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  1. The Venerable Jai

    A great idea that never got past the planning phase.

    I remember the days before Ayenee had fully come into it's own, back when a lot of RP was done in the Teen section. One the biggest problems was determining how to settle character conflict, because let's face it, most people don't liked to lose. The idea of staged fights was proposed, with...
  2. The Venerable Jai

    Re-imagined: What Once Was Old Has Been Made New

    The Damned Once upon a time, I was the wealthy heir to a sizable duchy. My parents doted upon me with many varied splendors, I was engaged to the fairest maiden the local aristocracy had to offer, and I was content with the destiny that I had been given. Fate truly is a fickle mistress. The...
  3. The Venerable Jai

    I miss you fools.

    It's hard to find time to throw in when real life starts to get in the way. But I've got fond memories of Ayenee and all her children. Hopefully, I'll find some time to do a guest appearence in some RP or something...because it would just be awesome to RP with you guys and gals, again.
  4. The Venerable Jai

    The Broken, Beaten, and Damned

    Sometimes, our fate is not within our own hands. Whether we make our own choices, or our choices are made for us, at some point in your life, you will have no choice at all. That's usually the point when you have to roll over and call it a lifetime. Ried Shas had reached that point. He had...
  5. The Venerable Jai

    Gettin' down in downtown! (spill-over from "A Calling")

    There's something in the air tonight. At the moment, it was spraying blood as the blade of Shas furrowed the unmarred flesh of yet another random demon. Seemingly in no time at all, a relatively small band of demons (only 10 or 15) had focused and made short work of his...
  6. The Venerable Jai

    A Calling in ACC

    Ladies and Gentlemen, it's jumping off like a suicidal office executive. Go join in the fun and have a chance to play with one of Ayenee's greatest legends, the OG (original Gargauth), Cory.
  7. The Venerable Jai


    "You know what you are." That was what he had to keep telling himself. "You know exactly who and what you are." These words served to grant no more realization than the fragmented mind that formed them. He was incapable of fighting his way through the fog on his own. For some reason...
  8. The Venerable Jai

    Window Vista sucks (I'm back).

    My most sincere apologies for the unannounced absences, but my old computer finally died the final death and I was forced to buy a new one. And I've decided that Windows Vista doesn't seem to agree with me, but we're working on our relationship together...
  9. The Venerable Jai

    Will of Darkness (a bit of Lim dul/Ried Shas history)

    (Note: I've left all spelling and grammatical errors as well as time/date stamps from the posts. Enjoy) Posted by Lim-Dul (or Ixxus at this post) on 12/10/2002, 9:58 PM Within the Prime Material Plane.... 100 millions miles away from Ayenee Prime (and the encircling NDI fleet for that...
  10. The Venerable Jai

    Pieces of the Past

    Remember this? I even found a personal piece of my own history (to which I, sadly, no longer have the password)
  11. The Venerable Jai

    Vampire: The Masquerade

    'k, now that we got a good number of WoDdies here, anyone want to get a rousing game of Vampire started? And, if so, do you want to role play or do you want to play a role playing game? (what I mean by that is do you guys just want to do a story or do you want to do a game with a...
  12. The Venerable Jai


    Let me know when you get to Jacksonville. The first beer's on me.
  13. The Venerable Jai

    The many facets of "How to Raise a Kid"

    I've noticed in the media a lot of attention about new laws going into affect that ban corporal punishment. Essentially, they want to make it illegal to physically discipline your children. I have mixed feelings about this. At this time, I'm going to share a bit of insight into my own...
  14. The Venerable Jai

    Some tax-time advice from the Venerable Jai

    Generally, I don't speak about matters such as this because I'm by no means certified or accredited in anyway. However, I have heard from an extremely reliable source that the changes made to the tax system last year benefit people who fall under the $60k/yr or less tax bracket. But the...
  15. The Venerable Jai

    Truth Until Bondage

    It's a beautiful truth, ecstatic revelations and I am held captive. Tastes sweet, so dark. My eyes are closed... my mind is closed, too. In my own dream, now, it's only us, in here. You're not even mine. This is a god damned year; everyday, a waking nightmare. Only your voice...
  16. The Venerable Jai

    I'm enforcing dictatorial rule over .org

    Hear ye, hear ye! From this day forward, the venerable Jai does so execute autocratic power over all fun to be had in Should you cease having fun or interfere with the fun to be had in any way, the Hand of God will reach down through the presence of his Eminence, the venerable Jai...
  17. The Venerable Jai

    The Sundering of Old Ayenee Pt.1: Of Ways and Means

    The scent of the shambling horde of walking dead was in the air before they reached the gates of the Nikeli village. The stone walls of the gates were ancient, a relic of the last great war, when the village had been an out-post for some nation or another that had fallen and reinvented itself a...
  18. The Venerable Jai

    Does the new .org got room for another old tiger?

    In the words of many disillusioned college students upon returning to mom and dad once they discovered the world isn't exactly as they thought... I'm home.
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