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  1. Eseer Darkthorne

    Promises of the West

    Ayenee suffered from a disease. The rampant abuse of time magic and magic itself had left scars across the world. Rifts as some called them, in other places the land had simply folded up and disappeared. In the South before the crisis, a leader stole away many of the Southern lands and...
  2. Eseer Darkthorne

    The Black Citadel: 1017

    Eseer emerged from a black pooling vortex of dark energies. The sound of his footfalls echoed through the empty halls. This had once been the seat of his power, of the Darkthorne empire he had built here on Ayenee. The other Darkthornes had vanished with the veil, disappeared with the...
  3. Eseer Darkthorne

    Looking for a few good assassins and mercenary types.

    A blur, swift moving, like the shadow of death. There upon the posting wall a tattered piece of paper flaps in the wind. It was not there mere seconds ago. The people nearby look around as though unnerved by something. The tattered scrap reads. "Darkthorne had returned, we need a few skilled...
  4. Eseer Darkthorne

    Wiki Template

    ====== Name ====== ~~NOTOC~~ <WRAP right 35em> ^ Name ^^ | Insert Image || ^Titles: | | ^Gender: | | ^Races: | | ^Age: | | ^Occupation: | | ^Faction/Kingdom: | | ^Alignment...
  5. Eseer Darkthorne

    So hilarious.

    My Avatar What The Duck? The Skeleton: Walks into the tavern and sits at the bar, he stuffs his face with the food, and pours back a few drinks. He was so thirsty and hungry! he looks about the room. [09:27] Kaminari Exonar turns his head ever so slowly towards the new arrival to the Lion's...
  6. Eseer Darkthorne

    So I have been digging.

    I have been digging into some of my files, I have a rp transcript that is about 600 pages long. I found my guide to rp for newbies that I wrote. I also found some character bios that I wrote. I have more transcripts, but over the years media has changed, websites have disappeared. Do any of you...
  7. Eseer Darkthorne

    Who is on your Ymessenger List?

    aurelia_romulus atreyu_phaede atra.lamia jabbuk_yeogilrymmin a_glacial_elegy a_night_to_die aaron_blackthorne roland_daithilus_asur adrian_eitan saiyajin_alex alexia_darkblade aliandus_lead_watcher trista_reiven kiante_defender amelina_cecily...
  8. Eseer Darkthorne

    I am getting married

    Yeah I forgot to mention I am getting married June 7, we have been together 10 years and have three kids and a house, but never got around to getting hitched.
  9. Eseer Darkthorne

    Eseer Darkthrone

    Eseer Darkthorne Born: Unknown, Created by a dark god. Race: Tuatha De Danann also called Thornes, Fey, And Dark Fey. Age: It is hard to gauge his age because of the extreme dark energies that have pervaded his entire being. He no longer ages and so perhaps age simply no longer applies to...
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