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    About the Edit Post Window

    The edit window's function is primarily to make sure players can't go back and retcon RP by editing and, thus, deleting the RP. Maybe a better option would be to request GM powers of your sub-forum so you can edit posts as a GM?
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    Surprise Surprise...

    What else are those prying eyes going to read?! Do it!
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    Castle Ayenee

    The sigh and whine of the doors opening broke the throne room's quietude. Standing beyond their keep was a Nekovalkyrja in a jūnihitoe kimono, whose bright golden eyes gazed intently and directly at Justin. Suddenly, her eyes were downcast as her hips had prompted a shallow, but elongated bow...
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    A-Files GM post is up!

    A-Files GM post is up!
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    [A-Files] Pre-Episode One: Briefing

    Tsubei Kyoka put orders to her squad over the odd helmets' comms, "This child and their companion, or possible lack thereof, are not our mission objective..." She looked at him, full of fear and likely anger. "We'll attempt the mission another time. For now, Trilis-hei, please respect this...
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    [FE: Episode 1] Emergence

    Silvergrove In hiding and with nowhere much to go besides away from this city, the light teal and pink fringe-haired girl had made her way through the crowds and towards the line. Several people moved away after signing up and she waited patiently. The brusk attitude of the clan chief did...
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    Character Questionaire

    Tagging @Chlorate @Blizzard @SquidRobot111 and @Wes to answer!
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    @Primitive Polygon want this to be utilized in some way?
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    [Interest check] Fragmented Earth

    I will definitely be posting this weekend if not early this week! It's sometimes hard to write a chara's intro, ya know?
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    [Interest Check/OOC] A-Files

    I need poztz!!
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    Awesome, reach out if you'd like to RP together!

    Awesome, reach out if you'd like to RP together!
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    Castle Ayenee

    Within some time, the Teien Nekovalkyrja went from the castle and left Ayenee, too. She did so once to fight for it in a Blue Sky Universe and once to leave Ayenee for her home in the Kikyō Sector. Some of the wisdom of Ayenee was in her digital mind, unquestionably. But, was some of the passion...
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    [A-Files] Pre-Episode One: Briefing

    A few hours later and some idle chat about current events on Ayenee outside of their mission profile and the egregious weather lately, the group was a block from the warehouse and Tsubei Kyoka said as she secured her helmet, "Gear up," then asked, "Comm check, everyone."
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