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  1. Hoshi

    Mission Twelve: Naze Sorairo

    YSS Kaiyō II While the crew had been at Temple of the Stars on Yamatai, the ship they called home had been under repairs and was refit with a Transuniversal Teleportation Drive, along with being painted the stealthiest of colors. The ship retained its central Hinomaru and wouldn't forget the...
  2. Hoshi

    [A-Files] Pre-Episode One: Briefing

    Ayenee Fort Miller Ittô Juni Tsubei Kyoka walked towards a completely converted rapid deployment module science lab and command center hybrid. It was to be the A-Files new transportable office of sorts as they traveled about Ayenee if and when the mission called for the lab itself, rather than...
  3. Hoshi

    [Interest Check/OOC] A-Files

    This is an interest check for Project Aether Files or A-Files! Tell me which character you would like to be approved for joining the A-Files in this thread. All other inquiries and for getting pre-approval to post up your character, you can go through discord. My discord is A Wild Hoshi#8571
  4. Hoshi

    [Nightwalker Station] Looking Skyward (Open)

    In Orbit of Ayenee Nightwalker Station While moving through one universe to another, there was a slow and rhythmic clanking that reminded Cadence Newborn of no sound she had ever heard on a working star fortress. It was a Transuniversal Teleportation Drive, though, that powered the Nepleslians...
  5. Hoshi

    Character Questionaire

    Just some questions to answer about your character. Please think about adding your own questions!! What pet does your character most want? If they could get one body modification, which would it be? What type of movie do they like? What would their favorite vacation be? What chore do they hate?
  6. Hoshi

    [Ayenee Tavern] Safety In Numbers (Open)

    Ayenee Capital City Ayenee Tavern There was a general unease in the little flame's center of mass as the cooler air under it rushed upwards. There was a bobbing and floating motion to it, an unconscious act on the flame's part, as it remained quasi-tethered to the wick of the candle. The...
  7. Hoshi

    Looking For Work & Offering Our Services

    It is a pivotal time to be able to write this and I and my family thank you for reading my proposal. I am known as Nathish Wen ((OOC: Alias for Aashi Nath Werner)), a mother and wife that has recently come upon your world along with the colonists at Nightwalker Station. We are looking for work...
  8. Hoshi

    Mission Eleven: Sakidō

    Planet Ayenee Fort Miller Taiyou Hoshi's deep blue eyes, set in her pink-skinned Nekovalkryja face, went to the sky overhead, looking to the Nightwalker Station being built steadfastly by the very people that would soon be calling it their home. Instead of up there, she was down on the ground...
  9. Hoshi

    Some Requests

    Should we have a) a nsfw 18+ area or b) allow all ages to join? Are there style guides for the wiki? Templates we can use or can I make some? Can we get a new template for a dokuwiki with a different background than Ghost Nebula?
  10. Hoshi

    [Kaiyō] OOC Thread

    This is the OOC Thread for the Kaiyō plot that will be running as a continuation of the YSS Kaiyō II and YSS Kaiyō I. The plot page linked above and here will have all of the pertinent information on it as the questions and concerns of the Kaiyo community are brought up and as I think of...
  11. Hoshi

    Hello and Also Welcome!

    This is my first time posting here but it will be far from my last! I have come from an OOC and IC other universe, the Yamatai Star Empire of Star Army Role Play!! I bring me with the YSS Kaiyō II and the players that would like to join me on this adventure to this alternate universe of...
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