Eseer Darkthorne

The nascence of wickedness, a reflection of another. Eseer was created as the darker half of Reese Blackthorne. He was created to ruin the life of Reese by pretending to be him. Eseer, however, is no one's puppet. He found a way to free himself from the chains of destiny, no longer bound to another, no long owing allegiance to another. A free being, he began a conquest that spanned the old world for sometime, before the sands of time buried his empire. His name was washed from the pages of history, but his shadow has always remained. Eseer is considered a member of the dark fey race called the tuatha ,or thornes, as his adopted homeland called them.

Eseer inspired dark campaigns and pogroms against humans across many lands. Now, he had awoken from the darkness of extinction and like a dark phoenix, arisen to new life.
October 27
Velusia/Ayenee/Many other lands



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