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I'm Amy.
Brad told me to come here and check it out and damnit, he got the creative juices flowing again. >.< I'm sure most of you don't know me, though being the sly forum troll I've always been, I recognize quite a few of your names. In Ayenee my characters were: Blaise Feriah, Dezlynxiari, Tessili Cinderbane, Vixiarian Savagethornn, and Sirvyx - among other unimportant ones. >.>;

Soooo... HI :D


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Hello, and welcome please take a look around, and join in the gaming. If you need anything just give a hollar, and someone will notice.
Heyyyyyyy Amy, glad you messaged me last night all random like. And I am even more glad you decided to join in the fun. Now it's time to royally re-teach Scorn's daughter to respect her parents!
Maybe we can find Trisha and see if she wants to come pay us a visit.
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Welcome to DotOrg Amy! I hope there's enough here to keep those creative juices of yours flowing freely!:)


Hey there. Welcome. Can we offer you some tea?

Its always a pleasure to see .... A CINDERBITCH! KILL IT KILL IT!!!!

er, i mean.... welcome.

*chortles and goes to sharpen some stakes*


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Ahh yes...I've seen several of your names about. Welcome Amy....rebel against the parents! do it! haha. In any case, looking forward to Rping witcha.


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No freakin way! I remember that name!

Then again, I remember a lot of odd people. Going pretty far back in the day, I hung out with Flame Burster a lot. She was a magnet for oddballs. Anyway. Nice to have you.

*throws a blackberry pie*

That's not Army Amy. That's AmerZia Amy, Blaise Feriah, Lady Blaise etc etc etc. She is the asian one. The one that for like almost three years was with Scorn and then for another two was harassed by Scorn.


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Hey Marco :D
Yaaaah, Leggz.
Haven't seen Sio or Army in ages. Lexi may still be around, I'll have to ask some other people to find out for you. David... dunno a David by that name, but I know a David that was Jahed Ravenshadow, Slade Rarack, etc?

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hehe, coo coo, it's no biggie, the David Slade, I believe I had on Yahoo, but that account is long gone, Girlvex David was more of a Nerima RPer later in time, aka Weasel?
I see Army Amy come on yahoo messenger all the time but she never responds to me when I message her so I just stopped messaging her. I might try again next time I see her though. One thing I can say is I never delete names off my messenger list. I still got names on there from ten years ago that I couldn't place who was the player if I put my life on it.

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Do me a favor you two...Take this conversation to the PG...Cause Mith tends to get out his smacking koi when people chit chat here :)
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