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    Old days of Yahoo chat

    Does anybody here know where anything even remotely comparable to Ayenee's chatrooms might exist today? You would think there would be some venue similar where people could gather and play. I really sorely miss the ability to just pop in and play in some tavern or other whenever I felt like...
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    Offical Ayenee.Org Picture Thread

    Because it seems people don't remember me from back in the day, here's a pic of my character, Phil: And here is actual me! (attached) Wearing a stupid viking hat for Oktoberfest last year...
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    Heya, guys!

    Hi all! I used to play back in the late 90s/early 00s as Phil the mudokon. A friend of mine from Ayenee I'm still in touch with told me about this place, and I couldn't resist registering and checking it out! I'd love to talk to some old faces and maybe get back into playing again, something...
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    Old days of Yahoo chat

    Holy crap, I just found this place thanks to another old Ayenee friend. I used to play in the late 90s- early 00s, as Phil the mudokon. Hello! Not sure if anyone remembers me but I have many fond memories of Ayenee during that time, and I would love to play here again with you fine folks.
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