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  1. Mithrandirxx

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year, I hope you all have a lovely year ahead.
  2. Mithrandirxx

    The Return of the Reflection Pool

    This forums original intent was to be a place where through open and honest discussion (following forum etiquette) and debate one could engage with their fellow role-players upon philosophical and theological topics. That is more or less the purpose of this forum. It is not to start flame wars...
  3. Mithrandirxx

    Merry Christmas

    Hello friends, I hope you are all having a splendid Christmas, and being able to navigate the complexities of this years holiday season with ease. Happy Holidays to all.
  4. Mithrandirxx

    There Amidst The Sand

    There amongst the seas of sand and the blowing dunes swirled a dome of black mist undulating in and out slowly. The mist would constrict and then expand outwardly reaching only fifteen meters in diameter around a central point. At the greatest expanse visible the wisps of vapor would seem to...
  5. Mithrandirxx

    Happy New Year

    Welcome to 2018, may this year be great!
  6. Mithrandirxx

    Wes, Editing

    Wes, I saw a plea for help jumping in the Chat, and it seems that Relic wanted to edit his character bio in the biography forum, but lacked the edit button on his own post. From my end I could see the button, but the post was not locked, or flagged for moderation or anything else I could figure...
  7. Mithrandirxx

    Mith's Cartography lounge

    A question asked by Raven got me thinking about how I always attempted to apply a level of order to my roleplays was through map making. For instance, I mapped out Mith's home, his tavern, a whole fantasy world I wanted to develop as a game or story line that's free floating in my brain and I...
  8. Mithrandirxx

    Mithrandir Olorii Stormcrow

    This is presently a work in progress as this has not been reworked wholesale in over fifteen years and the most recent version maybe a decade old was lost in the transition from and the Return to
  9. Mithrandirxx

    Character Biographies Temporary Thread

    This forum will act as a repository for your character biographies. As such please create a new thread and title the thread with the Character name, and then fill in your bio. If there are any questions, suggestions, arguments or possums in the attic please inform me and I shall do what I can to...
  10. Mithrandirxx

    Welcome to 2017

    Happy New Year everyone, I hope you had an enjoyable celebration of the death of 2016 the year of misery, maybe we can have a positive year ahead of us.
  11. Mithrandirxx

    Ayenee Is : How to Play Sections transcribed

    Making.a.Character. The two most important things to keep in mind when making a Character are: 1. Choose something that you will enjoy playing. 2. Choose something that those around you will enjoy playing with. That is, after all, the point of the game… to play, and interact with others...
  12. Mithrandirxx

    T....Scorpion....oh ffs T Virus pick a name for a full decade

    Happy Birthday, now pick a name for your bloody cake....Happy Birthday man.
  13. Mithrandirxx

    Ayenee :The Re-Awakening OOC

    To discuss minor details not posted, to explain abscences and what not. Please feel free to use this thread for all OOC needs concerning Ayenee:The Re-Awakening.
  14. Mithrandirxx

    T Virus a word

    OLD Happy Birthday Mate.
  15. Mithrandirxx


    It had been days since the man had tasted the subtle sweet taste of water upon his palette, his thin lips cracked and covered with dry blood bespeckled with sand and dust as he staggered down thew road. His long sandy blonde hair knotted and tangled as thickly as the brambles hooked upon his...
  16. Mithrandirxx

    Happy New Year !

    Happy New Year Ayenee! We've made it yet another year, and thats something to be proud of. May the new year bring all we desire, and plenty of Role play for the masses.
  17. Mithrandirxx

    Rhysis.....I'm terribly disheartened by this..

    Happy Birthday you goof ball!
  18. Mithrandirxx

    T-Virus Explain this

    darkshadow_eternal is using a different version of Yahoo! Messenger. Certain features may be unavailable. BUZZ!!! darkshadow_eternal: I have been taking Acai tablets now for two months and already lost 36 pounds, it is the same stuff that was on oprah and cnn, Mike and Jen lost so much...
  19. Mithrandirxx

    Unlucky Slayer why did you blow up ?

    Honestly though.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  20. Mithrandirxx

    The new Chat

    Katrina Vladdens chat system, for our section needs four primary rooms along with background images of 2000 x 1200, user rooms can be made out of these rooms but we need a basic stations for starter rooms as it were. So go forth and make ideas and post them here along with the images you would...
  21. Mithrandirxx

    Spam via private messaging

    Some of you may have been contacted via the private messaging system by a user called Stephanie, concerning a site along with a quotation, but nothing else. After a short search the user's IP and email addy pulled up various results concerning thier spamming of numerous forums over the internet...
  22. Mithrandirxx

    Onigai Slayer

    Happy Birthday you Exploding wacko.
  23. Mithrandirxx

    Oscuro concerning your behavior of late

    Happy Birthday!!!! If you didn't realize it three years ago that was the end of the entertaining birthdays. Happy Birthday again and many happy returns!
  24. Mithrandirxx

    Concerning the Administration and the Technical Staff

    As some of you may have noticed SJ is not longer with in the user group called Admins, this is due to a complaint which labeled a problem that some members seemed to have concerning what duties and privileges were set. It was easier at the time of the sites inception to have one group set up to...
  25. Mithrandirxx

    Siorai I need your attention a moment

  26. Mithrandirxx

    The Slump and the Question

    Over the last few weeks since the site crashes and glitches , and other little problems that have beset us the site has slowed down monumentally. I realize that many of our members who are still in college or high school or even middle school will be going back to the books at this time and...
  27. Mithrandirxx

    The Deranged Challenge

    Alright as the Almighty Admin.....Well as the admin Deranged and I were talking over the page he is making for the community and we decided we wanted the WHOLE communities Input. So we have a few different formats we want you all to look at. A B C So Please Vote on the formate you like the...
  28. Mithrandirxx

    Unholy Charm disappears

    Well as most of you will notice when you look at one Unholy Charms posts her avatar, signature and post count is gone. This was due to her taking offense at something another member of the forums said and she elected to haver her account deleted and was rather adamant in having it done post...
  29. Mithrandirxx

    Alright spring cleaning

    As I looked at the list of users we have currently, I realized we have twenty five names that are nothing more than place holders, by that I mean they are names or people who joined and never posted. Now I realize everyone has some times where they put something off for a bit but I am thinking a...
  30. Mithrandirxx

    Slow Down Glitches

    Alright everyone I know many of you are probably experiencing massive slow downs of loading and posting to threads. As well as coming upon a Server Error. This is simply part of an Update glitch that SJ has encountered and will fix this evening. Please Bare with us and try to remain calm till...
  31. Mithrandirxx

    The Fatally Stupid Awards

    ANNUAL STUPID AWARDS. Some are old, but still fun to read. EIGHTH PLACE: In Detroit, a 41-year-old man got stuck and drowned in two feet of water after squeezing head first through an 18-inch-wide sewer grate to retrieve his car keys. SEVENTH PLACE: A 49-year-old San Francisco...
  32. Mithrandirxx

    Questions do you know the answers ?

    Check to see if you know everything….Answer these questions first and then see the answer. Questions… This is a quiz for people who know everything! These are not trick questions. They are straight questions with straight answers . Name the one sport in which neither the spectators nor the...
  33. Mithrandirxx

    Immigration ?

    I got this in my email today and I think it brings up an interesting point, so I would like to hear what you all think about what it says and what its weak points are and what its strongest point is. So here it is.
  34. Mithrandirxx

    Small Administrative note

    For those of you who have not noticed Amelina Chamberlain is now the Mod of the Chronicals and the Reflection Pool. That is all.
  35. Mithrandirxx

    The Community Guidelines & Rules and Moderator Rules of Conduct

    As I have done in the past, I would like everyones' thoughts on the rule sets we have here any ideas on how to improve them or how to change them to be more fitting to the community in General. So please take a look at them and see what alterations you all believe may need to be made. So far...
  36. Mithrandirxx

    Rhysis to the Front

    Rhysis Wakey Wakey, return Jik'tor to a lively state man !
  37. Mithrandirxx

    Two Base Questions that most cannot answer completetly

    Who are you, and what do you want ? In general you can answer these easily, but why go with general when you can go indepth. What makes you you ? What defines what ever your name is ? And what is it that drives you forward to move on with life and desire to continue to struggle ?
  38. Mithrandirxx

    Tapping the Mind of the Community

    So I was looking over the forums and noticed that we happen to have a little bit of a stand still in the majority of the Rps happening of late, and while I know many of our members are probably out in Real life and possibly enjoying Spring Break, I want to know what we as a community are wanting...
  39. Mithrandirxx

    What's that smell ?

    "Hello, is this the Sheriff's Office?" "Yes. What can I do for you?" "I'm calling to report 'bout my neighbor Virgil Smith....He's hidin' marijuana inside his firewood! Don't quite know how he gets it inside them logs, but he's hidin' it there." "Thank you very much for the...
  40. Mithrandirxx

    The Forgotten Eclipse Tavern & Inn

    The Forgotten Eclipse Tavern, was now being built anew in a new location. That made three locations but this was the only one in a town. It was strange that Mithrandir had never considered building in a town before but it always seemed in Ayenee that towns were a bit of a problem, especially...
  41. Mithrandirxx

    Charm come in here theres something about your work

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Charm:D !!!!!
  42. Mithrandirxx

    No Parent Left Behind

    NO PARENT LEFT BEHIND ! These are real notes written by parents in an ALABAMA school district. Spellings have been left intact. 1. My son is under a doctor's care and should not take PE today. Please execute him. 2. Please exkuce lisa for being absent she was sick and i had her shot. 3. Dear...
  43. Mithrandirxx

    Hear Ye Hear Ye! RP discussion!

    It seems we have slumped a little in our ever present need for RP, So we would like to know what kind of Rp you are all looking for ? Or if you have an Idea for a plot line that you want some ideas for ask it here. If you are currently in a plot that seems to have stalled and would like some...
  44. Mithrandirxx

    Board Movement & Alterations

    Okay a small announcement, I plan to switch the functions of the Archive and the library, and then make the archive a sub forum of the library. Assuming there are no strong objections to this course of action. What say you ?
  45. Mithrandirxx

    Denizens of NewAyenee.Org

    After some long discussions and many hours of deep thought the idea has been proposed that the Support forums role shall change, and with that change we need public opinion on an aspect of said change. As the Staff forum allowed members to see what the Administration and Moderators were up to...
  46. Mithrandirxx

    Miths Super Hard Question

    Define the qualities of the soul, and what defines a soul other than those qualities ?
  47. Mithrandirxx

    The Venerable Jai, your attention please

    I Liked the story you have written in the Realms of Fantasy forum, but I have a request, please change the size of your text, to something akin to the forum standard of two, you made my eyes bleed from straining....Well acctualy you caused a blood vessle to burst, but no matter.
  48. Mithrandirxx

    The Thread Called Stuff

    Of Late as many of you have probably noticed, we have a thread in the chronicles called stuff. Where Charm happens to display her Banner wares and takes requests for creations to be made. As such after talking to her for a little while we touched on the idea of her getting in base necessity a...
  49. Mithrandirxx

    Goodwill Ambassador

    Due to recent strains between certain parties within the community and the Administration the administration has delegated T-virus licker to be the intermediary between these two factions to establish a peaceful settlement to grievances between the two. As such this position is not a position...
  50. Mithrandirxx

    RP Plot requesting Artistic Assistence

    Hello, everybody, I have asked for your assistence with a map I have made for my plot Called Sae Nae. You see I have run into a wall. I seem to lack the ability to make a glyph, or marker that would accurately portray the presence os ancient ruins on all the surfaces in the map. Atop of...
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