[Episode Two] Union


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The Part of the Hallway with the free Loot Sack

"Oooooooooo! Now lookee here, this... This hot. This is hot, alright." The alchemist looked very happy, seeing such mundane items. "More paper, more pencils, extra building material... Notes in here are something my brother might enjoy looking at, and then you have this little wonder..." He held the walkie talkie in his hand, appraising it. "Hm, battered and knackered, but with some right good shit, it's serviceable. If nothing eeeeelse, the scrap it can offer, ohohohhohoh..."

Juryrig sat there, looking at the rucksack for a moment, then the haversack he wore, and compared the external sizes. Rucksack was bigger. Therefore with a bit of that transmutation tomfoolery, Juryrig could be looking at a opportunity for a even bigger inventory space. With a nom on that tuna sandwich, Juryrig just got to work shoving all the new loot into his magic haversack, packing it all up neatly before actually
heading out to investigate the side rooms.

Since Osco opened Door #1, the mad man opened Door #2 to see what's in store! Or not. Really depends on what's in there.


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Observatory Dorm Room

Arb pocketed the photo, briefly searching through the others to see if she had a chance to collect more intact pictures. She was startled at the clanging of Demios's "lockpicking", ducking reactively with wide eyes - a few deep breaths helped put her back to normal. She sighed before cautiously exiting into the hallway, looking around - the overseer seemed to not be fond of a room, judging by the way they closed the door; Juryrig was snooping into another option. The pilot decided that a not-unfriendly murderbot would be a slightly more consistent person to ask questions of...

"Is there anything in there?" She inquired, asymmetrical eyes shining softly in the dim light. "It looks like you found... Something, at least..."


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Main Room

Mental noise isn’t good for you, Marie. You of all people are weak to this. You know why. It makes you sick, horribly so. Even more than the normal person.

The tumult of thoughts subsided...away to the back of her mind. She picked up the lead rod again, walking towards the tentacled robot. It was right; both it and her were not suitable whatsoever for this environment.

Do make sure to lie about what happened, by the way.

“I must have gotten myself sick from staying up too late...” she covered up. Although the lingering nausea should help maintain the illusion.

“Do you have any datasheets or documentation stored?” Marie asked the tentacled robot.


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Rhea walked into the hall as the... shennanigans, took place all around her, leaving the burn pit behind, and walking right into the alchemist being... merely kooky, instead of outright dangerous like he was being in the other room. That was best left alone... and the overseer, well, if she was already checking that room there would be no need for a follow up yeah? And thus, with the slight echo of deimos's lock picking still reverberating through the hall, and her mind, she took the path less traveled... or rather, the one no one else had gone all the way down yet- the oppisite side of the hall that the overseer had went.

"Isn't this, the kind of place that you find when somone is trying to cover up something horrible they did in books and shows?" She asked as she went forrward... somewhat slowly, examining the walls, cieling, and floor with intent this time. Last time she did walk into a gas covered room and hadn't realized it afterall, and making a mistake like that again would just be silly.

The more and more she thought, and walked, something finally clicked as she examined the new areas. 'The front door... was it locked from the inside?'


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Main Room

Reman followed closely behind Marie, cautious of the big hulking mass next to her. His armor still left stains of gasoline, slowly fading as the residue faded away. "So like, what do you mean by not suitable for this environment? Just the fire hazards...?" He couldn't help but feel a key piece of the puzzle was missing, as he felt an itch on his arm, as if the bracer started to burn. Ignoring his errant thought, he kept on looking around the rooms for any sign of movement.


Downrider Interior

Romulus waited. In time, he would see if his concerns were well founded. He thought to himself how different things would have been if the mad one had just shut his mouth. he let out a deep sigh before walking over to Marie's workstation in the ship. Looking around the clutter, he sorted through a bin full of small electronics and picked up a capacitor branded with Amperia's iconography. He braced a little and did what any electrical engineer would be afraid of doing. He pried the capacitor open.

Only instead of electrocuting him, it popped open smoothly to reveal a small little chip, surrounded by wire and above a tiny little glyph, outputting a low-frequency but incredibly long range signal. Romulus had built it to output a signal from one of his previous bits of research in Amperia, one of magic instead of technology. He pocketed the assembly before walking back to the lobby. That device was how he got here in the first place, and while functioning as a capacitor, it was also a tracking device he had implanted in Reman's original bracer. The question on his mind was if she had left out parts like this in the assembly...

What else did she leave out?
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Present Spatial Coordinates: Alipier Observatory Main Room

He lead the way for the other two smaller individuals, "Status of current environment defined as high likelihood of combustion due to substances present. Individuals with capabilities of electrical or combustion productivity have increased risk of resulting in high temperature hazard." he explained before looking at Marie, continuing with a query. "Your individual's query presents severe lack of condition. Improved definition would result in increase appreciation on part of my Unit."

He truly did not know what she was referring to in the slightest. Although, he had an idea.

"Does your individual suggest revelation of narrative files in regards to illegal contraband? Information possessing such a nature are..."

He trailed off, unsure of what to say. He may have dug himself into a hole, one that might be shared with Romulus if he wasn't careful.

"...lacking properties of existence or carry a restriction to specific individuals."


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Alipier Interior

Mikodimus was more or less last in behind the group. His eyes looked out over the mess of stuff tossed around the place. He watched as the group slipped off into different directions. He personally was not going to move too far away from the exit. This place had seen better days and looked like it was ready to be torched.

He walked over to Dahlia to give a hand with gathering books. She would see the warm glow from the cigar he lit when he walked into this place.

"If it is not bolted down we shall remove it." He said with a smile towards her. The cigar moved side to side like this was a normal day in paradise. How could he have something like this near gasoline of all things.


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Deimos felt his entire figure furl into the locker for a brief second as his only good arm was drawn down by the gravity-prone medallion. It took all he could to lift it up and even catch a glimpse of the emblem embellishing the slab of metal in the dim light. He was regretting replacing his right hand with a sword for the time being. He was delicate in setting the half-dumbbell onto the base of the locker atop some tattered, yet neatly folded sheets. There was clattering and clunking as he pulled the pata off and replaced it with the far more convenient gauntlet he had strapped to his waist before pulling a leather knapsack off of his back. It was the only way he could carry the load of metal effectively. "Even if it's junk, the scrapyard would give me a pretty penny for that much metal..." He murmured.

With his equipment back on his back and significantly heavier, he trudged out from the room, his head already spinning from the amount of fumes. He stepped towards Mikodimus and Dahlia from behind and began switching his arm back out for its weaponized equivalent. "Let's not encumber ourselves too much just yet. We've yet to find out what these jokers are really here for."

The fox-boy paused, smiling sheepishly at the man, knowing good and well that the presence of an open flame when everyone's shoes were coated in petrol was the last way he wanted the team to go out. "Also, I'd suggest putting that out before it ignites any fumes from the room nearby. Even if busting down the door wasn't enough to alert the guards, an entire wing turning to slag definitely would."


Alipier Observatory

Having managed to track down the crew's location by following their numerous (and quite obvious) footprints through the snow, Ausse stood guard at the entrance provisorily, admiring the surrounding view of the cold landscape. The quiet senerity of it all reminded him of home—of those simpler times when he still lived with his uncle and had an easy life. Being homeschooled and always looking forward to his visits, where they would play together and he would listen to the old soldier's stories with stars in his eyes—idolizing him as a hero.

As he reminisced about his old life was it that a broad, smug smirk spread across the informant's face, coming up with a devious idea. Peeking over his shoulder and inside at the basement, the ex-sergeant reached for his bracer, typing in the code he knew way too well. The year of his enlistment, he recalled, as the now-invisible prankster sneaked inside.

Alipier Observatory


It’s starting to smell strangely flammable in here...


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Alipier Observatory

The Overseer folded a wing across her chest as she eyed the following pilot. She pulled her digits through the white-plated knuckles of the opposing hand like a knife across whetstone, wicking away the excess gel. "Recently diluted agizut gel, partly reformed. The substance was originally a mockup of Arcadian military-grade weatherproof casing; made from copper mesh and plant fibers found in the agizut bogs. Like the Arcadians, Oakland realized the gel could be painted onto about anything to keep it from rusting for centuries."

OSC-01 kept an eye on the girl as they walked, fully intent on having lost them. After a moment though, they cut to the chase. "It means if any more Oakland units were sealed here, someone's already gone and woken them up."

At the end of the hallway was a staircase that ran up a few meters to the next floor. A clean, tiled landing rested at its top, where the path branched once more. Directly ahead was a set of stairs that ran back down to a small set of arched double doors. They appeared to be wedged shut rather tightly, but the cool outside light could be seen through what crack there was. To the right was a large archway, which led directly out into the Nave the group had encountered beforehand. The entrance was placed around the edge of the observatory "dome" itself.

As Dahlia turned to face Miko and Deimos, an expression of fear and disgust flashed across her face breifly. Without even asking, the captain snatched the cigar from Mikodimus' lips. The decision was quickly taken back, however, as she remembered the potentially voliatile load she was carrying in her other arm. "Get that shit out of here!" the scholar snapped , extinguishing the rod by jamming the hot end against his leather jacket.

Left Side Room

Beyond the door Juryrig ripped open laid what appeared to be a small galley. Wooden cabinets and metal shelves were hung from the brick walls, sagged with age. In the center of the room was a large metal table stacked to the brim with broken tile and tools, alongside a dripping mop. Despite the buildings appearance, some old commodities could be made out- a fridge, a stove. However, the items were rusted and aged beyond any possible use.

Inside some of the cabinets were old packages of food, and flattened cloth bags. A plethora of red-backed bugs skittered our of the cabinets when approached, similar in appearance to cockroaches but notably larger. Their coloration gave them a distinct camoflague like that of aged woodle. Most of whatever were inside the packages had been reduced to either dust or sludge from time, though many of them were hand-labeled with some kind of faded ink. Whoever resided here clearly hadn't needed to make a meal in quite some time. Various debris had been shoved inside, almost as if it was swept under a rug. Most of it seemed to be trash, but at the edge of the metal table laid a large plastic baggie- with something shiny inside.

Downrider Interior

As Caesar ransacked the scientists workstation, he started to feel that ever-familiar itch run across his neck, as if he was being monitored. Lo and behold, a small black and white Pixy unit sat perched atop the nearby storage containers, it's one green eye fixed on the man.


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Calipier Observatory

The tiny pilot nodded a couple of times, just letting the... Technical explanation of what that gel stuff was be said. Super-weatherproofing was cool, but right now it's not too important. The second comment did get her attention, though.

"Other units like... Your acquaintance? I'm terrible with names so I don't remember what you called him." Halfway through her sentence, the smol's volume suddenly dropped significantly, realizing that she was speaking a bit loudly for a situation involving stealth...


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Left Side Room

Juryrig was almost going to settle for the tools for a second there. Almost.

But. Shiny. SHINY IN A BAG! He must aquire shiny and investigate, for it could be anything from a tin piece of food can, or a shiny robot waiting to be discovered, or somewhere in between... All of which, of course, is useful to the all powerful and hyper sexy alchemist. His legs tensed, blood rushed through his body with adrenaline, and he mad-sprinted into the trashed room.

He kicked trash aside and stomped on bugs with his steel-toed boots, and just as he came upon this bag, he grabbed it and opened it with such ferocity that, if it were possible, his strength could rip it.

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