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    [FE: Episode 1] Emergence

    Silvergrove Mercenary ward Writing down the last details of Arsenal, adding a small note that she'd be positively surprised he would be present, she looked up to Nora next. Arching an eyebrow, before frowning. "Nora. Two days, main gate," she answered curtly. If the woman wanted to be swift and...
  2. The_IQ

    [FE: Episode 1] Emergence

    Fragmented Earth: Wiki page FE: Interest Check Arsenal's theme: Lightbringer - Pentakill *** Silvergrove Mercenary ward 1000 City time Slightly clouded, light rain "Hear ye, hear ye," a crier shouted while waving around a loud bell. Causing the countless mercenaries that were waiting in this...
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    [Interest check] Fragmented Earth

    Fragmented Earth's wiki is now full enough to properly start exploring the world! Expect a thread up soon for the first introduction thread.
  4. The_IQ

    [Interest check] Fragmented Earth Still a WIP, but it's the main article of this here plot ^^". I'm almost done with the main article.
  5. The_IQ

    [Interest Check/OOC] A-Files

    As long as I'm not too late- I'd love to join in.
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    [Interest Check] Across Land and Sea: A Mafia-Pirate RP

    As I expressed in the Discord chat, I'm also very interested in this ^^
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    [Interest check] Fragmented Earth

    To those who wanted to join, I don't need wiki toons. Just a quick character summary is fine ^^
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    [Interest check] Fragmented Earth

    Updated the original post with a quick description.
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    [Interest check] Fragmented Earth

    I was iffy on the details, but like. I'm thinking as for technology, gunpowder in it's earliest and primitive stages. And naturally, an ability for any and all kinds of magic. Even further, I'll construct the direct world around a post apoocalyptic and magic setting. Since I'm not sure what the...
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    [Interest check] Fragmented Earth

    I have several ideas to start some medieval plots, for the simple reason that there's none currently here. 3 plots present, one being Ame's Kayio ending soon. Like, we need more things. It's why I'd like to start a plot. EDIT: Fragmented Earth Magic, pure, liquid energy. Mana, extracted, mined...
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    Ello ello

    I was told about this site by sheer accident. xD Hiya, I'm IQ, or. The_IQ here since I can't just have IQ. Which does me one sad. But regardless of that, I originally hail from SARP and decided to come check this place, which is like, less restricted than SARP, from what I've been told. Other...
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