Eseer Darkthorne

The nascence of wickedness took shape in the form of Eseer, a reflection of another, bound together with Reese Blackthorne, yet destined to embody the darker aspects of his being. This sinister doppelgänger was forged with the purpose of tormenting Reese, a malevolent force disguised as his very self. But Eseer was no mere puppet, no slave to anyone's design. Cunning and resourceful, he defied the chains of destiny that sought to bind him to another's will, casting aside allegiances and embracing his newfound freedom.

As a liberated being, Eseer embarked on a ruthless conquest that sprawled across the ancient world, leaving a trail of darkness in his wake. His empire rose to heights that struck fear into the hearts of countless souls, spanning vast lands and ensnaring the realms of humanity in his maleficent grasp. For a time, he ruled as a formidable dark lord, instigating sinister campaigns and unleashing pogroms that brought terror to the hearts of all who stood in his path.

Yet, as with all empires built on shadows, the sands of time eventually swept over his dominion, burying his name in the annals of forgotten history. His once-mighty empire crumbled, lost to the ravages of time and fading into obscurity. But even as history attempted to erase his name, Eseer's shadow endured, casting an ominous presence that refused to fade.

Eseer, an enigmatic figure, was considered one of the dark fey, known as the tuatha or thornes, in the land that became his adopted home. Within their ranks, he found a sense of belonging, channeling his malevolence through the dark fey's intricate and ancient ways.

However, like a dark phoenix, Eseer emerged from the depths of extinction, his power rekindled, and his ambition reignited. A force that defied oblivion, he awakened once more from the abyss, ready to unleash his dark influence upon the world once again.

In the shadows of history, his name whispered, an echo of malevolence that refused to be silenced. And as the world trembled, the specter of Eseer loomed, a harbinger of darkness reborn. Eseer would travel to the ends of times in search of his promised redemption, an end to this tortured existence.
October 27
Velusia/Ayenee/Many other lands



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