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  1. Rhysis

    Thanksgiving wishes

    For those in the US (honestly not sure if we have any outside the US any more) have a happy and delicious Thanksgiving!
  2. Rhysis

    How long would it have gone?

    So the signature that I have was one I made back in...oh...2007? It managed to survive the transitions between sites. Being exclusively text probably has a lot to do with that. Anyway, so I got a message form a certain site administrator today that pointed out a typo. So for the past 12...
  3. Rhysis

    Starting anew.

    Alright, people. So, if you haven't noticed (and I don't see how you couldn't have.) the forums have been moved, once again, to their original address. You can thank Wes for the much needed update. Now, for the survey. I'm going to leave it open indefinitely so the occasional lurker can...
  4. Rhysis

    Happy Easter!

    Providing you celebrate a day set aside to recognize Jesus' resurrection, Happy Easter, though it may be a delayed wish for many.
  5. Rhysis

    The Makings of Myst

    The town of L'Jess had grown into a metropolis, by elven standards, anyway. Ever since the latest attack by the Hellwyrm, the elf clans found themselves wanting more and more protection against other-worldly forces. True, elven magic was potent, but with their long-time friends, the Council of...
  6. Rhysis

    The HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! thread.

    And a big ol' HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, RubySoHo! Wherever you may be, should you happen this way, enjoy yourself today, and be safe. God bless!
  7. Rhysis

    Weighing interest

    So the title pretty well says it. I'm trying to figure out, from amongst the people who still check in here, who's interested in a new RP?
  8. Rhysis

    Nothing stays the same.

    And I mean NOTHING! There have been a TON of changes around our place over the past few months. Well we are all moved in to our new place. It's HUGE by comparison of our old house. Actually, our garden covers more square footage than the footprint of our old house. Granted it's the...
  9. Rhysis

    Yo, Zippo!!

    Everybody now... Happy birthday to yooouuuuu!!!! Alright that's all you get. :p
  10. Rhysis

    Christmas Plans?

    So I just figured I'd ask what everyone's plans were for Christmas, or whatever other event you celebrate. We're going to be headed to Kansas City to visit my family, celebrate the birth of Jesus, eat huge amounts of food, exchange some gifts, and make a bunch of memories. Yay! :D You?
  11. Rhysis

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    The title pretty much says it all. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! God bless you, all. :D
  12. Rhysis

    Combat Class

    The small arena was filled to capacity with hundreds of observers. Students who had been going through the Fundamentals of Combat class had been waiting with baited breath for this day. Now it was finally here, and there was a sense of anticipation in the air that you could almost smell...
  13. Rhysis


    So for those who have been paying any attention to it at all, the town we live in has been getting quite a bit of flooding. One fatality, several missing, and I was trapped at one of my accounts for a while because the interstate is currently 3 feet under water. But, God is good, I'm fine...
  14. Rhysis

    My life as of late

    Well it's finally happened. Yes, that's right...Rhysis is about to be making some actual money! *pauses for shock to fade* Okay now don't get me wrong, I'm not exactly going to be rolling through piles of hundreds...maybe pennies...hmm. ANYWAY. But the cleaning company that my wife and...
  15. Rhysis

    Begin Again OOC

    Okay so the guildhouse is designed as a meeting area for people in the area. For somewhat of a visual of the intended layout here's a picture. Just picture stone seats around the walls and a small elevated platform in the center and there ya go.
  16. Rhysis

    Begin Again

    The sun crested over the horizon somewhere around the same time that the rooftop of that tired old bedraggled building came into view. So many times he'd come here when there was absolutely nowhere else to go. Of course, that wasn't entirely true. There were at least two other places to go...
  17. Rhysis


    'Bout time you got yer tail in here! Welcome to the boards, man. Now here's the question...what genre do you prefer?
  18. Rhysis

    Good news!

    Well starting July 1st, I'm going to be REALLY tired for a couple months. God wasn't kidding when He said He'd bless our business. We've got a couple new accounts coming that will take me from working something along the lines of 16-18 hours per week to working well over full time. Along with...
  19. Rhysis


    Welcome to Glad to see you! We've taken a bit of a break because of the real life happenings of several of our members, but if you're wanting to find some RP then there are a few of us who are still here pretty much daily who would be more than willing to get into some RP with...
  20. Rhysis

    Happy Father's Day

    Happy Father's Day to all my fellow Ayenee fathers! We lead our children, so they can later lead theirs. No pressure, right?
  21. Rhysis

    Holiday plans?

    So as Memorial Day approaches, and we recognize the sacrifice America's fallen soldiers have made, does anyone have any plans for celebrating? We're going to a friend's house that has two recently placed foster kids who could use the influence that a stable family provides. We're gonna cook...
  22. Rhysis


    Again, thanks to Anti for the link to the program. This one is actually pretty close.
  23. Rhysis

    Bursting through

    The game had been going on for hours now. It was the final day of the Knighthood Trials. It was an event held once every decade by the king of DarkRaven. Anyone was invited. Nobles and peasants alike were allowed to take part in the events. This year, they'd even opened it up to anyone from...
  24. Rhysis

    School safety

    I just had a very interesting conversation with my son. Recess has, effectively, been turned into nothing more than "go outside time". KHFOOTY (keep hands feet and other objects to yourself) has eliminated tag, red rover, pushing each other on swings, and anything with any physical contact...
  25. Rhysis

    Fang (sort of) and Jewel (close enough)

    Using the hero machine link that Anti posted, this is the best I was able to come up with for Fang.
  26. Rhysis

    No excuses

    Just thought I'd share something with everyone. Didn't really seem right putting it in the peanut gallery. So here goes. You control your attitude. You control what you can accomplish. Stop making excuses for yourself! Don't believe me? Nick Vujicic was born with no arms and no...
  27. Rhysis

    The Dark Tower

    Things had been so boring as of late. His lady still slept. That utterly annoying sleep had prevented him from doing several things, and he was growing tired of it. He was also growing restless. He stared out the window at the heavy colorless fog. A sly smirk crossed his face as he...
  28. Rhysis

    RoyalGuard Manor

    The Crystal Valley had been abandonded for centuries. The palace, the lake, the mountains, and even the plains were seemingly barren of anything. The Grey had managed to reach to the tops of the mountains, but seemed to be halted from any ability to actually penetrate into the bowl-like...
  29. Rhysis

    Schedule a chat?

    Alright so the vast majority of us, if not ALL, who are active came from the real Ayenee...ya know, the chat rooms where anything could and usually did happen...yeah those. :D We have the chat engine here, but it is sadly underused. We've attempted in the past to schedule RP times, but it...
  30. Rhysis

    Waiting for a post?

    Just thought I'd check to often do you log on and check to see if someone has posted only to see that nothing new has happened? I guess an alternative question would be, how long do you generally wait until you can post again in an RP you're involved in?
  31. Rhysis

    Rhysis' last post.

    Alright so once again I've been away for quite some time. Life seems to come at you full force when you're in my shoes. Unfortunately, for me, this will be the last time I have to worry about posting this, because this will also be my last post. Lora and I are currently in training to...
  32. Rhysis

    And here she is!!

    2 days ago 8lbs 12oz big girl!
  33. Rhysis

    Same ol' song and dance

    This is not all negative. Read on and I promise it gets better. :D So are we ready for this one? Everyone got their popcorn? Gone potty already? Okay here goes. *sigh* The trailer we live in ran out of propane. Shortly thereafter pretty much all our utilities got shut off, despite us...
  34. Rhysis

    Corvina and Marco...

    If either of you still check the board... Corvina: Marco:
  35. Rhysis

    OH Chaos...

    Total surprise, I know. There's no way you'll ever see this coming. I guarantee this is not what you think it is. You think I'm gonna post some sparkly "Happy Birthday" link don't you? Well I'm not going to lie to you...okay yes I am. I swear I will NOT post a picture like that...
  36. Rhysis

    Well I'M back...

    So I got internet set up back at my house, I have a class on Tuesday which is essentially orientation to be a substitute teacher for the biggest school district around here, and we've been very heavily blessed in all other areas... so where's the RP?
  37. Rhysis

    Oh Slayer....

    Sorry but I haven't managed to acquire any new graphics yet so you'll have to settle for this. HAPPY BDAY
  38. Rhysis


    Doth mine eyes deceive me? You freakin' BETTER say hi.
  39. Rhysis

    Cain, a tip

    BELIEVE me I know it can be frustrating having to wait for posts from other people, but you will stand a much better chance of getting people to join in your RPs if you do just that, particularly considering your lenghty posts. We have several people on this board that were never part of Ayenee...
  40. Rhysis

    Hey Cain...

    We've had some issues with this in the past so I'm just going to flat out ask. Are you intending on your "book" to be an actual RP or are you just doing it solo?
  41. Rhysis

    I would just like to say...

    I am awesome!!! That's right, I said it. I'm awesome. Two people I've invited to the site are not only participating in posts, but they're freaking GOOD at it. See? I'm awesome. And my modesty just makes me even more awesome. Okay, seriously though. Nekra, Corvina, thanks for...
  42. Rhysis

    Hey, Mith, betcha know what's coming...

    Yes, this one's sparkly, too. Happy Birthday!
  43. Rhysis

    Exciting news.

    Alright, my sister is due to have a baby any day now. She talked to the doctor and was 2cm diolated which, for those of you who don't have children, is pretty much the point where it could be that she goes into labor in an hour or in two weeks. I called my sister yesterday and...
  44. Rhysis


    Looks like you joined just in time.
  45. Rhysis

    Yo Nekra...

    If you would like I'll be happy to make an avatar and/or signature image for you. If you have pictures you want me to use, go ahead and post them. Otherwise feel free to just describe something to me and I'll see what I can do.
  46. Rhysis

    The Game is Afoot

    Der padded slowly through the thick woods east of the Darkraven kingdom. The scent had grown faint. Rather than think this meant he was losing ground on his prey, though, he knew it to be caused by the artificial winds that blew every hour from the palace of Darkraven seated in the middle of...
  47. Rhysis

    Hey, Nekrataal0!

    Yay someone who actually took my advice and joined the board! Not that I've run in to a whole lot of people lately who would've been interested anyway, but whatever. Welcome to the world of Ayenee, my friend.
  48. Rhysis

    Not-so yippee...

    Well this is it. In just over 9 hours Lora and I will be taking Airie to school for the VERY FIRST time. For those of you who are parents this is old news. But these little milestones are always bitter sweet. I'm very happy that my little girl is growing and getting closer to being the woman...
  49. Rhysis

    Bottled water is worse than tap.

    Well there are some interesting benefits of having Yahoo as your homepage. One is that you get to see the headlines of all sorts of strange news stories. This one struck me as interesting. Nasty Bottled Water If you don't feel like reading the entire article, it basically says this. Some...
  50. Rhysis


    Alright well, for those of you who didn't already know, my latest idea is to take it back to the good ol' days and do some actual CHAT rp. Of course, to do this, we'll need to actually schedule a time for it to happen. There aren't hundreds of people playing at any one given time to supply us...
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