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  1. DarkScorpion

    4th of July

    Happy 4th of July to everyone. {Grins and fades after setting off a ton of fireworks, and slapping Mith with a Koi.}
  2. DarkScorpion

    Leonard Nimoy/Spock R.I.P

    Today another legend has moved on from this life and into the great beyond. Leanord Nimoy/Spock, you will be greatly missed. Live Long and Prosper.
  3. DarkScorpion

    Oh Mith!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! {Grins and double-slaps da Mith with a B-Day koi, then gives him a huge chocolate cake, then fades.}
  4. DarkScorpion


    Computers, let's share what system that we are on and use. Do you prefer and/or use a custom build, factory build, or a modified system? Mine is a custom build, and after using it, I'll not do a factory build if I can help it. Factory builds I prefer Acer's, E-Machine's, and Asus's. I find...
  5. DarkScorpion

    Rhysis, come on in.

    Happy B-Day Rhysis!!!! Hope that you are having a good one. {Grins and gives da Rhysis a Bedazzled Koi Cannon with a triple-blast trigger, then fades.}
  6. DarkScorpion

    In Loving Memory

    In Loving Memory of my Wife's Biological Dad who recently passed away, and who's service was tonight. This is also in memory of my Mom who passed away two years ago, but who's Birthday is today. Also in memory of my Wife's Mom and Dad who passed away a few years ago. We miss you all, but know...
  7. DarkScorpion

    All Mothers

    To all those that are Mothers here on Ayenee, and everywhere else, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!! {Grins and fades after leaving a very large chocolate cake.}
  8. DarkScorpion

    Ancient Library

    ((This is a realm within the realm of Ayenee that is open for any and all travelers to use.)) Setting: Ager ab Aeternus Tenebrae "Land of Eternal Night" Also known as the Undead Land to passing travelers. Realm Description: In the land of the living dead, the darkened sky has known no sun for...
  9. DarkScorpion

    A glitch

    I don't know if its a glitch of the boards, but on all four computers in our house I'm getting the same result from all the browsers that I use to access the forum, IE, Netscape, and Firefox. The page refreshment is off. Even after logging in and making a post, I have to hit F5 for the page to...
  10. DarkScorpion

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Gobble, gobble. {Grins and fades.}
  11. DarkScorpion

    Happy halloween!!!!

    Happy halloween/samhain!!!!!!
  12. DarkScorpion

    Oh Mith, you're requested within

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MITH!!!! {Fwaps da Mith with a fresh koi before giving him a large chocolate cake, then fades.}
  13. DarkScorpion

    Oh Madi, come inside please.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADI!!!!!! May it be a good one for you. {Grins and brings out a seven foot high catnip-chocolate Birthday cake for da Madi, then fades.}
  14. DarkScorpion

    Amelia Earheart Mystery Solved

    They finally solved the mystery surrounding the vanishing of Amelia Earheart.
  15. DarkScorpion

    To all the Mothers of Ayenee

    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!! May you all have a good day! {Grins and fades.}
  16. DarkScorpion

    R.I.P. Chris Cornell

    Just got the news, but Whitney Houston has just recently passed away.
  17. DarkScorpion

    Dad Shoots Laptop Good to watch, especially after teen daughter disrespects parents on her Facebook account. My wife found this video this morning.
  18. DarkScorpion

    Merry christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. May your day be filled with those that you love and be blessed with what you have and share together.
  19. DarkScorpion

    The right now crazy ride of life.

    {He walks out of the shadows and takes a look around.} Well Ayenee, it has been a long time and no see. I tell ya, life definitely has it's curve balls, and sucker punches. I know many of us here already have their fair share of stories. {He sits on a chair with a soft chuckle as though...
  20. DarkScorpion

    All Mothers of Ayenee

    Happy Mother's Day!!!!
  21. DarkScorpion

    Great News!!!!

    Osama bin laden is dead!!!!!!!
  22. DarkScorpion

    Xex Fatali, come inside please.

    Happy Birthday Hunny!!!!! I Love you My Dear Loving Wife. {He hugs her tight and gives her a Dark Chocolate Birthday Cake and a large cup of fresh brewed coffee.}
  23. DarkScorpion

    Oh Madi, please step inside.

    Happy B-Day Madi!!!!!! I hope that you're having a good one. {He gives her a giant chocolate cake and a foot-long wide cat-nip cookie for her with a bag of cat-nip on the side}
  24. DarkScorpion

    My Bitch Boss

    My boss has always been a bitch with a bobble-headed brain, and full of catch-22’s. She would say one thing and turn around and say almost the completely opposite, and always denies saying the first thing. She has also always stated, “I’m the owner, I can do what I want.” She especially states...
  25. DarkScorpion

    Cotinuation: Atsuma vs Scorpion

    {continuation of our spar within the other chat room}
  26. DarkScorpion

    Greetings Atsuma

    Atsuma, it's good to see you here now, and I hope you find the rp that you've been looking for. As I also told you, we can now have a continuous rp here as well. See you around here soon. {grins before vanishing into the darkness}
  27. DarkScorpion

    Internet Flashback
  28. DarkScorpion

    Coming Home

    The air still and silent, not even a wisp of breath could be felt. The area had been long silent for many passing ages, the passing of five years to most, but centuries to the old Ancient Library. The only light that shown was from the moon slowly slipping through the eternal night sky, its rays...
  29. DarkScorpion

    *Gobble Gobble*

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!
  30. DarkScorpion

    Oh Madi, need you attention in here

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! {gives her catnip cookies and a very large chocolate cake shaped like the chesire cat}
  31. DarkScorpion

    There goes another one

    Patrick Swayze has just passed away after a long battle with cancer. He will be missed.
  32. DarkScorpion

    Madi, inside please. :P

    Here's something that I think you might find interesting to read. Here
  33. DarkScorpion

    V, a remake of an 80's classic

    Well folks, for those that are fans of the classic 80's show, V, ABC is remaking it and starring Lost's Juliet. I love the classic and remember when it first showed all those years ago, and love catching the reshowings of it. I hope this remake does my favorite classic justice. V The trailer...
  34. DarkScorpion

    To all the Mothers here on Ayenee

    happy mother's day!!!!
  35. DarkScorpion

    Finally my story of what has been happening

    Well folks, a lot of you whom have been paying attention may have noticed that I’ve been on a lot more recently then I have been these past few years since I came out here to Hawai’i. The reason for this is because I was not working since January 31st, and not from reasons of my own happening...
  36. DarkScorpion

    Diablo III

    For those that have played and enjoyed the first two Diablo games, the third installment is almost upon us. I myself have enjoyed both games very much and is currently playing the second one with Lord of Destruction expansion again after nine years of playing and beating it last time. Today I...
  37. DarkScorpion

    To my wife Xex (Losina)

    HAPPY B-DAY HUNNY!!!!!!!! {Her B-day is 12/07, had to work today.} I love you Hunny.
  38. DarkScorpion

    Happy Halloween!!!

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!! May you all have a fun and safe Halloween today and tonight. Madi, prepare for your son's massive sugar rushes these next few days. We still need you around with as much sanity that you can save from this. :P
  39. DarkScorpion

    Greetings to Losina Faustinas

    Just saying to my wife, Losina, Welcome to Ayenee!!! You've already heard of here from me, but I know you'll look around and meet many interesting people. Mith, don't try to hide cause she'll find you anyways. {evil laugh}
  40. DarkScorpion

    Step inside Madi

    HAPPY B-DAY MADI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a good b-day. {gives her a giant gata b-day cake and a huge bag of cookies for herself to devour.}
  41. DarkScorpion

    George Carlin, R.I.P.

    George Carlin Passed away at the age of 71 due to heart failure. His off-the-wall and provocative comedy will be missed. I remember growing up listening to this guy and even watching his TV series when it ran. Rest in peace man, and don't crack too many angels up with your jokes.
  42. DarkScorpion

    MP3 Player

    Just recently my old MP3 player of 7 years was just recently placed on life-support. It's cracked screen, missing battery cover, missing volume - button, and messed up reverse button, withstanding -20 and 117+ degree temperatures, surviving multiple drops including from a second story floor...
  43. DarkScorpion

    Which Dragon reside in your soul

    You are a white dragon, pure and noble, you would help humans if they desprately need you. YOu are kind and wise with a heart of gold. Take this quiz! Shucks, my secret is out. :P
  44. DarkScorpion

    The Twilight Dragon Paladin.

    Welcome to the boards. Very long chara profile, and I'll read it more throughly when I'm not so tired after a graveyard shift at work. I'm T-Virus Licker, T for short as everyone usually calls me. I'm the resident licker, and pain-in-da-ass and mostly ghostly abscent moderator for here and the...
  45. DarkScorpion

    Dark Sector

    A new game that just came out, and I saw the commercial for it last night. I found the website today and definately liking it, can't wait to play it on my daughter's Xbox 360. Dark Sector
  46. DarkScorpion

    Charlton Heston

    Tis sad to say that another great American Movie icon has passed away. Charlton Heston, most notably known for movies such as Ben Hur and Planet of the Apes, has passed away yesterday on the 6th at the age of 84. He is well known to be a good Husband, father, and actor. He will be missed.
  47. DarkScorpion

    Heath Ledger

    Me and my wife were watching TV and changed to the news channel with a breaking report, actor Heath Ledger was just found a short time ago dead within his NYC apartment. He was a very good actor, and very sweet in A Knight's Tale, now may he rest in peace. I hope they post what happened shortly...
  48. DarkScorpion

    Official Rant Thread (ACW: Volatile Language)

    Alright folks, this is the official rant thread where you can post your rantings and whatever in your real life has been pissing you off, and this is the place to blow off that steam. Warning though, if it's about someone on these boards, leave their name out of it cause we don't want to start a...
  49. DarkScorpion

    Our Christmas Tree

    The Christmas Tree’s Experience This is the possible experience of our Christmas tree through its own possible thoughts of occurrences that have happened as of late. “Oh what another beautiful day here in the forest, another year has passed and the snow is feeling oh so wonderful...
  50. DarkScorpion

    Merry Christmas To All!!!!!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE!!!!!!! Since no one posted this already, I decided to post it at 11am Hawai'i time. Merry Christmas everyone, and to all a Happy New Year. Also as we say here localy Mele Kalikimaka!!!!
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