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  1. Zeth

    Looking for RP

    I could do some weekly RP. Play by Post is preffered.I am sorry to say I am unfamiliar with the 'Ayenee' setting. If you can explain it to me I think we could run a game. I also have yahoo.
  2. Zeth

    Official Rant Thread (ACW: Volatile Language)

    I just bought a new rpg! I hope I get to play it!
  3. Zeth

    Gears, Cogs, Flywheels, and Whispers.

    Welcome! I'll definitely take a look.
  4. Zeth

    What did you get with your tax return?

    So it's tax time. I got myself a swank new keyboard and paid some bills. How you spend your return?
  5. Zeth

    Last Post / Random Thought Thread

    *Mandatory starcraft reference* Some one call an exterminator?
  6. Zeth

    greetings and good tidings to all

    Welcome back.
  7. Zeth

    Who's online when you are...

  8. Zeth

    Who's online when you are...

    I see Lowthor.
  9. Zeth

    Samurai looking for Honorable Master

    This advertisement has expired. Mods feel free to delete the thread.
  10. Zeth

    Bio Armor

    Living armor that can bond to the wearer giving them improved physical ability and protection. Most Bio Armor can repair itself, produce energy and some have built in weapons and special abilities. A well known example of Bio armor is Guyver. Would you use it or is having a living creature...
  11. Zeth

    I miss you fools.

    Well I don't miss you! Okay maybe I do. Anyways I am now unemployed and trying to scrawl out a novel, so feel free to email me for anything.
  12. Zeth

    Would it be a cheat?

    No it would not be a cheat.
  13. Zeth

    The Hunting of the Beast

    The blow landed true. It struck the beast with such force and ferocity it cleaved the head CLEAN OFF!! The foul blood of the creature spouting from it's neck and soiling the ground. The light in the beasts eyes grow dim as the head meets the earth. Bardan has slain the foul beast and his noble...
  14. Zeth

    Scourge of the West

    Gun Hawk Another stranger entered the Saloon. Well more accurately he rose from his seat at the end of the bar where he casually observed. A tall and lean man wearing a revolver on one hip and a saber on the other. "Bandits you say? Now that is something I can offer assistance with," The...
  15. Zeth

    Scourge of the West ooc

    I shall now try to locate and post in your Role Play. Forgive my thread necromancy and maybe humor a fellow role player by replying. Please?
  16. Zeth

    The 4th!!

    Happy 4th of July!
  17. Zeth

    OOC: The Enslaved

    Well my idea completely Bombed on and On a separate note my access to game proposal, input, and idea sub forum has been temporarily revoked. Ouch, Failure.
  18. Zeth

    OOC: The Enslaved

    I think I scared Colvin off when I mentioned Revenants are Heroic.
  19. Zeth

    OOC: The Enslaved

    Here is a link to the game. Still in game proposal stage.
  20. Zeth

    OOC: The Enslaved

    Well I *was* going to try here. But your my only player and not Revenant. The more I think about the setting the I feel like I'm ripping off White Wolf.
  21. Zeth

    Who's online when you are...

    *Is lonely*
  22. Zeth

    OOC: The Enslaved

    I am going to start up a game on Anyone interested please feel free to join.
  23. Zeth

    OOC: The Enslaved

    I hate to drag in White wolf, but a lot of players Know Vampire The Masquerade and I hope this comparison will explain the game. Players are Revenants the opposite of a Vampire. Unlike vampires who have nearly endless time time to achieve their goals, Revenants have a very brief time in this...
  24. Zeth

    OOC: The Enslaved

    In essence you are the cleric version of a necromancer. Your God (DEATH) gives you powerful miracles to perform his/her will. As long as your perform death's will your power is seemingly limitless, but if you go against it, your powers are instantly stripped from you.
  25. Zeth

    OOC: The Enslaved

    Death priests can be female.
  26. Zeth

    OOC: The Enslaved

    Well There has tp be atleast one undead hero/revenant type. The others may be death preists or humans.
  27. Zeth

    Who's online when you are...

    Darn it Chaos. Go forth and kick ass!
  28. Zeth

    OOC: The Enslaved

    Any other takers?
  29. Zeth

    Who's online when you are...

    *Eats his way out of jello*
  30. Zeth

    OOC: The Enslaved

    Considering it is a fantasy setting and not horror, you should do great. ;)
  31. Zeth

    OOC: The Enslaved

    Now that you got an idea of the setting. I'll ask the burning question. What do you want to actually DO in this setting? Are you the revenant on a mission of vengeance? A priest hunting spirits? Or joe smoe pulled along? Are you interested in a quest like game or one of those social types?
  32. Zeth

    OOC: The Enslaved

    Death Priests- Necromancy does not exist. Only divine miracles may bring people back to life or create the undead. Which means all 'necromancers' are actually clerics. Unlike magic you can't do what ever the hell you want. If you don't follow a strict doctrine the divine will rip those powers...
  33. Zeth

    OOC: The Enslaved

    The setting resemble is a fantasy world. Unlike other worlds all the races were created at the same exact time. Humans with their ingenuity developed rapidly. From the stone age to tool age, through the bronze age and now currently the Iron age. Every major technology or idea such as nobility...
  34. Zeth

    I'm thinking of a plot

    That sounds misleading. Ah screw it I'll run with it. The ooc and IC threads will be up shortly.
  35. Zeth

    I'm thinking of a plot

    Seriously? Okay give me a name for the thread and I'll start.
  36. Zeth

    The Movie Review Thread

  37. Zeth

    I'm thinking of a plot

    Well in a nut shell, Elves are immortal but soulless bastards. Having no soul they can't truly invent anything on their own and want to enslave humans to invent stuff for them. The ancestors of these humans don't want to see their offspring enslaved and rise from the grave to kick elf ass.
  38. Zeth

    Who's online when you are...

    Gah! I been zapped. Bro! Sup, how you been?
  39. Zeth

    Who's online when you are...

    *hugs Sinful Feline*
  40. Zeth


  41. Zeth

    Current Roleplays

    Catching moon beams is up and running.
  42. Zeth

    How many of me...How many of you...

    * There are 38,021 people in the U.S. with the first name Kristopher. * Statistically the 914th most popular first name. * More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Kristopher are male. # There are 24,333 people in the U.S. with the last name (my last name) #...
  43. Zeth

    Who's online when you are...

    Chaos is on with me right now.
  44. Zeth

    Who's online when you are...

    With all that free time you should post an RP idea. Apply yourself. :P
  45. Zeth

    Catching Moonbeams

    The shape of the creature was definitely...female. She had the build of a young woman of undetermined race. When the muck brushed away it reveled purplish pink hair. She stood up the only clothing the mud the earth gave her. "Pleased to meet you Tuloth, I am...." she trailed off. Then her eyes...
  46. Zeth


    I have a renewed interest in role playing here. Mainly I have no where else to go. -.- But their loss is your gain,right?
  47. Zeth


    I am checking interest for a Gates&Gorgons game. The rules can be found free below. If at least two people want in I'll run a game here on the forum. Click the link then Download Gates&Gorgons for the free PDF. The book is only...
  48. Zeth

    Catching Moonbeams

    ooc: the response is the hard part. If it is to weird let me know. The sound of someone being born. Well figuratively in this case. It was a thunderous scream and mixture of disgusting squelches and noises from the bog itself. The bog up heaved spraying dirt and muck everywhere. Then you saw...
  49. Zeth

    Who's online when you are...

    Yeah that happens alot to me to.
  50. Zeth

    Who's online when you are...

    And me. Though I mostly just wash windows.
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