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I recognized some names here. I mostly kept to Ayenee but visited Tenaria if it was inactive. There was also a stint on another website when Yahoo deleted a bunch of categories.

I started out as Silveria__ but she was killed by Macil_Blackbane (I think the player's RL name was Mike) and we had a son together. I remember Macil being pissed that I had Alkiya use time acceleration on the kid to make him older.

After that, I started again as Alkiya_Tarsonis, whom I played almost exclusively and was involved in a lot of different plots. The other characters I had were Ayla_Morningmist for when I wanted to play nice; and Allyis_Nightwayr/DarkAngel where she was killed in some plot to resurrect Gargauth.

I also had a character named Aiya_Tsuriai but that was more of a private closed group RP storyline.

I RP'd a lot with a couple of RL friends where one was Dawn_Morningmist and Leina_Storm and the other started out as my son Lance_Blackbane and had Dexter_Shocke (I think).

I had a ton of other minor characters but went by the alias Jewel at the time. Clearly not my real name but internet safety and such. I guess I found my way here via nostalgia but not sure if I'm into RPGing again.

I play FFXIV now and avoid the RP scene there. :shrug:
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