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I was curious about the relatively short window of time available to edit posts on the forum, and wanted to start a discussion about the possibility of changing it. From my experience on the site in the past year, posts are available to be edited by the author for a few days after their original posting (I can't remember the exact time frame, but it seems to hover some time between 48 hours and a few days). I can understand why a limitation would be put in place from an administration standpoint, as it prevents users from changing their actions after time has passed.

However, I feel as a GM that the edit window can be limiting. My players can tell you that I am not the king of grammar ( @Arbitrated ) and make a lot of mistakes, some of which I don't catch until well after the edit window has closed. On top of that, a few of my players have made small changes to names now that they're getting in the flow, so some older posts may seem outdated. I'd like to have the freedom to go back and make those corrections to my GM posts as they can help the flow of rereading for strangers, but most often can't.

I wanted to see what other players thought of the edit window, and what could possibly be done with it.


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The edit window's function is primarily to make sure players can't go back and retcon RP by editing and, thus, deleting the RP. Maybe a better option would be to request GM powers of your sub-forum so you can edit posts as a GM?
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