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  1. Andrew

    RP Oaru (Ayenee System)

    "Ayenee System in ten karns..." Cheol looked up from the data he had been going over with General Aphelion. "Thank you. Slow us and prepare for conduit egress. Prepare for real space," he said before he returned his attention to the General. "We can continue this later. I will have you...
  2. Andrew

    RP: Yara Canon Atulhothura

    Marathos L'Cham Cluster War's break out, and war's end. Empires rise and fall. The Craethel Wars did not differ from the ones before them, save because the axis wanted to exterminate every life form in the Chrystalis Unvorsum. It all made sense. That was, until the end. There was no epic final...
  3. Andrew

    RP: Yara Canon Episode I: No Place Is Home

    25 AN The War of The Builders had become a memory. Skyscrapers replaced temporary housing on Yara or as most preferred to call it New Noria. The five-year reign of her majesty Aerum Eitan I, the Vespa daughter of Tetsuya Eitan had brought about reforms, reconciliations, and the re-construction...
  4. Andrew

    OOC Yara Discussion

    This is the OOC Discussion thread for Yara. @Sageshooter @KoreHytaria
  5. Andrew

    RP: Yara Canon Episode 0: The Rain

    Norian Embassy Ayenee Capital City, Ayenee Prime Rivaen Eitan stood in front of the massive arched transparent pane that looked out over the sea of skyscrapers, flashy neon advertisements, and the night skyline of the Ayenee Capital. The young man couldn't help the last time he had been on...
  6. Andrew

    Non-Canon [CLOSED] What We Become

    What We Become Season II- Chrystalis Unvorsum: Legacy Minatu Homeworld Imperial Palace Joint Post Session Authors: Andrew and Saeriel Home, it was quiet and there was nothing wrong with that. Snow-capped peaks loomed in the distance outside of the massive windows which were the main...
  7. Andrew

    Non-Canon [Closed] [Minatu Story] Saving Aphelion

    Tales of Captain Draven: Saving Aphelion Mini-Episode 1: Infamy MES Almeida, Aquitaine-Class Cruiser | 1st Imperial Fleet BD-32 Black Dust Expansion Zone Exterior Expanse, Minatu Empire 12 Hours After The Battle of Laeyria-Calaris Captain Draven Rui, knew his role in the conflict at...
  8. Andrew

    [Invite Only] The New Face of Noria

    Ayenee Capital City (ACC) Yirune Square - Diplomatic Sector Site #459-Ayenee-C01 | Construction of The Embassy of the Caeyorian Astral Supremacy Construction cranes and other heavy equipment were busy already constructing the beginning foundations and frame for the new Embassy in the ACC...
  9. Andrew

    Non-Canon [CASNN] The Minatu Make a Grand Enterance at Laeyria-Calaris, Surrune's Call Fleet Arrives Safely at Ayenee

    Caeyorian Astral Supremacy News Network April 10th 2 PWC After months of experts wondering if the Minatu Empire was onboard with War against the Craethel, especially with the Craethel conquest of the Veil Homestead, they have their answers. Last night while the Colony Arcs and their escorts...
  10. Andrew

    Non-Canon [Companion Cinematic to Resurgence EP1 - Colonial Investment] The Elysium Run

    The Elysium Run Laeyria-Calaris System “Ancient's GATE System – Unyain-Elysium Spiral GATE” Caeyorian Colony Fleet – Surrune's Call Arc One The former New Eden Admiral stepped up to the command table when the Caeyorian Admiral was rushed to medbay, her blood still smeared across the console...
  11. Andrew

    Non-Canon [Pre-Forum Season II] Archive Season II Posts

    Preface These are older posts, dating prior to the forum that I managed to find. Wars have plagued the Chrystalis Unvorsum for centuries, from the Umarian invasions to the Void Wars, the conflict has been a nightmare of reality to many of the factions. In the past, the factions involved have...
  12. Andrew

    Non-Canon [Closed][Companion Story to "The Dawn"] Rising Hope of The Sun

    Ayem'vu Aquila POW Camp Craethel-USC Occupied Ayem'vu 230km from Celeste City Aquila POW Camp also called the “Death Pit” by those who were held and died there. It was a forced labor facility where those who refused Craethel rule or those left behind by their governments after the Second...
  13. Andrew

    Non-Canon [Semi-Open] Sorin's Destiny

    Bastion Citadel, New Noria Sector Command Sorin picked up a model of an ancient sailing ship from his desk, he examined it for a moment, then placed it into the box that contained several other items from his office. He looked at his desk, and let out a long sigh as he exhaled. He was not...
  14. Andrew

    Non-Canon [Guide] Everything you missed in Season I

    Post (Masamune) Wave Timeline 1 PWC ✧Tetsuya rescued by the Falcon's Star ✧✧✧The Knight Vixen Leviathan crashes into Ayemvu ✧✧✧Sinith arrives on the Falcon's Star ✧✧✧Sinith executes Xal'Aester Aria Eitan I ✧✧✧Falcon's Star retreats from known space to the Veil Homestead/New Eden ✧Treaty of...
  15. Andrew

    Non-Canon [Semi-Open] The Jewels In Our Crowns

    Continued from Old Forum: CIS Vaepora Andrew's Post: Kendra looked Adrin over, the young officer was decently put together that was for a man who had spent the night before drinking. She knew, despite her parents best efforts where he had been, she was just as clever as they were if not more...
  16. Andrew

    [OOC] Chrystalis Discussion Thread

    A place for OOC Chrystalis Discussion
  17. Andrew

    Non-Canon [Closed] The Dawn (CU: SII)

    Part I Ascension Star Citadel Nibus Cloud Nexus Arakan straightened his Caeyorian uniform, the dress whites had a much formal arrangement to the white and grey paneled duty uniform that most were used to wearing, gold fringed rope epaulets crowned in crafted tribal-etched niranium armored...
  18. Andrew

    Non-Canon [Semi-Open] Resurgance (Episode I - Colonial Investment)

    Episode I - Colonial Investment Surrune Veld – Eastern Frontier, Northern Continent Ayenee Prime The universe was vast, but there were only so many places that had enough comfort or safety to call home. Overcast skies foretold the coming of another storm, another downpour to feed the endless...
  19. Andrew

    Please clear NeelaEitan

    Please clear NeelaEitan. She is here with me. :) Forum will currently not let her post.
  20. Andrew

    Character Biographies

    Is there a thread for biographies? >.> If not can we get one?
  21. Andrew

    The Return of Nira: The Broken Road to 'Home'

    Former Emperor Adrin X, also known as Nira had become a myth or perhaps a ghost of some sort, the Lorenzian King's name was but a whisper on the lips of very few if any since the Norian exodus from Ayenee many years before. The cart's wheels bounced and banged along the broken road towards the...
  22. Andrew

    On a Quest

    They say you can find yourself by coming home... I return. In hopes of just that.
  23. Andrew

    Ayenee: The IMVU Chapter

    A project started on the IMVU Site to promote good roleplaying in a Community that is very much so in its infancy. If any of you have IMVU or want to get involved please let me know. [CENTER] CANCELLED
  24. Andrew

    Marco, You still around?

    Hey just looking for Marco. Lord Archsole Rakkor. You around? --Andrew
  25. Andrew

    Surprise Surprise...

    It has been a while Ayenee... I played Adrin Eitan, leader of the Norian Empire, and one of the Priests of Nyst. Also formerly a sub-administrator and crypt keeper. Found this place thanks to somone elses' prying eyes. Now who remembers me? My YIM is enigma_eitan.
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