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  1. Mithrandirxx

    Not really new, but hello!

    Welcome Loqui and Nora, yes the boards are a bit quiet, but with new people and new ideas perhaps we can get some life flowing in the other sections, and wake the sleepers.
  2. Mithrandirxx

    Surprise Surprise...

    DO IT!
  3. Mithrandirxx

    Everything Old is New Again...

    Well that took a dark turn...
  4. Mithrandirxx

    Everything Old is New Again...

    These days ? There were days it was a good idea ? I would have always assumed we did such foolish things not because they were good ideas but because we lacked the will to stop ourselves from a challenge.....Or maybe that's just me.
  5. Mithrandirxx

    Everything Old is New Again...

    It does appear it still fits, but can you twirl in it without getting dizzy after 15 shots of tequila ?
  6. Mithrandirxx

    Old member returning just an embrace of all that is right and good, and disdain for all that is evil and wrong. Its a bleed through of a few of my other characters, and a thing me and my best friend do, he loves the Drow I've always been more High-Elf so we end up being being a high elf and Drow...
  7. Mithrandirxx

    Old member returning

    I don't remember encountering too many Drow in the old days maybe a hand full every now and again. Although High Elves, and Moon Elves and Tolkien styles those were plentiful. I think in someways Drizzt showed the potential of Drow as a character base but at the same time to have a lot of Drow...
  8. Mithrandirxx

    Old member returning

    Bloody Drow always climbing up out of the dark places....I mean Welcome back to Ayenee Madninjistics.
  9. Mithrandirxx

    Everything Old is New Again...

    An exact head count is difficult to say, but you add to the number which is good.
  10. Mithrandirxx

    Everything Old is New Again...

    We do remain, welcome home.
  11. Mithrandirxx

    well I'll be damned. it's been a while!

    Welcome back to Ayenee, the character name sounds familiar but cannot place it myself, feel free to look around and play where you feel drawn.
  12. Mithrandirxx

    I am looking for the names that time forgot..

    Some may still be floating about, others may have nodded off to slumber, but still they may wake up.
  13. Mithrandirxx

    Long Time Ago in a Chatroom Far Far Away..

    Well Welcome back Eisen, feel free to join where you feel drawn.
  14. Mithrandirxx

    Ello ello

    Welcome to Ayenee, feel free to look around and join or start your own storylines. Glad to have you here.
  15. Mithrandirxx

    Discord link/invite on the wiki invalid/expired

    Here you are Discord
  16. Mithrandirxx

    Arcadia Plot Subforum Request

    Most Welcome
  17. Mithrandirxx

    Arcadia Plot Subforum Request

    Done. Your forum is Granted...or is it Wish ? Hoshi which one do I mean ?
  18. Mithrandirxx

    The Ayenee Wiki is Live

    I surely hope you're messing with me, or theres someone else with ultimate cosmic power on the wiki that cleaned them up, or I am seriously loosing my mind...
  19. Mithrandirxx

    The Ayenee Wiki is Live

    Wes all the images needing culling are presently Titled "Please Delete Me Wes"and are located in the Location subset.
  20. Mithrandirxx

    The Ayenee Wiki is Live

    Yeah the replace existing version requires the same file name or it outright fails from what I have been able to see. Which when you have fifty or more versions all named in increasing numbers makes it a bit of a pain to rename while uploading. I will however at least change the file names to...
  21. Mithrandirxx

    The Ayenee Wiki is Live

    Wes is there a way for me to delete images I have uploaded to the Wiki ? I had hoped there was a way since I end up working revisions upon floor layouts for the Forgotten Eclipse Tavern and Inn.
  22. Mithrandirxx

    Some Requests

    @Wes She's ringing for you I think, as I know very very little about Doku, other than he was a sad betweener after Maul and before Vader.
  23. Mithrandirxx


    Hmmm I haven't found it yet.....ah well.
  24. Mithrandirxx

    Character Questionaire

    Dakkon Olorii Question 1 : A Chrome Coated nine foot tall Demon god named Tulkas Question 2: Full Cyberization of his brain, or Ocular implants. Question 3: Earth Horror Movies from the 50's Question 4: To a fully stocked laboratory without an ethics board. Question 5: Taking out the trash...
  25. Mithrandirxx


    I reject it on the reasoning it has no likable picture such as Wall-e, no not really, heres the thing with Ayenee in general approval processes don't really happen. You introduce something and depending on where or what your playing with people will either go with it or they will just blink...
  26. Mithrandirxx

    From Romancia to Ayenee to Tenaria to Jacmus to Eden and back

    Welcome Bruce, Glad to have you here.
  27. Mithrandirxx

    The Ayenee Wiki is Live

    Well I am working on a new idea for it that might make it not needed, just making an actual menu as pictures may solve part of the problem I am having. Although that spoiler plugin is eleven years old from what I saw on it which might be part of the errors.
  28. Mithrandirxx

    The Ayenee Wiki is Live

    Wes, I have a question about the Wiki, can we get a spoiler tag for it, or is there a way to hide/expand sections, because the eclipse's menu seems to be a bit longer than I realized...
  29. Mithrandirxx

    Hello and Also Welcome!

    Hoshi, in truth presently there are not many active storylines at the moment, however depending on the type of Rp you and your fellows feel like I would say move to which ever forum seems to fit your mood, and feel free to start a story.
  30. Mithrandirxx

    A New Setup for Ayenee

    ~Calmly enters the thread and reads over it slowly and deliberately~ I may have to re-think my sidekick naming. Alright the core issue that would be faced when it comes to cannon as a general rule is that cannon does not exist in Ayenee as a matter of course. This is due to the fact that not...
  31. Mithrandirxx

    Return of the Magic Question

    That's a hard question to answer directly Hoshi. The first answer would be in Ayenee dragons breath may be magical in origin and effect, or it can be elemental as in the same level of magic as comes from a bic lighter. It depends on the player whose character is a dragon, or the player who puts...
  32. Mithrandirxx

    Some Requests

    Also Wes Jinx
  33. Mithrandirxx

    Some Requests

    ~Steals Hoshi's coffee and Sugar rations~ I see the change now too, as for the age concept thats where my brains hitting the wall, we could implement an adult forum and require a group membership like being a mod and a member are both hats one account can wear, but that requires verifyingthe...
  34. Mithrandirxx

    Some Requests

    You sure about that Wes ? I see a bent page too... Hoshi I think a NSFW section wouldn't be bed, not sure about all the logistics yet though ~puts on his thinking cap~
  35. Mithrandirxx

    Hello and Also Welcome!

    Welcome All!
  36. Mithrandirxx


    Hello and welcome back Ceredith.
  37. Mithrandirxx

    Happy New Year

    Welcome to 2018, may this year be great!
  38. Mithrandirxx

    Active clans?

    Varsinax does that a lot, comment, edit, delete, it's part of his charm.... As for Clans not sure if Omega Operations would count, but if so then the head of that group is still around (points to himself) Or the Olorii Family. The De Lioncourts I recall vaguely, and the Bloodthrush's not at all.
  39. Mithrandirxx

    Forum Consolidation Proposal

    Well Eseer, the news forum was never intended as an actual forum, it was a showcase for the rules both member and moderator alike that was locked from new posts altogether. That was its intention instead of sticky-ing the rules on the top of every forum and sub-forum. As for Arts that would be...
  40. Mithrandirxx

    Forum Consolidation Proposal

    That makes two of us Wes I was hoping to win you over as well as Eseer and Varsinax. Although an idea occurs to me that might operate as a middle ground between my disdain for the consolidation and the streamlined idea. Which is something of a folding file tree idea with the forums keep the...
  41. Mithrandirxx

    In-Character Timeline

    Somehow I never saw the walmart even with my tech or modern characters, I do remember the highschools, and the what the hell does that term mean rooms
  42. Mithrandirxx

    An Old Conjurer's Foolishness

    Mith stood there watching as the number of coincidences walked out the tavern door. It was one of those moments where you know you missed something like a punchline to a grand jest that everyone around you starts to laugh at and you just can't see it. As he watched Eseer open a portal and walk...
  43. Mithrandirxx

    Forum Consolidation Proposal

    I would be forced to disagree with you upon that point Wes. At least in my view, the purpose of the forums are to act a means for people to tell their stories together and interact. Then those stories remain archived for posterity, or future continuation. In times where activity is low, I have...
  44. Mithrandirxx

    Forum Consolidation Proposal

    It looks like and sounded like the idea was to combine all ic forums together and then allow them to be sorted via tags which would, in essence, allow them to be filtered by subject matter. That, however, seems akin to the general in character sub-category as the primary heading of a forum all...
  45. Mithrandirxx

    Basic Assuptions about Ayenee

    ~eyes the forum and holds comment until he has a proper chance to read over the assumptions~
  46. Mithrandirxx

    Forum Consolidation Proposal

    I can't say I see the point in consolidation concerning the forums in general. Unless the purpose is to combine forums in an attempt to garner general input from various special interests into the general area much in the same way that Ayenee was an amalgamation of all genres across the board...
  47. Mithrandirxx

    Mith's Cartography lounge

    I think Eseer's right when it comes to pcs, npcs I would say humans are probably closer to 55% otherwise the vampires are going to have a bad time mmmkay...
  48. Mithrandirxx

    I Like Pie

    Pumpkin, Grasshopper, and Strawberry rhubarb.
  49. Mithrandirxx

    Mith's Cartography lounge

    The Rafters I remember hanging out in them in the vampire tavern, but as you'll note the maps don't show them, but doesn't specifically say they aren't there either....
  50. Mithrandirxx

    From the depths of a cosmic hangover it comes.

    I always pictured it as an evolving and expanding world, kind of like Narnia is first displayed in the Magicians Nephew. In Essences you could call the space around Ayenee warped like a subsp[ace bubble or a pocket dimension that exceeds its container in mass and potential volume. However it is...
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