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    I'm Victoria, otherwise known as tormooch, moonseeka, vamp_elf_chel and darkmoon_shadowrose and novalei, galaxy_maiden_2001.. I'm thrilled to see this site is stirring, about time! I've roleplayed since 98, off and on, and spent the last two years rping fairly steadily on an AOL spinoff...
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    Splinters Saloon

    Belle takes the staircase down to the counter with a broad smile for the small crowd already gathered for the afternoon. "G' even' folks" she says with a blooming smile taking a tired old stool from the far end of the bar to place down her books and rest the pen she untucks from behind an ear...
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    Character art and alterations..

    Think of me as a seamstress for a picture.. I'm happy to edit images you have of your characters and give them some new life as per your descriptions, or to use my sketching skills, albeit a bit rusty, for some drawings. No charge, just fer fun. ;)
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    Down in the city..

    Into the street through the crowd the small thing wandered, milling at her own pace through a throng of scavengers and sellers and hawkeyes.. her hand dropping to smooth against the flap of her beaten, leather purse to check its latch was still shut. The streets were dark and ill lit, the...
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    Old days of Yahoo chat

    Hi Was wondering who on here was around in the late nineties, early 00's? I played around Ayenee, mostly Eden though... From Freedom Force to everyday inn rp. Darkmoon_Shadowrose was probably my most notable name at the time..? Well, hello to you all anyway :p
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