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    Happy New Year

    Yes, Happy New Year to all. Wish you the same Mith and everyone else. It's taken me a while to get back here.
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    Classic Wow

    So after a huge debacle with long in ques I ended up on Thalnos instead of Grobbulus. I have a hunter Danzig, shaman Danzug, warrior Malmora, and Rogue Cefka.
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    Classic Wow

    Hey everyone, if you are playing classic wow when it drops I plan on playing horde on Grobbulus: Cefka and Malmora, and Alliance on Fairbanks: Reese.
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    Alexa Moroveston & Llewel Pendragon... Does anyone remember me?

    I remember Alexa as well now that I think about it. I remember seeing you often in whatever room I was haunting or rping in most nights.
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    Here next year I might actually start attending Dragoncon regularly. I know a few rpers from yahoo that actually attend. I figure its the next best thing to an Ayeneecon.
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    I am looking for the names that time forgot..

    I will never go quietly into that sweet slumbering embrace.
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    Alexa Moroveston & Llewel Pendragon... Does anyone remember me?

    I remember a few of the Pendragons, even have a Pendragon character myself that was married to Terra Pendragon. My character took her last name and when she disappeared under suspicious circumstances he continued to use that name and search for her. I also spent a lot of time in Moonfire...
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    *throws phone book out window* "Knock it down out there! People are trying to sleep here!"
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    Everything Old is New Again...

    Welcome back. The landscape is constantly in flux, with returning, lurking, and haunting members.
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    Old member returning

    Welcome back. There were a lot of drow on the Ayenee scene. I remember most of my character's friends were either former human slaves or elves of some variety. The few friends Reese had that were not one of those two, I rped with outside of my character's main story. I always assumed that the...
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    Old days of Yahoo chat

    That link only sends me to Discord, not really familiar with discord. I shunned it after ventrillo was no longer the norm for guild communication. Every guild I was in after that had some other app, eventually Discord became the norm, but I had already made it into my own kryptonite by then.
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    Thou Shalt Not Steal

    "Okay...." Reese looks about deciding maybe to find another hero with influence. "It seems the cataclysm of Ayenee has done more to its inhabitants than I had first thought." Reese turns around and continues down the road weaving a spell to guide him to his next destination.
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    It has been so Long

    Hmm he seemed the quiet, reserved kind to me. Oh though his handler was going into the military, so they might have replaced him by then.
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    It has been so Long

    You might be thinking about Desmond then. He was the one that had the asshole attitude. I gave the character that flaw, then handed to Skye and she expanded upon it. He seriously was like the Blackthorne version of Vegeta and an emo angsty teen. Vincent was played by Dan and then Maury a friend...
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    Wiki Template

    I was just wanting something similar to all those fanwiki sites I view like the witcher or wow ones. I have viewed it on a few different devices, not my cell phone yet. I will have to try that.
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