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  1. Wes

    Planned Maintenance August 13th & 14th will have two planned outages for upgrades to our two servers as our web host updates them to a new operating system version. SQL server Date of upgrade: August 13th Maintenance Window: 6:00pm PDT - 10:00pm PDT Expected Downtime: 2 hours Affected: Forums (wiki will stay running)...
  2. Wes

    Where is Everyone ?

    Sorry, I have been kind of sparse lately because of my new baby. She basically needs constant attention.
  3. Wes

    The new blood.

    Welcome! I'm Wes, the maintainer for this forum and I'm glad to see new faces and new RPs happening. I think you've got everything you need in terms of technology here--Xenforo is arguably the nicest forum software in the world, and Dokuwiki is a great way to make reference documents for your...
  4. Wes

    Surprise Surprise...

    Good to see you guys. :)
  5. Wes

    Old member returning

    Welcome! Things are slow because a lot of folks moved on but we still have folks popping in to see what's happening :) What are some of the rooms you were active in?
  6. Wes

    Old days of Yahoo chat

    Yeah! The link is at the top of the forum.
  7. Wes

    Ayenee now supports Emoji and Full Unicode

    I've just updated the site's backend database so that now all types of characters can be stored. This means you can now use emoji! 🍔
  8. Wes

    Discord link/invite on the wiki invalid/expired

    The one on the wiki is a permanent one.
  9. Wes

    Discord link/invite on the wiki invalid/expired

    I've put a new link there.
  10. Wes

    The Ayenee Wiki is Live

    I didn't see any images in the media manager containing the word please.
  11. Wes

    The Ayenee Wiki is Live

  12. Wes

    Email Issues

    Update: I've implemented a fix, hopefully this will solve the issue.
  13. Wes

    Email Issues

    I've identified an issue that is preventing outgoing emails from reaching their destination, primarily affecting Gmail users. I'm working on a fix today.
  14. Wes

    The Ayenee Wiki is Live

    I guess if you upload an image that says "delete me" as a replacement for the images you want deleted, that would make it super easy for me.
  15. Wes


    He was asking about the chat, but I guess he found it!
  16. Wes

    The Ayenee Wiki is Live

    I found that there's a spoiler plugin: But when I installed it I got a whole bunch of PHP error messages. I don't think it's compatible with our setup.
  17. Wes

    A New Setup for Ayenee

    Well, the wiki could have a canon and non-canon section, perhaps. Or multiple canons. I don't think we really want to try to put thinks like Saiyans on the wiki, since they're documented on things like the DBZ wiki and also I don't want to get lawyers messaging me over stuff members copied onto...
  18. Wes


    If you wanted to document magic systems of Ayenee, the wiki would be best the place to do it.
  19. Wes

    The Wiki

    Please don't copy stuff from Star Army's wiki unless they're pages/images that belong to you (you wrote them) or you have permission. You can usually just link to the page instead of copying it. To link to pages on Star Army, you can use this format: [[SARP>stararmy:Star Army of Yamatai|Star...
  20. Wes

    Welcome to Xenforo 2!

    This morning, we successfully upgraded our forum installation to the new XenForo 2 software, which is one of the best and newest forum software packages in the world. You'll find most of the stuff is the same as our older Xenforo 1.5 installation but there's been a ton of under-the-hood...
  21. Wes

    Some Requests

    We could make a section where there was a verification process to enter (it would only be visible to 18+ users in a special usergroup who signed up to see that sort of content).
  22. Wes

    Some Requests

  23. Wes

    Welcome, new players!

    Welcome, new players!
  24. Wes

    Hello and Also Welcome!

    Welcome to Ayenee, Hoshi! I'm your friendly local admin and I'll be happy to help you in whatever way you need! I'm just really glad to see someone who is eager to RP on these boards, which have been a ghost town as of lately. Ayenee's a site where all genres of RP are available, including...
  25. Wes


    Good to have you here! Things have been pretty inactive lately but the board is still open for business if anyone cares to start some threads. I guess a lot of us have gotten busier as we get older.
  26. Wes

    Happy Holidays

    You too, Varsinax, and I hope you have a great rest of the year.
  27. Wes

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
  28. Wes

    Active clans?

    Does the Star Army of Yamatai count as an Ayenee clan? If so, the Star Army is still active. It was in Ayenee from 2002-2005 mainly, as the sort of successor of the PNUgen Corporation's RP group (which was involved in The Assassins War). I actually started an RP site about the Star Army that's...
  29. Wes

    From Romancia to Ayenee to Tenaria to Jacmus to Eden and back

    I'm not sure I ever got a chance to RP with you but I'm glad you found us! Feel free to register a wiki account and add your characters to lists on there for history's sake :)
  30. Wes

    XenForo 2 is in beta. Thinking about the upgrade path for the forum.

    XenForo 2 is in beta. Thinking about the upgrade path for the forum.
  31. Wes

    The Black Citadel: 1017

    (OOC: Thread moved as requested)
  32. Wes

    Forum Consolidation Proposal

    I'm just saying given the amount of people we have posting, which is not a lot, we probably don't need extensive forums for genres at this time like we used to.
  33. Wes

    Forum Consolidation Proposal

    So is that 3 for, and 1 against? I was kind of hoping to win you over, Mith.
  34. Wes

    In-Character Timeline

    I disagree with the idea that Ayenee was and should be primarily a fantasy setting. There were plenty of us tech roleplayers around back then and there should still be tech now. My latest Ayenee RPs definitely all involved starships and historically most of my time in old Ayenee was running...
  35. Wes

    Forum Consolidation Proposal

    Forums are only worth having if they have activity in them. We simply don't have enough RP to justify more than one RP board. Using XenForo thread prefixes would give us the best of both worlds. The default view would show all RP threads, and the sorted views would show all the threads of one...
  36. Wes

    A really long While..

    Good to see you!
  37. Wes

    In-Character Timeline

    So basically there would be some sort of nuclear winter type thing still happening or recently ended in "present day" Ayenee? Basically covering the "dark ages" between the golden era and now?
  38. Wes

    Forum Consolidation Proposal

    Hey guys, Due to low activity levels, I think that we seem to have too many forums for the amount of actual posts we are getting. Put simply, it makes us look dead. So, I'm proposing a sort of consolidation of the existing forums so that all of the forums left are forums that are active...
  39. Wes

    Basic Assuptions about Ayenee

    I think we should create some basic "common facts" about what Ayenee actually is. These will come in handy as we rebuild the realm from archives and fill in the blanks. So, here's what I think would be good basic assumptions about Ayenee: There is an Earth-like planet named Ayenee The Ayenee...
  40. Wes

    In-Character Timeline

    For example purposes, here's one of the calendars I use in my RP: Yamataian Calendar Some thoughts: The Ayenee calendar doesn't necessarily have to be 365 days (the example only has 350). We can make up our own names for months and days if we want. We should have some way that IRL and IC...
  41. Wes

    Who's online when you are...

  42. Wes

    Wiki Template

    That may be the case for you, but as of 2016 most (more than half) of the traffic on the web is now mobile traffic. I have set up both the forums and the wiki to work well on phone screens. And you might say, "well, hey, this is a roleplaying forum, maybe our users are different." But if we look...
  43. Wes

    Regular Recon (2017)

    Somewhere in the Farthest Reaches of Space Appearing in a shimmering burst of light, the Ayame-class Star Army Intelligence ship YSS Listener, Imperial Registry Number YC-31, entered the Ayenee universe for regular recon run. The Listener activated its stealth systems and stayed in deep space...
  44. Wes


    No, I'm using Let's Encrypt. Our webhost automatically handles renewals, too, which is great.
  45. Wes


    The site has been updated to use HTTPS for all traffic now. This helps protect your privacy and keep your passwords from being snooped on. Every site that has a login should be HTTPS, and Ayenee is no exception! The change is that we supported HTTPS before but you could still get to the site...
  46. Wes

    Facebook & Twitter Integration + Privacy Policy

    I understand that. It's an optional feature for those people who like to use this social accounts for everything - the idea is that making it easier to sign in will get more people to actually do it.
  47. Wes

    Wiki Template

    I am a bit worried what using wrap will make the page look like on a cellphone screen where the width is narrow.
  48. Wes

    Facebook & Twitter Integration + Privacy Policy

    Update: I've also set it up where you can connect your Twitter account and use Twitter to log in.
  49. Wes

    Facebook & Twitter Integration + Privacy Policy's forum now supports connecting your Facebook account and using Facebook to log into the forum. To set this up go here: Additionally, the site now has a basic privacy policy, which can be found here...
  50. Wes


    I'll be at Momocon in Atlanta, GA this weekend (maybe I'll even run into Corban there, I think he's local), and next weekend I'm going to ConCarolinas in Charlotte, NC. If anyone wants to meet up let me know. Additionally I always attend Dragon Con in Atlanta on Labor Day weekend. Are you guys...
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