when awaken can slide from her skin and become life sized as well as deadly.. I suppose they are sort of like fetish tattoo's...I created her and 2 others about 4 years ago and use to rp them with a group, now my fav. of the 3 is just collecting dust(The other two perished in a BSD battle)..and ,well,damnit, I miss playing her :) ...If she wont fit in just let me know, no biggie.

0_o I saw a movie with something like that in it. I think. Maybe it was a really messed up dream. Either way. Freaky.
I, personally, have no problem with playing alongside someone like that. But, as it's Anna's rp. *Looks over to da bunneh wielding...umm...person* (Shut up, I'm tired )

OOooo questions, and I missed them. Sorry, work has been a zoo.

Question 1 - when will game play start:
Ok so, I was supposed to do that on the weekend and ended up falling asleep. All I need to do is post a nice beginning IC sort of thing and we could start! I really really will get to that tonight somehow.

Question 2 - can Madi play a creepy different race
Absolutely! All races are welcome except "federal government executives". They're umm.. incinerated upon entry to Bakarne by some magical force. Seriously though, the character concept is cool Madi, play it if you'd like. Just don't mind if I totally ignore the spider thing because it's a huge phobia for me and I might just skip reading those parts, heh!

So that's it, no more time to stop for a lunch break, I'll check in tonight and hopefully get that IC introduction post up so people can start posting IP.

I'll keep the spiders in check...I'm actually deathly afraid of them myself

See my post on the IC Board. That would be the beginning IC post, folks!
It's more of a stage-setting sort of thing. Go from there. ROCK! NOW!

Woo hoo, that's an awesome opening!

So, everyone feel free to post and start something. An idea for anyone having trouble with what to do to get started - you could possibly post a little IC intro to your character, perhaps start by writing them up wherever they are when they find out the bad news, or the next morning or whatever and then heading out to find other people to get more info. Or for those that want to just get direct to interraction just skip the "where were you when the Exile happened" and go straight to finding other people to talk about it.

So it seems we need some kind of IC location for our characters to happen to meet to get the dialogue going. Daelan and I are tired of "taverns" so the next best thing is a Pub, heh.
So, shall we all meet at The Bronze Zombie?

So far so good.
I was kinda wondering, though. Anna, are you planning on playing an active role as a character or just being the narrator and NPC controller?

I'm sorry for not responding sooner, I don't think just text can possibly describe how busy this week has been for me.
Yes, I fully intend to join in on the game with my character. I just haven't had any time to even do my first post *pouts*. I'm going to try that tonight!

You guys can go ahead and just interract with each other as you like. Anyone can also play the bartender or serving people reacting to them in their post, that's just fine. Or if someone wants to play Traven the bartender as a character that's fine too!

That's fine. I just wanted to check and see if you were going to try and jump in now, as it seems to be my post.

Ok so I'm here today and will post something.
err.. Rhysis, I love the concept of Bakarne having more darkness than other worlds, but perhaps we could have some kind of daylight eventually? How about once a week? And the rest of the time the sun never comes up?

Okay. I'll work it in to my next post. We'll call it something that was unknown to Fang and the other people trying to change the destination of the spell.

Rikotagowa Linoge

Dark Mage Lord of Linoge

So anyone can join at anytime??

And this will be a GvE or EvE??

And last but not least did you guys decide if it will be fantasy based rp or will it be t1 melee like we used to call it??

Wow My bad about what I am about to say but I've missed rp soooo bad Nd im just itching to do it... It's been about 2 years...
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